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We hope to revise the Message Board in the near future but it has been bought to our attention that the lack of an obvious search facility is causing ...
Graeme @ Hitchcocks 0 393 Technical 05:51pm, 19th April, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Tnak badges, they're at it again!!!
Ebay item 253635837410 is currently at £300! REgards, Mark
Mark M 2 98 Social / Other 07:07pm, 23rd May, 2018 02:59pm 26th May, 2018 by mustaphapint
Himalayan Yak Episode 18: The Claerwen Reservoir Run Part III...
SMLE 0 4 Social / Other 01:41pm, 26th May, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Dual Pull front brake
Out of interest I have a 1957 Bullet 350 which has been gradually restored over the last 10 years. It has the dual pull front brake which I believe on...
Hugh 6 116 Technical 01:38pm, 25th May, 2018 12:46pm 26th May, 2018 by Hugh
Occassional dreadful mettalic clatter on startup
I have noticed this a few times with my bike now mainly when I give it too much throttle while starting. This evening I went for a lovely ride along ...
Lord-Toady 48 1229 Technical 06:53pm, 13th May, 2018 10:42am 26th May, 2018 by Lord-Toady
Is it any wonder
That some (most) motorcyclists think Royal Enfields from India are a joke? I was looking at my 2016 Classic Chrome 500 today when I noticed that the s...
Smithy 10 360 Social / Other 08:32pm, 22nd May, 2018 07:28am 26th May, 2018 by Smithy
Oil type
Hello all. Thanks for your advice on my last post about the broken sprocket teeth. I had the chain and both sprockets replaced yesterday but the motor...
Johnandrew 5 186 Technical 01:01pm, 24th May, 2018 08:47pm 25th May, 2018 by Mark M
Love the new Enfield Pegasus Limited Edition. I wonder how much ?
RoSy 9 237 Social / Other 08:26pm, 23rd May, 2018 06:20pm 25th May, 2018 by RoSy
v112 not rquired if vehicle is already a historic vehicle
Jut to repeat what Davidup has said on the previous post. A V112 is not required when taxing a vehicle that is already in the historic class. You will...
Valsp 2 99 Technical 06:55am, 21st May, 2018 04:37pm 25th May, 2018 by Graham43
"Patina of use' -- discuss
This item, 192550039528 on Ebay. Now I know 'patina' is highly prized these days but really? REgards, Mark
Mark M 2 117 Social / Other 09:23am, 25th May, 2018 01:36pm 25th May, 2018 by Adrian
B5 sprocket change
What’s the current view on changing the gearbox sprocket from 17 to 18 teeth on a 2017 B5 Euro4 EFI? I feel it could pull 60mph with less revs for ...
oldnick 15 292 Technical 09:11pm, 21st May, 2018 12:24pm 25th May, 2018 by Rattlebattle
First real run 2018
We were out and about today for the first time this year. We don't get to do much green laning over here.. all the woodland is off limits to motor...
Exile 3 65 Social / Other 12:02pm, 25th May, 2018 12:20pm 25th May, 2018 by Alan R
First real run 2018
We were out and about today for the first time this year. We don't get to do much green laning over here.. all the woodland is off limits to motor...
Exile 0 10 Social / Other 12:01pm, 25th May, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Himalayan Yak Episode 17: The Claerwen Reservoir Run Part II...
SMLE 2 56 Social / Other 02:27pm, 24th May, 2018 12:13am 25th May, 2018 by Leon Novello
Valve caps
Is it important that valve caps can turn around freely ? On my Bullet one cap can be turned, the other one cannot.
NicoV 3 173 Technical 11:12am, 24th May, 2018 09:41pm 24th May, 2018 by NicoV
Thumper lives..!!
After a gret deal of poking about and chasing wires, Thumper has come to life again. Just been out for a quick thunder around the block and all is wel...
Exile 3 129 Technical 04:08pm, 23rd May, 2018 09:13pm 24th May, 2018 by JTL
500 performance
Hi guys I have a 2004 bullet 500 with a 5 speed and electric start. I have, over the last 6 months, turned it into a racing scramble bike.I have put ...
Josha 6 254 Technical 03:26pm, 22nd May, 2018 05:38pm 24th May, 2018 by vince
Himalayan Yak Episode 16: The Claerwen Reservoir Run Part I...
SMLE 2 65 Social / Other 01:58pm, 23rd May, 2018 02:10pm 24th May, 2018 by SMLE
Frame straightening
Hi does anybody know where I can get my Crusader trials frame checked / straightened? Im in Bristol ta
Martyn s 10 258 Technical 11:02am, 21st May, 2018 08:41am 24th May, 2018 by Martyn s
Idle problem
My Bullet 500 (Jan 1999) starts well and runs beautifully. However, when waiting in front of red lights, or in a traffic jams, the engine often stalls...
NicoV 20 510 Technical 09:35pm, 14th May, 2018 10:46pm 23rd May, 2018 by Adrian

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