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Front brake grille cover 250cc Continental GT

They're back again! 250 Continental GT front brake grille 

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E-starter problem
Dear all, please help me out here. Last week I drove 3 and a half hours through the poring rain with my 2004 Sixty5. I was soaked to the skin but the ...
Steel 7 188 Technical 04:25pm, 18th July, 2017 02:53am 20th July, 2017 by Tim NZ
Crusader/continental gear mech
Hi all, I am hoping some wise soul can help me out. I have recently purchased a 1964 Crusader sports which was converted to a Continental GT someti...
crackingcontinental 2 113 Technical 12:54pm, 18th July, 2017 10:40pm 18th July, 2017 by crackingcontinental
Photos of customers bikes?
I can't find any place to submit photos of customer bikes. It seems like there used to be a link in the photo gallery, but must have been removed ...
Carlo 2 142 Social / Other 05:10pm, 18th July, 2017 08:34pm 18th July, 2017 by Exile
Meteor Minor side stand
Hi all -- this has got me baffled. 1958 Meteor Minor, can't get the side stand into a suitable position. As it came, the "up" position is OK (1st ...
ed.lazda 7 183 Technical 07:38pm, 17th July, 2017 06:28pm 18th July, 2017 by ed.lazda
350 Trials Bullet '53 Gearing
Hi all, back again. Sorry not been on here for a while, too many projects, the Enfield got pushed to the back and covered with junk ! I have now dug h...
TonyBax 9 115 Technical 11:28am, 18th July, 2017 04:06pm 18th July, 2017 by TonyBax
Hollyville, 30 July 2017
The Hollyville Cafe is pleased to announce (even if they don't know it yet...) A visit by Tornado (plus Scaleyback) on the 30 July 2017 at t...
Scalyback 8 174 Social / Other 04:33pm, 14th July, 2017 12:47pm 18th July, 2017 by Scalyback
And then there was nothing !!!
Hi guys--------Yesterday I did some basic electrical repairs and general tidying - up then went on a great little run about town with no probs at all....
Alan R 2 169 Technical 11:00pm, 15th July, 2017 11:47am 18th July, 2017 by Alan R
left hand electric box,
Hi All,pain in the bum here, i wonder if one of you kind techos could put a piccie on of a classic efi (2015)electric box showing me what all the ...
abe 3 109 Social / Other 07:28pm, 17th July, 2017 11:10am 18th July, 2017 by abe
Drum brake - any improvements?
Much as I love my Bullet I do feel the rear drum brake is a bit 'weedy'. Does anyone know of any improvements that can be made to improve i...
Rich 31 1284 Technical 08:42pm, 20th June, 2017 10:19am 18th July, 2017 by Revband
Jumping out of first gear.
I have a 2009 Classic 500 Bullet with the Albion gearbox. As I pull away in first gear all is well until the rev's rise to around the level where...
dave p 9 272 Technical 03:14pm, 14th July, 2017 10:41pm 17th July, 2017 by Alan R
Bullet Tyre Choice
Hi All, I'm new to this site and wondered if anyone has any advice on trial type tyre choice for the Bullet. I have seen one (IRC TR-1) which is ...
White Chief 5 192 Technical 08:53am, 14th July, 2017 09:51pm 17th July, 2017 by White Chief
What's this
Hi all I have this in my airside box it is disconnected looking at it just woundering if I could just take it off for more room not sure what it's...
dazza 12 262 Technical 10:20am, 16th July, 2017 04:06pm 16th July, 2017 by dazza
Are they having a laugh?
Beezabryan's comment in the thread about the Model K and sidecar chassis question set me to thinking, have we recently had a few of these copied n...
Mark M 8 253 Social / Other 05:47pm, 12th July, 2017 03:02pm 16th July, 2017 by abe
Hi ive just purchased a solo seat for a 1995 Enfield Bullet im rebuilding. It doesnt have the front seat bracket and i want to make one and weld it o...
nicky 2 118 Technical 07:27am, 15th July, 2017 08:36am 16th July, 2017 by Mark M
MBR Website
Does anyone know what is happening to the MBR website & forum? I know that some of the contributors post on here as well. All I get is 'site can&#...
Boxerman 4 169 Social / Other 10:38am, 15th July, 2017 02:11am 16th July, 2017 by Scalyback
A unwelcome guest
I have been building a bike with lots of help from Hitchcocks for some years now, and now it is finally finished and on the road thought I would take ...
Tigger 37 1586 Social / Other 06:59pm, 10th July, 2017 10:18pm 15th July, 2017 by Alan R
Can someone please tell me the correct tyre pressures for a 2001 350 Bullet with standard tyres 3.50 on the back...cant remember front size. It's...
BLACKANDWHITEARMY 8 270 Technical 08:30pm, 10th July, 2017 10:44am 15th July, 2017 by neddy
Isle of Wight sidecar ??
Hi guys-------- does anybody know who this delightful couple are ?---Joyce and I had a short break on the IoW last week-end and saw them in a local ca...
Alan R 6 134 Social / Other 07:16am, 15th July, 2017 10:23am 15th July, 2017 by Alan R
Ac to dc lighting
Please don't groan! I know this has come up before, but a search brought no results. I'm a bit fed up of the mess of wiring in the nacelle, am...
Nettshubby 7 169 Technical 01:44pm, 14th July, 2017 05:29am 15th July, 2017 by Tim NZ
1935 Model K
I have a 1935 K model (V-twin) which is fitted with a Royal Enfield sidecar (2 seater, from the factory). Most sidecars have a means of adjusting the ...
DaveB 10 293 Technical 09:13am, 12th July, 2017 01:54pm 14th July, 2017 by DaveB

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