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Improved Rocker Cover gasket in AFM

Improved gasket in 'state of the art' material

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C5 vs GT
Hello, Quick intro, I'm thinking about coming back to Enfield after a 10+ year gap. I had a 500 Army 5 speed back in 2004. My ideal would be...
Andy M 4 202 Social / Other 01:13pm, 26th March, 2017 08:15pm 30th March, 2017 by hagis
B5 mirrors, R/H or L/H thread?
I've removed the left-hand mirror from my 2013 B5 and found it had a normal right-hand thread. The right-hand mirror is very tight in its thread,...
PB1 4 41 Technical 05:15pm, 30th March, 2017 07:58pm 30th March, 2017 by Chris [Stockport]
help oil pump spindle failure
hi out riding my 350 bullet today and i suffered a oil spindle failure , total loss of oil circulation , as you can expect bad noises happened before ...
nig 0 16 Technical 07:41pm, 30th March, 2017 No one has replied yet
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New Twin anyone?
Enfield India had better get their socks on, the Carberry V twin is back and now being made in India: RE...
Mark M 1 90 Technical 10:56am, 30th March, 2017 04:33pm 30th March, 2017 by fidgad
2007 Classic - bent crank
Hi all. Need some advice please. I've had this bike since 2008. It's a 2007 Classic e/start. It had done 17 miles when I bought it. The gu...
Upfromthecountry 6 117 Technical 10:37am, 30th March, 2017 03:22pm 30th March, 2017 by PeteF
mikarb 24 float level
Hi , I have some problem with float level on mikarb 24 (bullet 350 , year 2008).when driving downhill, the fuel does not reach the carburetor...I'...
eolobass 1 58 Technical 04:34pm, 29th March, 2017 03:18pm 30th March, 2017 by Nettshubby
2017 Bullet 500 EFI Athena grey
Royal Enfield Bullet 500 EFI in Athena Grey. This is a 2016 model, registered in February 2017 and has just had its first service (300mile) at Bowen...
Murv 4 181 Bikes For Sale 09:14pm, 25th March, 2017 02:26pm 30th March, 2017 by Murv
handlebar change C5
I have a dilemma re fitting new handlebars to my two year old C5 Classic. The original bars have holes pre-drilled for locating the controls. The new...
fidgad 2 90 Technical 07:48pm, 29th March, 2017 11:54am 30th March, 2017 by fidgad
Belated reply to MickB
The windscreen was made from a Yamaha pattern by A.J.Plastics Pty Ltd. Albion Brisbane. It kept me dry in the rain as long as the bike was moving fai...
Leon Novello 1 57 Technical 02:39am, 30th March, 2017 08:46am 30th March, 2017 by MickB
Viking seats have done my baby proud!
Viking have done my baby proud! this was the state of play until this morning... Just look at that!Chuffty, chuffty, chuffty, chuffty,...
Scalyback 4 139 Social / Other 02:17pm, 29th March, 2017 07:16am 30th March, 2017 by Earlybird
Bad kickback
So on my way to work the other day the small bit of metal holding the seat springs to the front of the saddle gave up, dropping me down quite hard ont...
Konrad 5 289 Technical 11:57am, 12th March, 2017 07:06am 30th March, 2017 by Creaky45
Learn from my mistake setting ignition timing
I'm a newbie to Enfields, and just had a go setting my points gap and timing. It went badly wrong, and I thought others might like to learn fro...
daveh 6 234 Technical 11:58am, 24th March, 2017 06:27am 30th March, 2017 by Creaky45
C5 rear wheel removal
After a puncture onSunday, I had to remove the rear wheel last night. Now I must have taken out about 150 rear wheels over the years, but this one wa...
pd110961 34 1113 Technical 09:39am, 4th October, 2016 11:31pm 29th March, 2017 by Leon Novello
Carb query
I have a 64 crusader continental and after having problems tuning,noticed that there is a small drilled hole in the bottom of the carb manifold where ...
Dutto 15 246 Technical 06:12pm, 28th March, 2017 10:09pm 29th March, 2017 by Dennis C
Amal concentric
I have fitted a Amal concentric carb and I have been having a lot of problems getting the bike to run properly. When starting from cold the engine so...
Thumper Dave 5 152 Technical 08:53pm, 28th March, 2017 04:29pm 29th March, 2017 by Revband
Hi, Is there a full fairing available for a 500 bullet like the old dolphin fairings. Frank
FrankG 4 159 Social / Other 12:03am, 28th March, 2017 12:23pm 29th March, 2017 by Presto
B5 Owners' Manual
Anyone know where I can find an owners' manual for my Electra B5 (65 reg.) Purchased from a dealer in December but they don't have a manual!? ...
blue750 3 60 Technical 09:49am, 29th March, 2017 11:37am 29th March, 2017 by PeteF
Electra X
Hi My Brother has an Electra X 2006 model 7250 miles on the clock. He has got to the stage where he has trouble getting his leg over. but thats anothe...
noddy 4 433 Bikes For Sale 05:12pm, 19th February, 2017 09:37am 29th March, 2017 by noddy
Hi all ! The Mid - Shires section of the REOC is holding an Auto Jumble on the 25th March 10am - 4 pm at Willoughby Village Hall CV23 8BX ( Just...
Wayne 38 1218 Social / Other 11:54am, 10th February, 2017 09:00am 29th March, 2017 by Mid-Shires.JD
Duff electrics!!
Gentlemen, I have a 2008 500 Electra x with an annoying electrical problem. First of all I would add that I have been using it in kick mode because o...
NickG 4 142 Technical 03:15pm, 28th March, 2017 10:20pm 28th March, 2017 by Frank

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