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head lamp
KH here looking for more advice. thinking about putting my 1950 350 bullet back to the original head lamp. As any member done same. Thanks
kh 4 80 Technical 08:43pm, 16th March, 2018 09:35am 17th March, 2018 by kh
'84 350 loss of power in the hills
Hey, my second post on here. A big thanks to the folks that helped me out with my first! My '84 350 is losing a load of power in the hills. As me...
DannyDan 3 107 Technical 09:02am, 16th March, 2018 08:47am 17th March, 2018 by Leon Novello
Bike will not start
Hi, Got myself a 1979 350cc BUllet which was build in India (and looks like a cast iron). The bike was sitting for a while but was kick starting...
DanielBen 11 302 Technical 07:05am, 5th March, 2018 11:47pm 16th March, 2018 by johnnyramirez
Constellation front brake & arthritis problems
Hi everyone I have a bit of a problem. The brakes on my Connie, double sided 6" ones, are relatively ok and perform reasonably well, the problem is I ...
Marko 5 143 Technical 02:55pm, 15th March, 2018 06:17pm 16th March, 2018 by Marko
'84 350 loss of power in the hills
Hey, my second post on here. A big thanks to the folks that helped me out with my first! My '84 350 is losing a load of power in the hills. As me...
DannyDan 14 197 Technical 08:42am, 16th March, 2018 05:46pm 16th March, 2018 by ric
Piston fitting question
After waiting a month for machining on my barrel and head, I find the wrist pin won't enter the Robbins piston even after heating it to 2nd degree...
Felix 4 180 Technical 02:00am, 15th March, 2018 05:32pm 16th March, 2018 by Felix
2018 Catalogue
I don't know if anyone has asked this but is there going to be a new Hitchcocks catalogue for 2018? Philip.
philipw 2 158 Social / Other 06:57pm, 13th March, 2018 03:52pm 16th March, 2018 by Wayne
I expect it’s me but i seem to have lost the link to search for past topics?
davrobgee 0 30 Technical 02:05pm, 16th March, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Bulb vs relay
In the process of changing my whole lighting setup to LED, and discovered my indicator bulbs are rated at 23W, which has 'sparked' some questi...
Ows 11 213 Technical 08:44am, 14th March, 2018 11:36am 16th March, 2018 by stinkwheel
Is it just me or...
Is the Menu sidebar on this site rather short today? I've only got 4 categories and the search box top right has disappeared too and doubtless som...
Mark M 8 242 Social / Other 07:39pm, 14th March, 2018 08:11am 16th March, 2018 by PO51UHD
Model G Headlight
Is this the right headlight for a model G I seem to have a large mouth type hole at the bottom (picture is rotated 90 degrees)?
Hardhat_Barry 11 174 Technical 09:40pm, 14th March, 2018 10:21pm 15th March, 2018 by Hardhat_Barry
Rear carrier
Will the rear carrier off my Electra fit the b5 euro 4 bullet?
jenks 0 31 Technical 05:44pm, 15th March, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Hi Ian------have a look at my reply to you on the thread called}--- "Running rich" regarding a Honda XBR 500 for sale....
Alan R 2 115 Technical 11:00am, 13th March, 2018 04:52pm 15th March, 2018 by Alan R
1961 350 Bullet Stats
Greetings, message board fans, this is one for **Redditch** Bullet experts. Would anyone in the know please tell me what is the weight, sorry, MASS...
Adrian 8 218 Technical 10:22am, 12th March, 2018 02:51pm 15th March, 2018 by Adrian
Wanted: Royal Enfield Model G
Rigid backend wanted for a Royal Enfield Model G also know as frame rear portion or chainstay. Mine was updated to a springer back end probably in ...
Hardhat_Barry 2 64 Bikes For Sale 10:30pm, 14th March, 2018 12:56pm 15th March, 2018 by Hardhat_Barry
Himalayan Panniers
Hello all. Has anyone purchased the RE panniers and top box for their Himalayan? Just been quoted £875! That's a shad under a quarter of the RRP ...
SMLE 7 258 Social / Other 12:17pm, 13th March, 2018 09:43am 15th March, 2018 by hagis
Crusader Sport Front Forks
Hi all. I have recently started to rebuild/restore a very tired 1963 Crusader 250 Sport. The forks are totally goosed, being seized solid and bent....
Wilko 9 194 Technical 11:24am, 28th February, 2018 09:42am 15th March, 2018 by Ian Hal
Tube from petrol tank
On a 2016 C5, there is a narrow rubber tube connected to the petrol tank underneath at the front left. It then wends its way back and down behind the...
Harryb 6 138 Technical 01:32pm, 14th March, 2018 07:15am 15th March, 2018 by Leon Novello
Bit confused on the handlebar levers
OK not the brake and clutch, on my 52 model G according to the Instruction book for the Model S, G and J2 (1954 7th reprint) I should have a lever for...
Hardhat_Barry 1 61 Technical 09:34pm, 14th March, 2018 11:10pm 14th March, 2018 by Alan R
Royal Enfield with sidecar
Hi there Am on the look out for a Royal Enfield with a side car for an exhibition - would anyone out there know of one, have one and would like to fi...
Joshi 1 86 Social / Other 11:37am, 14th March, 2018 03:47pm 14th March, 2018 by Mark M

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