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Cometic composite cylinder head gaskets

Excellent sealing properties, reliability and durability

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kill switch
looking at a wiring diagram for a 2006 royal enfield electic start and the kill switch on the rhs handle bar is not shown , red/black Wires to and fro...
nig 2 124 Technical 12:00pm, 29th December, 2017 01:39pm 29th December, 2017 by Paul G
What size thread?
Hi.. Can anyone tell me what size bolt thread etc to fit the frame threaded hole in the photo? 2001 pre unit frame...
Tomshayes 5 207 Technical 07:43am, 29th December, 2017 12:17pm 29th December, 2017 by Tomshayes
5 Speed Gearbox Oil
Right stoopid question coming up... Being a 5 speed gearbox virgin.. Where do I fill up with oil?... Is there a level plug etc?..
Tomshayes 14 446 Technical 05:46pm, 24th December, 2017 10:12am 29th December, 2017 by ric
alternator wiring problem
Hi all and hoping some body may be able to help. On my 350 bullet the alternator wiring is yellow orange purple purple. I have bought a new alternato...
binary 5 327 Technical 02:36am, 23rd November, 2017 08:59am 29th December, 2017 by binary
What size thread?
Hi.. Can anyone tell me what size bolt thread etc to fit the frame threaded hole in the photo? 2001 pre unit frame...
Tomshayes 0 63 Technical 07:42am, 29th December, 2017 No one has replied yet
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Power Commander
I have owned a 2013 GT for just over two years,it came with an after market silencer and I have fitted a K&N filter with the ally venturi cover and a ...
Chris R 5 441 Technical 05:41pm, 5th December, 2017 11:41am 28th December, 2017 by RocketRR
compression Vs CC
The recent posts re compression have had my very simple mind posing a question. If the compression ratio is increased by reducing the barrel length (...
AndyMc 12 388 Technical 08:55pm, 22nd December, 2017 09:52am 28th December, 2017 by Alan R
Albion Gear box
Merry Xmas and a prosperous 2018, I am pleased to see from recent posts that some people are doing some things for the first time, because that is whe...
Peter D 12 448 Technical 06:16am, 25th December, 2017 06:40am 28th December, 2017 by Leon Novello
Amal to Mikuni
OK, here's a tricky one (perhaps sacrilege to some). If i were to fit a Mikuni carby to my 1936 Model K (976 V twin) how would I determine the rig...
DaveB 7 245 Technical 06:38am, 27th December, 2017 05:21am 28th December, 2017 by DaveB
Wanted 500 Indian bullet project
Hi all firstly merry Christmas and happy new year ,Just wondering whether there is a 500 cc Indian bullet out there that would be a suitable for a p...
vin 4 264 Bikes For Sale 12:24pm, 24th December, 2017 01:02am 28th December, 2017 by rockerbox
compression loss
Evening all, Just lately my 05 bullet (500)has suffered from a lack of compression. At first it came back after a few turns of the kick starter. Now t...
Reg 31 1350 Technical 07:37pm, 25th October, 2017 11:37pm 26th December, 2017 by Alan R
Imported Thunderbird 350....Update
Hi everyone thanks so much for all your help with my earlier post regarding registering my Indian market 350 Thunderbird. I'm pleased to say that...
Matty 2 190 Bikes For Sale 08:18pm, 24th December, 2017 11:04pm 24th December, 2017 by Matty
Curious starting thought
Some of you might remember Piazzo igniters for gas fires/boilers etc a single push or pull would produce a healthy spark at the earth point, I was th...
RoSy 11 301 Technical 08:09pm, 23rd December, 2017 12:03pm 24th December, 2017 by mustaphapint
Christmas Greetings
Hi all on this forum, all the very best for Christmas and a Happy and Safe new year. Looking forward to more interesting topics in 2018. Enfields Ru...
scotty 1 124 Social / Other 08:15am, 24th December, 2017 08:38am 24th December, 2017 by papasmurf
Starter Solenoid Testing
Went to start the Electra X (ish) yesterday, pressed the starter button all it did was go click. (It did work eventually.) This morning I have found ...
papasmurf 18 363 Technical 08:31am, 20th December, 2017 03:47pm 23rd December, 2017 by Simon D
Looking for 1950's Flat lid tool box
Hey all, I am looking for 1950's model Flat lid tool box for Royal enfield bullet. Do any one have original with you. I have checked in Host, it i...
Hercules 1 135 Technical 01:26pm, 23rd December, 2017 02:23pm 23rd December, 2017 by Mark M
Target sprint bicycle for sale
Hi, I have a Royal Enfield Target Sprint gents racing bicycle for sale. It has newly fitted tyres, tubes and handlebar tape and is otherwise original....
Mak 0 113 Bikes For Sale 02:18pm, 23rd December, 2017 No one has replied yet
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Compsite Head Gasket
Just got a new composite head gasket, thought I had ordered a solid copper one (my mistake). Does the slightly raised lips around the bore and the ...
Pat M20 4 209 Technical 04:12pm, 22nd December, 2017 01:22pm 23rd December, 2017 by Alan R
1989 Indian Enfield 350 Bullet
I have for sale a 1989 Indian 350 Bullet the previous owner worked in India for 20 years and bought it to get around on. he brought it back to Englan...
BSARichard 9 562 Bikes For Sale 05:27pm, 26th November, 2017 12:09pm 23rd December, 2017 by BSARichard
B5 gear selection problem
Hi ... I hope that someone may have some suggestions for this problem. My 2015 B5 has done just on 10,000 km. On downshifting from 3rd to 2nd it goes ...
zonggong 10 385 Technical 05:02am, 27th November, 2017 07:11am 23rd December, 2017 by zonggong

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