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Chrome front mudguards Constellation and Interceptor

Here again! Constellation and Interceptor front chrome mudguards

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Mph speedo
Yes I got mine from India 19.99 it has mph on speedo with Royal Enfield logo on dial but mileohmeter registers kph, the needle registers mph but is ab...
enman 1 109 Technical 03:09pm, 9th July, 2017 08:20pm 9th July, 2017 by ric
Electric Starter wont work with power commander
Hiya, Hoping someone has a solution, I have recently got a 2015 classic 500, and had the normal problems I have read about so got new exhaust and a...
WindyEdges 0 104 Technical 07:13pm, 9th July, 2017 No one has replied yet
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Rear tire size Continental GT
Hello, Wondering if anyone has any experience with wider rear tire size on the Continental GT. Considering to install 140/70 instead of 130/70 and...
Ari 0 81 Technical 12:49pm, 7th July, 2017 No one has replied yet
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Oxford Blanket problems
Anyone found that the Oxford Blanket Multi-purpose Ant-slip Mat when used under a lightweight map holder sticks to your petrol tank leaving behind lum...
Graham43 7 217 Technical 03:30pm, 3rd July, 2017 10:04am 7th July, 2017 by Revband
Won't start
Hi there hello to everyone. I just put my electra on the road after buying it and storing it over the winter, rode it home great. Now won't start...
Tab 31 914 Technical 05:54pm, 2nd July, 2017 04:33pm 6th July, 2017 by 2cvandy
Mph speedo
I have just purchased a mph speedo for my bullet 500 2001 the original speedo is kph on outside and mph on inside, the new mph speedo registers mph ok...
enman 8 252 Technical 09:28pm, 4th July, 2017 04:00pm 6th July, 2017 by ric
Of steam trains and SWAT men !!
Hi Guys---- last Saturday 1st July, Joyce and I went on one of our regular "Steam Train specials"operated by these people out of Tysely, Birmingham..(...
Alan R 4 153 Social / Other 09:05am, 6th July, 2017 01:58pm 6th July, 2017 by Scalyback
6 v Dynamo not charging
Hi All, I have had my Lucas M01 mag / dyno renovated at great cost but has stood for 8 months while the bike was finished - now I have run the bik...
Wayne 5 162 Technical 02:06pm, 5th July, 2017 12:15pm 6th July, 2017 by Revband
Replacement Tyres
Hi all Having now successfully registered and on the road Thunderbird 350 (Grey Import) my thks to REOC (Graham/TOM) for helping here (sorry long stor...
lupacexi 5 222 Social / Other 04:40pm, 23rd June, 2017 09:02am 6th July, 2017 by Adrian
Bullet parts.
I have a worn Contact Breaker Unit on my 1960 350cc Bullet. Has anyone fitted the Indian Distributor to a Redditch Bullet, and are there any problems?...
andy w 3 158 Technical 12:30pm, 5th July, 2017 11:20pm 5th July, 2017 by andy w
Hi all, does anyone have a view on our hosts rack (p/n: 200003) for a 2015 B5 Bullet? It's rapidly turning into a bit of a beast of burden and I ...
Deanobats 4 163 Technical 02:46pm, 5th July, 2017 06:37pm 5th July, 2017 by beamish
Need your opinion on engine rebuild
Hi Guys i need your opinion on engine rebuild. recently bought 350 G2 Bullet engine from around 1952 the guy said it was lying there for 20-25 ye...
enfield_trials 18 411 Technical 09:06pm, 3rd July, 2017 04:01pm 5th July, 2017 by enfield_trials
New 750 Royal Enfield Spotted on the road (video)!
New 750 Royal Enfield Spotted! 
 REOC 15084Tabellarius de verbis. Ostensor gaudium
Scalyback 7 310 Social / Other 05:40pm, 4th July, 2017 01:52pm 5th July, 2017 by Scalyback
I have recently purchased some copper oil pipes for my 2001 350, on which the banjo fittings as well as being smaller, also have a much smaller diamet...
BLACKANDWHITEARMY 4 185 Technical 03:09pm, 4th July, 2017 10:45pm 4th July, 2017 by binary
Just thought id ask those owners who have had the classic enfield engine lean burn engine and the new EFI engine, how do these three different bikes ...
Reds 14 448 Social / Other 09:03pm, 29th June, 2017 05:13pm 4th July, 2017 by ric
Now I know where the squirrel hides his nuts
Latest project is reviving a Mk 1A Interceptor repatriated by our Hosts from the USA. It's complete, largely unmolested but scruffy; (borderline) ...
Mark M 19 995 Technical 07:54am, 23rd February, 2017 02:59pm 4th July, 2017 by Alan R
Bees and visibilty gear
If you have a bee allergy this may be of interest. I took my IB bullet out yesterday wearing my bright yellow patterned helmet and red mesh jacket. ...
Felix 9 227 Social / Other 08:09pm, 3rd July, 2017 02:12pm 4th July, 2017 by Alan R
Valve lifter decompressor kit
Is there anyone who mounted that valve lifter decompressor system, the decompressor that is standard on the Electra ? Does that really work ?
NicoV 12 323 Technical 09:00pm, 28th June, 2017 01:14pm 4th July, 2017 by Adrian
Holyville Cafe (again) 2 July 2017
OldBoy67 13 238 Social / Other 03:15pm, 2nd July, 2017 11:44am 4th July, 2017 by OldBoy67
Birthday ride
As I'm 44 today the family said you can do what ever you want it's your day. Perfect, I thought up and out at 8am on the newly acquired 2005 e...
Reds 4 234 Social / Other 12:51pm, 2nd July, 2017 05:21pm 3rd July, 2017 by Mark B

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