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Picked up an early Enfield
Picked up this last night described as a 1952 Royal Enfield 350cc G2. Needs a little work. https:...
Hardhat_Barry 18 290 Social / Other 07:00pm, 9th March, 2018 11:29am 10th March, 2018 by Hardhat_Barry
535GT with Hitchcocks carb kit road test video.
Apart from the silencer, this R.E. 535 GT was in standard trim before the fitting of the Hitchcocks carb kit. Here is a short test run, with the carb ...
Bullet Whisperer 5 208 Technical 04:43pm, 9th March, 2018 10:31pm 9th March, 2018 by Rattlebattle
Bump Stop Bike Stands
A year or two back I dropped my RE off my trailer when trying to load it. An unhappy, and costly experience, which also took the gloss of the impendin...
beamish 6 307 Technical 07:02pm, 4th March, 2018 11:47am 7th March, 2018 by beamish
Hi. Just cleaning up my 2003 ES 500 Bullet ready for rebuild and I noticed some damage to the edge of the conrod. It seems to have a lot of little scr...
Ivor 16 420 Technical 07:21pm, 4th March, 2018 08:35pm 6th March, 2018 by Alan R
UCE bullet wanted
late low miles bullet wanted, preferably in north west ,tel/txt 07966 225050
marco 0 85 Bikes For Sale 05:18pm, 6th March, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Does anyone recognise this brake calliper?
I got it on ebay, price was good. I can't find a picture of a similar one on an enfield anywhere. It's a brembo calliper but it's a 2-p...
stinkwheel 27 427 Technical 08:08pm, 5th March, 2018 04:57pm 6th March, 2018 by Alan R
Little & LARGE
Alan R 5 371 Technical 03:28am, 6th March, 2018 04:11pm 6th March, 2018 by Alan R
The 2018 Beezbryan "bash" ??
Hi guys--------I may have asked this before so please bear with me ......BSA Bryan, do we have a date for the Spring meeting ??..........The Red Baron...
Alan R 3 135 Social / Other 08:25am, 4th March, 2018 08:34am 6th March, 2018 by Beezabryan
Ensign Trials Tyres
Hello, is any one on the forum, using the ensign trials tyres that our hosts are selling. If so could describe a little about them, the 350//19 or the...
sb 18 491 Technical 03:53pm, 28th February, 2018 03:55am 6th March, 2018 by Alan R
Name change
Low priority, but any of you keyboard maestros know how to change one;s pseudonym on here.Simply would be nice to be consistent with one's co...
Gordon 4 158 Technical 04:23pm, 5th March, 2018 07:29pm 5th March, 2018 by Gordon
2013 Conti EFI 535 oil level query
Howdo ! I know this is not a new question, but in reading the other threads on this subject, I am less confident now than I was before reading them...
Gazbo 7 168 Technical 10:18am, 5th March, 2018 07:20pm 5th March, 2018 by Gazbo
Exhaust Head Connection
Should there be a gap between the 'lip' that runs around the exhaust, and the port? In the picture below, the exhaust is in as far as it can...
Ows 3 174 Technical 10:36am, 5th March, 2018 04:42pm 5th March, 2018 by Ows
SMLE Goe To The Himalayan
SMLE 16 455 Social / Other 11:00pm, 21st February, 2018 09:39pm 4th March, 2018 by Alan R
Struggle still with Albion Kick spring installion
Forgive me reiterating this issue from a year or two ago as several of you kindly responded but can't find original query. Anyway, have since...
Gordon 13 305 Technical 08:28pm, 28th February, 2018 03:16pm 4th March, 2018 by Gordon
Here be snow
Snow at the Lizard Cornwall, the "Oilfield" is staying in the garage:-
papasmurf 7 283 Social / Other 11:08am, 28th February, 2018 10:53am 4th March, 2018 by Chris [Stockport]
Enfield seat height
I have always preferred my seating position on all motorcycles I have owned to have both feet planted firmly on the ground when at a standstill.I was ...
Jamesy 7 317 Technical 10:38pm, 1st March, 2018 08:44am 3rd March, 2018 by Alan R
gearbox oil
Hi All Cast iron Bullet 500 - Albion 4 speed gearbox Is EP90 gear oil a good idea or shall I change to something else? Many thanks Clement
Clement 18 793 Technical 09:15am, 24th January, 2018 08:52am 2nd March, 2018 by Clement
It's an absolute scandal
Renewal insurance sent by email for my Kawasaki W800 is £139 Comprehensive.Go compare online best quote £78. by the same insurance company.Went on t...
Jamesy 7 356 Social / Other 03:37pm, 21st February, 2018 07:50am 2nd March, 2018 by Valsp
Uploading images
How do you go about uploading an image with a post.
Jamesy 6 143 Social / Other 05:09pm, 28th February, 2018 11:50pm 1st March, 2018 by Alan R
1960-3 METEOR MINOR frame wanted
DUFFEL 0 68 Bikes For Sale 10:21pm, 28th February, 2018 No one has replied yet
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