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Front brake grille cover 250cc Continental GT

They're back again! 250 Continental GT front brake grille 

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Break in engine
I installed a new (alloy) cylinder and a new European-made piston plus rings (6.5:1 compression ratio) on my Bullet 500. How long is the break-in dist...
NicoV 4 223 Technical 11:31am, 13th July, 2017 01:52pm 14th July, 2017 by Bullet Whisperer
Convert my 2ls front brakes to disc---
Hi guys!!---------Bit of a long shot this one but as per the thread title I want to convert the front, 2ls drum brakes on my Bullet '65 to disc..I...
Alan R 0 86 Technical 04:37am, 14th July, 2017 No one has replied yet
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Electra Big Bore Kit
Has anyone fitted the big bore kit to an Electra and if so was there any big gains in power or ability to maintain a higher cruising speed. I'v...
Iain 33 1127 Technical 10:02pm, 4th July, 2017 08:41pm 13th July, 2017 by Iain
Tool box/Battery cover swap. C5
Hi, I'm trying to de-shiney my C5 a little by replacing the chrome battery & tool box covers. I could just spray them, but it almost seems a sh...
Mr Black 3 475 Bikes For Sale 03:22pm, 13th December, 2016 12:24pm 13th July, 2017 by Mr Black
Starting issues, Electra X
Amal carb, 12k miles, NGK Iridium plug. Running fine of late, got about a mile from home, accelerated out of tightish bend, popped and farted a bit (t...
Adam 13 193 Technical 02:45pm, 12th July, 2017 10:55am 13th July, 2017 by Alan R
Oil Filter Warning.
Yesterday, while riding to work. There was a strange mechanical 'whirring' noise coming from the engine. The engine then misfired before retur...
Barry_Q 8 362 Technical 11:20am, 8th July, 2017 12:01am 13th July, 2017 by Tim NZ
Starting issues, Electra X
Amal carb, 12k miles, NGK Iridium plug. Running fine of late, got about a mile from home, accelerated out of tightish bend, popped and farted a bit (t...
Adam 1 66 Technical 03:05pm, 12th July, 2017 11:49pm 12th July, 2017 by Alan R
Joanna lumleys india
Did anyone see the show on Wednesday , there was a bit when she meet her friend who had travelled all over India on his beloved enfield , some amazing...
Reds 10 363 Social / Other 08:39pm, 6th July, 2017 11:39pm 12th July, 2017 by Alan R
94 iron barrel wiring problem
Hi all 94 500 bullet, one wiring chart shows neg side of ammeter to horn other wire horn to horn button depress goes to earth. Other chart shows wire ...
scotty 2 84 Technical 09:58am, 12th July, 2017 10:23pm 12th July, 2017 by Alan R
Throttle cable
Hi all , my throttle cable on my electra x gave way yesterday so today which left me riding the last 5 miles of a lovley ride home controlling the...
Reds 24 517 Technical 01:44pm, 6th July, 2017 10:03pm 12th July, 2017 by Alan R
Hi does anybody know what colour wires are left and right on the indicator stems on a 1995 Enfield Bullet. i am rebuilding this bike and the indicat...
nicky 3 128 Technical 10:29am, 10th July, 2017 09:41pm 12th July, 2017 by Alan R
Mph speedo
Thank you guys for your comments, I contacted our host who said that if you can get a drive wich they haven't heard of that converts kph to mph th...
enman 4 190 Technical 07:48pm, 8th July, 2017 09:33pm 12th July, 2017 by Alan R
Meteor Minor Sport Engine
Does anyone know of a Meteor Minor Sport engine and gearbox for sale please? Thanks
The Potent Mix 0 47 Social / Other 08:28pm, 11th July, 2017 No one has replied yet
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6v battery charging questions...?
Hi all, Proud new owner of a 1957 Clipper - I think it's the model G or deluxe with a 6 volt battery. I have a couple of questions... 1) ...
chrisvb 4 101 Technical 03:05pm, 11th July, 2017 04:42pm 11th July, 2017 by Nettshubby
Continental Gt LHS engine cover broken
Hello everybody, I'm from India and own a 2014 continental Gt I was going through a Continental GT group page on Facebook. I came across an image ...
mmathew 3 184 Technical 04:11pm, 10th July, 2017 02:31pm 11th July, 2017 by mmathew
low seat options for C5
Any owners managed to find a comfortable low seat for their C5 (with photographs) ?
ric 0 73 Social / Other 09:09am, 11th July, 2017 No one has replied yet
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crankcase breather
My 1960 constellation obviously has a crankcase breather pipe coming off the primary drive casing .does anybody have any bright ideas how I can make ...
walter 7 325 Technical 11:44am, 3rd July, 2017 08:56am 11th July, 2017 by Graham43
Bullet350 and sidecar
Enfield Bullet 350, 2007 for sale, she barely has 5k on the clock, pristine condition. new head, base and rocker cover gaskets, and a fresh oil change...
mish 0 111 Bikes For Sale 05:59am, 11th July, 2017 No one has replied yet
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A greenlane encounter.
I posted this in the TRF forum a while ago, but thought you might like to read it... They walk, they talk! And usually, when you are out on your B...
Scalyback 7 304 Social / Other 04:00pm, 8th July, 2017 08:39pm 10th July, 2017 by Gordon
350 valve size
Hi all, Does anyone know if there is a difference between the valve stem lengths on 1960's 350 bullets vs 90's/00's 350 bullets? The ones...
nickbarber 3 156 Technical 02:58am, 9th July, 2017 11:11pm 9th July, 2017 by binary

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