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Model G No Spark
Before I strip the engine I wanted to get it running but I have no spark. I have searched a couple of threads and found how to set the points but I...
Hardhat_Barry 16 267 Technical 11:26am, 11th March, 2018 06:39pm 13th March, 2018 by Hardhat_Barry
Super Meteor front brake
Hi folks, the front brake on my '59 Super Meteor would be less wooden if make of oak. Before/after I strip and deglaze the hub and shoes, if there...
Davedup 15 329 Technical 05:36pm, 1st March, 2018 06:36pm 13th March, 2018 by Davedup
Read this and weep !!
Hi Guys----------- this has just come to my attention....It truly beggars belief}------ upload png google I wonder just how many other items were "Lo...
Alan R 2 223 Social / Other 12:51pm, 13th March, 2018 03:41pm 13th March, 2018 by Adrian
2016 Chrome Classic for sale
Hi. I'm selling my Forest Green 2016 Chrome Classic with 4200 miles on the clock. Excellent condition, goldie silencer from Hitchcocks, bullet dua...
Smithy 1 111 Bikes For Sale 08:22am, 13th March, 2018 03:06pm 13th March, 2018 by Smithy
1960 Constellation petrol tank vibe
My 1960 Connie has an irritating audible vibration that I can hear at times. When I bought the bike it only had the front tank mounting, at the rear o...
Marko 8 153 Technical 12:16pm, 12th March, 2018 02:17pm 13th March, 2018 by Marko
How's that for service!
I popped in to Hitchcocks today and while talking to Allan about some other matters I happened to mention that I was preparing to make some engine/gea...
Mark M 8 249 Technical 10:23pm, 12th March, 2018 10:54am 13th March, 2018 by Alan R
2000 350 Bullet for sale
Regrettably having to let my 350 bullet go as our combi boiler has given up the ghost so requires replacement. Bike is located near Matlock Derbyshir...
Super45 0 80 Bikes For Sale 09:39am, 13th March, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Hey Guys, I'm selling a Beautiful Royal Enfield Classic 500 EFI with just 11,747 miles on the clock. Recent Service, Runs like a dream and starts ...
sav 1 82 Bikes For Sale 12:28am, 13th March, 2018 12:31am 13th March, 2018 by sav
Problem with low fuel indicator.
On a 2016 C5, the low fuel light came on 10 minutes after filling the tank, stayed on 10 minutes, went off and came on every so often. Is it best to j...
Harryb 3 133 Technical 08:12pm, 11th March, 2018 07:05pm 12th March, 2018 by Haggis
Model G which books too buy
I see lots of various manuals for the Model G but its all a bit confusing which ones to buy for the restoration of my 52 Model G. I'm waiting f...
Hardhat_Barry 2 70 Technical 01:16pm, 12th March, 2018 04:21pm 12th March, 2018 by Hardhat_Barry
New Scottish dealer?
Just been on Royal Enfield UK site and done a "locate nearest dealer" thing. Typed in "Edinburgh" and up came a dealer in Armadale, West Lothian. Howe...
KC1961 16 603 Social / Other 08:43pm, 2nd February, 2018 03:31pm 12th March, 2018 by Harryb
Model G which books too buy
I see lots of various manuals for the Model G but its all a bit confusing which ones to buy for the restoration of my 52 Model G. I'm waiting f...
Hardhat_Barry 0 18 Technical 01:16pm, 12th March, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Carberetter noise
Hi it's me again bike starting nearly 1st time every time But have noticed it makes a funny "phut" noise when I give it some throttle . I'm s...
H 3 171 Technical 04:27pm, 10th March, 2018 12:21pm 12th March, 2018 by Presto
Crusader Sports 12v ??
Hello Peeps, I would like to upgrade my electrics to 12v. Has anyone done this and had any problems???
Chucklebus 10 198 Technical 11:54am, 11th March, 2018 10:12am 12th March, 2018 by Adrian
Running rich
Hi I've just bought a 2016 Classic EFI with 4000 miles on the clock. I fitted a Hitchcocks Gold star silencer which sounds great, however the b...
Smithy 20 590 Technical 08:40pm, 7th March, 2018 07:51am 12th March, 2018 by Alan R
Avon Roadrider
Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could or if anyone else has fitted the Avon Roadrider 100/90/19 on the front. This is a reversible tyre but I wan...
Vijayinder 3 171 Technical 02:37am, 11th March, 2018 11:56pm 11th March, 2018 by Vijayinder
Tuning a 1947 Magdyno
Hi, can any one point me in the direction of info on the magdyno on a 1947 model G? Specificly i want to understand the purpose of the manual advance/...
Micah 18 1050 Technical 02:04pm, 14th July, 2015 04:45am 11th March, 2018 by yorkshireJon
Just got my crankcases back. Pointy cam fitment.
Thought you might appreciate pictures of the work to relieve the crankcases for a performance exhaust cam. My local engineering mate did it. He didn&#...
stinkwheel 29 874 Technical 08:43pm, 6th March, 2018 10:20pm 10th March, 2018 by Adrian
My bullet won’t start
Hi, i’m Quite new to Enfield and have recently purchased a 2015 bullet 500 efi. With12000 miles on the clock. I have put another 600 on it no prob...
Wol 12 420 Technical 11:17am, 27th February, 2018 06:12pm 10th March, 2018 by ric
More 535 Thoughts.
Hi again all. Well now that I've opened a can of worms I am wondering where to go re bottom end.Top end will be 8.5:1 535 w 32mm AMAL 900 Conce...
Tomshayes 120 5709 Technical 09:03am, 29th October, 2017 03:14pm 10th March, 2018 by Alan R

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