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Improved Rocker Cover gasket in AFM

Improved gasket in 'state of the art' material

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Popping in the silencer on the over run
One for all the experts on here. My Electra X engine has started to pop on the over run, reduced throttle as I approach junctions, etc. I thought th...
Graham43 7 338 Technical 11:27am, 5th May, 2017 04:37pm 13th May, 2017 by Graham43
torquing cylinder head
Good evening wise ones. I replaced my (Bullets) cylinder head gasket last year owing to an annoying oil leak. Haven't done many miles since, but t...
Reg 8 389 Technical 06:30pm, 7th May, 2017 02:11pm 13th May, 2017 by Reg
larger oil pumps on 535
both the classic 350/500 engine indian enfields have the same size oil pumps but a 535 thunderbird has larger why ?
nig 6 253 Technical 12:44pm, 12th May, 2017 12:21pm 13th May, 2017 by Colin F
Royal Enfield buying Ducati?
papasmurf 6 367 Social / Other 05:17pm, 8th May, 2017 09:06am 13th May, 2017 by Rattlebattle
Why do both my singles backfire on the over run. Jenks
jenks 8 366 Technical 04:27pm, 6th May, 2017 07:24am 13th May, 2017 by devon john
Problem for the weekend.
A Bullet suddenly loses compression and stops a few yards from home, a new spark plug is fitted and the bike returns home, albeit, running erraticall...
Leon Novello 10 591 Technical 02:26am, 13th April, 2017 07:40am 12th May, 2017 by Scalyback
loud tappet noise?
hi my 350 Indian bullet has a loud/harsh tappet type noise. I've checked the clearances and inspected the rockers but still no difference just won...
s1 4 252 Technical 09:33am, 11th May, 2017 10:19pm 11th May, 2017 by vince
rev counter
hi, can anyone help please ? i have a 2016 Bullet 500 B5 and am fitting a Smiths electronic Tachometer, i have wired the positive and negative sides ...
garry 12 342 Technical 04:35pm, 9th May, 2017 07:25pm 11th May, 2017 by garry
gear box help needed
Hi I have a 1995 Indian 350 bullet that has a problem with the front gear box cover flexing outwards when you pull the clutch lever in its like its un...
s1 5 157 Social / Other 09:48pm, 10th May, 2017 10:42pm 10th May, 2017 by s1
RE's 'A Proud War Record' on ebay
There's a copy of RE's 'A Proud War Record' on ebay at the moment. starts at £75. Ebay proud war record REOC 15...
Scalyback 0 96 Social / Other 08:01pm, 10th May, 2017 No one has replied yet
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fit magneto to indian enfield?
hi has anyone fitted a lucas sr1 magneto on a Indian 350 bullet?
s1 6 212 Social / Other 09:00pm, 9th May, 2017 07:58am 10th May, 2017 by s1
Oxygen sensor for tuning
Before I launch into a long boring post, has anyone had experience of connecting an O2 sensor on a 500 iron barrel Bullet or any bike for that matter....
Creaky45 14 348 Technical 01:20am, 7th May, 2017 06:11am 10th May, 2017 by Creaky45
Tyre pressure front?
What is the best pressure to use in a front tyre? Odd question I would have thought as the handbook says 18psi but I've got my Classic 500 back f...
Grunt 7 306 Technical 01:29pm, 9th May, 2017 01:57am 10th May, 2017 by Leon Novello
Ensign problem?
Hello Have a drama with the kickstart on my ensign. The kick start engages but does not turn engine over. However, engage decompression valve and...
Harry335 2 196 Technical 08:08pm, 1st May, 2017 08:04pm 9th May, 2017 by Harry335
imaculate Electra X
For sale my electra x 7605 miles , regular oil changes , new avon tyres less than 300 miles ago. MOT till October 2017, many stainless parts. Dont k...
sa(lincs) 5 198 Bikes For Sale 02:14pm, 8th May, 2017 05:09pm 9th May, 2017 by sa(lincs)
Ideal tool for oil changes
I found this today at the Danish equivalent of Halfords... An oil suction syringe. It holds a half liter of oil. Which is great when one has to change...
Exile 3 220 Social / Other 07:44pm, 8th May, 2017 09:34am 9th May, 2017 by Exile
sudden clutch cable slack
Electra X, sudden clutch cable slack, clutch still operating OK, any idea of impending doom or similar please?
papasmurf 39 1891 Technical 08:41am, 23rd June, 2015 11:43pm 8th May, 2017 by Omit
EFI battery?
Hi Guys, can't believe I'm here,cap in hand, 2 days in a row. Tried to start bike today(2009) only got electric start. All the symptoms of a ...
Richy2spanners 7 259 Technical 08:17pm, 4th May, 2017 06:30pm 8th May, 2017 by Richy2spanners
Bullet fuel tap thread
can anyone tell me what thread is used on a 1994 Bullet fuel tap? where it screws into the tank thanks
mart 2 169 Technical 12:40pm, 5th May, 2017 12:29pm 7th May, 2017 by mart
It's arrived
I now have twice as many Royal Enfields as I did when I woke up this morning. It's gone to the shed for the once over and some fluid therapy. htt...
ed.lazda 15 468 Social / Other 10:08pm, 29th April, 2017 05:29pm 6th May, 2017 by mustaphapint

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