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Asbo 26 Gearing
Hi ASBO 26 is now 535cc but I am running 5 speed box with standard 500 set up 17 tooth gearbox sprocket... Now given that standard gearing for 535 is ...
Tomshayes1 3 36 Technical 11:15pm, 22nd July, 2018 08:29am 23rd July, 2018 by another Allan
Fired by e-mail.
Been away a while, in Southern Europe, where helmets, and actually riding on the carriageway seem entirely optional. Catching up I notice Midland Roy...
macg4 16 369 Social / Other 03:11pm, 19th July, 2018 08:27am 23rd July, 2018 by Bullet Whisperer
Sports cam valve springs
Guys I need some advise. I have a 59 Bighead Bullet that I bought after a "build" into a 612 with sports cams etc etc. It had not ever been run or ...
Citrus 7 233 Technical 12:23am, 30th June, 2018 08:27am 23rd July, 2018 by Revband
Himalayan Yak Episode 38: National Road Rally 2018 Special, Part VIII: Stevenage To Carterton Pavillion...
SMLE 2 24 Social / Other 11:52am, 22nd July, 2018 06:51am 23rd July, 2018 by burcotbullet
Timing case screws
On my 1993 bullet one of the timing cover screws doesn't have a wavy washer but a fiber one. I've high-lighted it in the picture. I have a fu...
adamscarborough 5 79 Technical 08:04pm, 22nd July, 2018 11:05pm 22nd July, 2018 by adamscarborough
RE 350 holds new lap record at Anglesey
Hi All, a little bit of history was made today when Ian Henshaw rode his Pre 1962 350 Clipper racer to an overall 2nd place with the disc braked and f...
Bullet Whisperer 1 32 Social / Other 11:03pm, 22nd July, 2018 11:04pm 22nd July, 2018 by Bullet Whisperer
120W alternator
Hi Guys, Has anyone tried the 120W alternator stator p/n 92020 page 102 in the catalogue? I presume its for use with the orginal rotor? Does the origi...
NEV 0 15 Technical 10:41pm, 22nd July, 2018 No one has replied yet
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ASBO 26 More trials and tribulations
As you probably know I am having no end of bother getting this sodding bike to run correctly... Today me and my mate Mark who's an engineer have r...
Tomshayes 27 1438 Technical 07:57pm, 13th May, 2018 06:33pm 22nd July, 2018 by Tomshayes
Bike starts and the Cuts out Immediately
Hi Guys ASBO 26 been running like a dream up until this morning. Bike started up but as soon as I blipped the throttle it died. I've chec...
Tomshayes 0 39 Technical 06:07pm, 22nd July, 2018 No one has replied yet
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I took off the clutch plates on my b350 2003 to check for a drag problem and I am counting the extra number of plates the bullet 500 has.Is this possi...
Jamesy 5 136 Technical 04:36pm, 21st July, 2018 05:10pm 22nd July, 2018 by Jamesy
Alloy valve collars
Hi everyone! I'm busy changing my iron barrelled Bullets exhaust valve to the larger one due to burning and wondered if changing the valve springs...
NEV 7 259 Technical 08:13pm, 16th July, 2018 11:43am 22nd July, 2018 by NEV
Electra 500 Performance
Back in Autumn 2017 I decided to take the plunge with my 2005 Electra 500 and invest in the Hitchcock stage 1 performance upgrade kit, I further decid...
Rusky 8 194 Technical 11:52pm, 20th July, 2018 08:37am 22nd July, 2018 by Adrian
Himalayan Yak Episode 37: National Road Rally 2018 Special, Part VII: Wisbech To Stevenage...
SMLE 3 43 Social / Other 01:11pm, 21st July, 2018 06:47pm 21st July, 2018 by Mark M
Decompression Release - NOT
All, I just completed a full top-end rebuild (with cylinder and valve head assemblies from Hitchcock’s making it much more straight forward) and too...
Mattthumper 9 320 Technical 12:43pm, 16th July, 2018 05:09pm 21st July, 2018 by Mattthumper
I took off the clutch plates on my b350 2003 to check for a drag problem and I am counting the extra number of plates the bullet 500 has.Is this possi...
Jamesy 0 17 Technical 04:36pm, 21st July, 2018 No one has replied yet
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High Performance Cams
I'm trying to fit a set of high performance cams to my '93 500cc Bullet. I've carefully ground away at the engine casings to get the neces...
adamscarborough 10 466 Technical 09:59pm, 9th July, 2018 12:19pm 21st July, 2018 by adamscarborough
LED headlamp in 1990 350
Following more than 2 years of success (and very bright light) in my 2015 B5, and now, 2018 C5 I tried the same LED headlamp in my 1990 12V 350 Bullet...
zonggong 17 388 Technical 02:51pm, 26th June, 2018 04:50am 21st July, 2018 by zonggong
Tapping noise
Hi chaps,euro 4 bullet,tapping sound when accelerating,any ideas? Jenks
jenks 5 223 Technical 08:45pm, 16th July, 2018 02:07am 21st July, 2018 by Leon Novello
would an electra/efi front hub fit in a classic Bullet?
I've currently got a disc conversion for my bullet but it's somewhat unorthadox (no idea what the hub is off, possibly a moto-guzzi, and a BMW...
stinkwheel 4 148 Technical 04:35pm, 17th July, 2018 09:43pm 20th July, 2018 by John R
Himalayan Yak Episode 36: National Road Rally 2018 Special, Part VI: Langrick to Wisbech...
SMLE 0 34 Social / Other 10:17am, 20th July, 2018 No one has replied yet
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