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Oil pump filter element for 250 Crusaders

At last they're back again! Replacement oil pump filter element - 250 Crusader and 350 unit construction Bullet

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more details
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2015 Continental GT for sale
Hello, I'm selling my Royal Enfield Continental GT. 15 plate on approx. 2500 miles. I bought it second hand on 750 miles. It's black wit...
Rich P-G 11 472 Bikes For Sale 06:40pm, 9th August, 2017 05:47pm 5th September, 2017 by Rich P-G
Speaking of eccentrics
Anyone remember L.J.K Setright?
macg4 11 332 Social / Other 09:14am, 27th August, 2017 07:24pm 4th September, 2017 by Reg
what type/weight oil do u use and how often change it?
skidmarks 28 829 Technical 06:15pm, 30th August, 2017 11:40am 4th September, 2017 by ed.lazda
senior moment
Put the new head gasket on this morning and couldn't wait to see if it had cured the poor compression the bike seemed to have, so I gave a good sw...
Reg 3 256 Social / Other 10:14pm, 2nd September, 2017 01:16pm 3rd September, 2017 by papasmurf
Meteor Minor valve spring lengths
I'm confused about valve spring lengths for my 1958 Meteor Minor. I ordered new ones because the springs that were in the bike when I bought it we...
ed.lazda 10 272 Technical 11:39am, 31st August, 2017 08:31am 3rd September, 2017 by ed.lazda
Sixty5 for sale
I am reluctantly selling my 2003 Sixty5. At the moment I just posted this most recent pic, if anyone is intetested please email me on; skyrayser@s...
Nettshubby 11 406 Bikes For Sale 05:20pm, 27th August, 2017 03:42pm 2nd September, 2017 by Nettshubby
Has anyone fitted the SPLINED CLUTCH UPGRADE 90057 to an Electra 500? Pros/cons, is it Bullet proof? Trying to find a problem free(ish) clutch.
Bet 4 227 Technical 09:24pm, 1st September, 2017 12:43pm 2nd September, 2017 by Mark M
Oil leakage distributor
I have oil leaking through the distributor on the left side, where the contact breaker points/electronic ignition is. I suppose that means replacing t...
NicoV 5 230 Technical 05:40pm, 30th August, 2017 01:30am 1st September, 2017 by Tim NZ
1964 Contenetal GT
I am rebuilding a 64 GT with a silver frame. The spares catalogue states the front wheel should be 18" but mine is a 17". It has been suggested that t...
Ian Hal 4 184 Technical 07:23pm, 30th August, 2017 06:06pm 31st August, 2017 by Bullet Whisperer
Mikuni Jetting.
Has anyone out there fitted a Mikuni VM30 to their bikes? I have a 2004 Bullet 65, had the inlet port taken out to 32mm and Hitchcocks 90052 competiti...
Enfield enthusiast 15 646 Technical 11:32am, 3rd June, 2017 04:02pm 31st August, 2017 by Lyle
Royal enfield 350 bullet 09 for sale
Royal enfield bullet 350,2009. For sale: £1,750 (31/08/17 - Price reduced)1 owner from new 8,968 km (I think is 5.600 miles aprox) The bike is clea...
Phillip1 1 362 Bikes For Sale 03:50pm, 31st July, 2017 09:01pm 31st July, 2017 by Alan R
battery charging
2007 export 350 fitted Boyer Bransden ignition through the points. I've not been very happy with battery life so as the ammeter just flickers and ...
tobyker 3 135 Technical 09:24pm, 30th August, 2017 11:21pm 30th August, 2017 by binary
Riders Travel Log....
Hi guys.....Would any of you wonderful Enfield people like to keep a simple, lightweight Travel Log going on here ??........Just a bit of fun but it c...
Alan R 11 387 Social / Other 10:38pm, 19th August, 2017 08:52pm 30th August, 2017 by Alan R
Gearbox Cover Strengthener
Has anyone experienced the outer cover on the gearbox still flexing after fitting the strengthener kit? This is happening on my 2008 350 Bullet. The c...
Himself 4 252 Social / Other 01:49pm, 29th August, 2017 05:52pm 30th August, 2017 by Himself
Is anyone riding the new bullet with abs.? If so ,what's the verdict Cheers Jenks
jenks 3 240 Social / Other 08:30pm, 26th August, 2017 12:08pm 30th August, 2017 by Rattlebattle
Lucas 8 inch headlight
Would anyone have an 8 inch Lucas headlight for sale ?
Papas36 12 272 Bikes For Sale 09:27am, 28th August, 2017 12:04am 30th August, 2017 by Papas36
Ok folks, I ask this question as pretty much a non technical person who usually has someone else mend their bikes! Bought a really well fettled/res...
BLACKANDWHITEARMY 18 437 Technical 05:05pm, 28th August, 2017 05:58pm 29th August, 2017 by Revband
Torque specification
Hello folks, I wondered if I could ask for some help. There are the two nuts on the rear wheel I'm not sure about; there's a 30mm one holdi...
Hagrid 4 190 Technical 08:21pm, 27th August, 2017 12:16pm 29th August, 2017 by Hagrid
Misfiring cured by high octane fuel
Hello fellow Bulleteers. My Bullet (std 350) has been hesitating and misfiring at low rpms under load (about 1/8 throttle). I cleaned out the carb ...
daveh 15 377 Technical 11:01pm, 27th August, 2017 11:55am 29th August, 2017 by Valsp
Carburettor renovation
Does anyone know of someone who rebores monobloc bodies and sleeves the slide please. Had this done on a super meteor I had once and seemed to make lo...
maninshed 4 186 Technical 08:39pm, 27th August, 2017 08:30am 28th August, 2017 by Mark M

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