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Morning guys,my Bullet euro4 is performing well Can I ask about my triump? 1962 t100ss Starts first kick and will rev ok,but will not tickover It&...
jenks 3 125 Technical 11:50am, 5th July, 2018 09:03pm 5th July, 2018 by Adrian
Scissor clutch pressure plate strip
Hi, before I throw my toys out of the pram, start throwing hammers at my Constellation & have a nervous breakdown.........deep breath.... how do I tak...
Marko 5 141 Technical 12:08pm, 5th July, 2018 02:41pm 5th July, 2018 by Mark M
350 bullet for sale
1998, one owner from new, m.o.t. to next May, 8000 miles, see Autotrader ad for pictures, £2,200. contact John 07519167917 (north notts)
J.H. 8 231 Bikes For Sale 10:18am, 2nd July, 2018 12:04pm 5th July, 2018 by Jamesy
WD/CO oil from breather
Morning all. My recently recommissioned 1944 WD/CO has done roughly one hundred miles now, and it's taken to spewing it's engine from the brea...
Tman 15 342 Technical 11:28am, 26th June, 2018 07:35am 5th July, 2018 by Marko
Mitas tyres
I gave the bullet a well overdue clean today, and whilst polishing the rear wheel rim was surprised to notice cracks in the tyre sidewall. The tyre in...
Reg 5 336 Technical 10:12pm, 1st July, 2018 06:18pm 4th July, 2018 by Jojje
350 Bullet Oil Feed Quill Washer
Treated the 1966 350 Bullet to an oil change today whilst it was still hot after a longish run. The Youtube video I watched suggested that I should dr...
Starfield 7 286 Technical 05:44pm, 21st June, 2018 01:42pm 4th July, 2018 by Bullet Whisperer
dowtey washers
Anybody know if these washers are suitable for front brake line to caliper joint , having trouble sealing banjo union with copper washers.
scotty 7 278 Technical 03:27am, 2nd July, 2018 01:10pm 3rd July, 2018 by John L
Changing time/battery on stem nut clock 97201
Hi, I've just received a stem nut clock from our hosts. It looks perfect and fits the stem nut very nicely. It's set to the correct time at GM...
25Tom 2 149 Technical 10:09pm, 1st July, 2018 10:35pm 2nd July, 2018 by 25Tom
350 bullet for sale
see previous ad, a correction, my bullet is a 2008 model, not 1998, apologies for my error, J.H.
J.H. 0 60 Bikes For Sale 08:49pm, 2nd July, 2018 No one has replied yet
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A dying breed.
papasmurf 7 392 Social / Other 11:16am, 29th June, 2018 07:53pm 2nd July, 2018 by papasmurf
2016 Chrome Classic for sale
My 2016 Chrome Classic for sale. 10500 miles, lovely condition, currently fitted Bullet dual seat and Hitchcocks goldie style silencer but comes with ...
Smithy 1 161 Bikes For Sale 04:08am, 1st July, 2018 01:41pm 2nd July, 2018 by Smithy
Fuel tank it
Can anyone tell me when my 2003 bullet was new was there any sealer inside the fuel tank.Theres a kind of reddish coat inside there but I am not sure ...
Jamesy 1 135 Technical 02:23pm, 1st July, 2018 09:03pm 1st July, 2018 by PeteF
1970 Interceptor Trans oil Seal
I have an oil leak on the transmission mainshaft (sprocket shaft) on my Enfield. If I remove the primary assembly and then remove the sprocket... will...
croni 4 148 Technical 11:27pm, 29th June, 2018 11:31am 1st July, 2018 by tribonnie
1954 Meteor 700 running rough
I have acquired a 700 Meteor which had been restored but left idle for many years. After the usual cleaning up it started, but it runs very erraticall...
Creaky45 24 851 Technical 12:11pm, 2nd June, 2018 07:21am 1st July, 2018 by Creaky45
Asbo 26
New front end treatment.. With progressive springs... Should improve handling..
Tomshayes1 5 227 Technical 07:49pm, 28th June, 2018 05:53pm 30th June, 2018 by Bullet Whisperer
c35sd dynamo
Dynamo on a 54 Meteor 700 not charging - does anybody know anyone who can refurbish please. Tried D'fly - wanted nearly as much as the bike is wor...
Bettsy 8 222 Technical 04:39pm, 27th June, 2018 01:55pm 30th June, 2018 by Bettsy
Vicious kickback
Today I took the 59 BH Bullet up to Skipton with the wife on pillion. The bike went well, cruising at 60 and even hitting 70 on Skipton bypass. One th...
Chris Tindal 26 875 Technical 09:48pm, 24th June, 2018 01:23pm 30th June, 2018 by Chris Tindal
There's an interesting feature in this month's Classic Bike Guide about the Carberry V-twin, which is now going into production. At £8,000 it...
Mark B 4 284 Social / Other 11:24am, 28th June, 2018 12:11pm 30th June, 2018 by mauri
Sunday 1st July
SUNDAY 1st JULY ASTLEY, (HIGHER GREEN) L.E. RALLY All sorts of bikes there, free entry to bikes. Only 1/4 mile off the East Lancs Road, on ...
Chris [Stockport] 2 106 Social / Other 10:12pm, 23rd June, 2018 10:48pm 29th June, 2018 by Chris [Stockport]
Changing rear indicators on C5 classic
Hi, I need to change my indicators for the shorter LED ones this weekend, in order to make room for a pannier rack next week. Does anyone know how to ...
25Tom 4 148 Technical 07:13am, 28th June, 2018 04:58pm 28th June, 2018 by 25Tom

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