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Works frame green paint code?
Hi peeps, I have a 2002 silver T500 that I will be renovating over the winter. I want to repaint the frame the same colour as the works trials bikes...
Onion Man 11 421 Technical 11:42am, 10th December, 2017 05:53pm 7th January, 2018 by enfield_trials
the horn button
Happy new year all... hoping to get some help regarding the horn button on the LH switch cluster (part no 144353). First I have to know how the horn b...
JTL 7 300 Technical 11:46pm, 1st January, 2018 02:01pm 5th January, 2018 by JTL
Meteor minor
vince 4 267 Technical 05:46pm, 4th January, 2018 09:10am 5th January, 2018 by ed.lazda
shock bolts
i'm looking at the rear shocks top bolts on a 2015 Desert Storm the head of the bolts is too close to the frame for removal please how do u remove...
skidmarks 11 425 Technical 09:54pm, 31st December, 2017 05:57am 4th January, 2018 by Leon Novello
Valve seat pits
I'm awaiting new valves and piston, and this is my inlet valve leak. Would this respond to a recutting? And has anyone used the carbide cutters f...
Felix 8 382 Technical 07:41pm, 27th December, 2017 12:05am 4th January, 2018 by Alan R
Power Cut Notification
We apologise if you have not been able to contact us this morning but we have had a power cut due to storm Eleanor which hit the UK today. We are up a...
Graeme @ Hitchcocks 3 188 Social / Other 10:14am, 3rd January, 2018 09:10pm 3rd January, 2018 by Tim NZ
Need of Flat toolbox for Bullet
Hi All, I am from India. I own a 1958 Royal Enfield bullet 350CC. I have bought it with some 60% originality. Then i have started buying some original...
Hercules 11 308 Social / Other 06:23pm, 1st January, 2018 09:07pm 3rd January, 2018 by Tim NZ
Royal Enfield with reverse gear
papasmurf 7 280 Social / Other 01:07pm, 2nd January, 2018 02:04am 3rd January, 2018 by Alan R
Riding home a week ago in the pouring rain my Bullet (2008, iron barrel,kickstart)died.I thought I had run out of petrol at first but that wasn't ...
dave p 9 422 Technical 11:45am, 28th December, 2017 06:32pm 2nd January, 2018 by Tim NZ
South Lancashire January 2018
South Lancashire Branch REOC A quick reminder that there's no meeting on Tuesday 2nd January 2018. The first meeting for 2018 is the first Tue...
Chris [Stockport] 0 74 Social / Other 02:39pm, 2nd January, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Bullet 500 project for sale, seized engine
I have a Bullet 500 which I love but sadly I broke and seized the engine. It has a missing piston and scored cylinder from the engine seizure. If it&#...
BFE 1 350 Bikes For Sale 01:56pm, 24th December, 2017 02:03pm 2nd January, 2018 by BFE
Classic Engine OIl Level
Hi just after some options on Classic Engine oil Tank levels , over the years i have heard people say dont fill much over minimum on dipstick but why?...
nig 5 215 Technical 11:05am, 2nd January, 2018 12:16pm 2nd January, 2018 by Roy
t.c.i wiring diagram for enfield
I have a 350 enfield india import Electra classic iron barrel bike , i am having having difficulty locating a wiring diagram showing the T.C.I ignitio...
nig 5 179 Technical 11:55am, 29th December, 2017 10:41am 2nd January, 2018 by nig
Kill Switch (MoT)
Hi guys, Just a quick question regarding the electric emergency kill switch and the MoT in the UK..............On my Bullet '65 I have the ignitio...
Alan R 14 404 Technical 02:02pm, 29th December, 2017 08:18pm 1st January, 2018 by Alan R
cam followers
Hi Is there anywone that can tel me how to chainge the cam followers of my 1952 bullet? looks like that they pressed in the engine. I it possibl...
marco voorhorst 6 276 Technical 11:32am, 31st December, 2017 08:14pm 1st January, 2018 by Alan R
Need Auto Advance unit or Governor for SR1 Magneto
Hi All, Anyone have Auto advance unit or Governor for SR1 Magneto. It needs to be fit in Royal enfield bullet 1959 model. Part#47556A/B. Please do let...
Hercules 18 504 Technical 09:45am, 14th December, 2017 06:09pm 1st January, 2018 by Hercules
Electra X oil pump conversion ??
Hi guys-------- Some time ago now but can anyone remember somebody doing a conversion on an Iron barrelled classic 500 using the gearwheel type pump f...
Alan R 4 250 Technical 10:59pm, 29th December, 2017 10:03am 31st December, 2017 by Bullet Whisperer
What oil?
To cook your roast potatoes? Merry Christmas everyone! REgards, Mark
Mark M 17 418 Social / Other 05:14pm, 25th December, 2017 03:12pm 30th December, 2017 by albert
Enfield Ride-out destinations for the New Year----
Hi Guys---------If you happen to be in the neighbourhood then why not visit myself and "The Lads" at the Oswestry & North Shropshire Model Engineers M...
Alan R 0 117 Social / Other 09:44am, 30th December, 2017 No one has replied yet
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Deltic model--
Hi guys----not a bike engine but technically interesting so I thought you might like to see this ??........The full size ones originated in the Marine...
Alan R 21 695 Technical 07:52am, 18th December, 2017 08:30pm 29th December, 2017 by Tinny

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