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military bike
guys iv just seen an advert for an enfield military 500 for sale... says it has the new avl leanburn engine, i thought they had the 65 unit from the e...
ian 1 7103 Technical 12:18am, 27th June, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Mirror debate
Hi just got a bullet 65 2006 model like the bike but the mirrors on it are about as much use as a chocolate tea pot all I can see are my shoulders. I ...
Paul Porter 6 13473 Technical 06:45pm, 26th June, 2008 11:51pm 26th June, 2008 by David Gee
Mystery Redditch 350 engine
I have an unusual 350cc Redditch Bullet engine that has been dated by the REOC as February 1956. No other details held. The mystery is that the bott...
John M 3 12871 Technical 11:37pm, 25th June, 2008 08:10pm 26th June, 2008 by John M
which electronic ignition?
Ime thinking of fitting an electronic ignition to my 500 classic,the indian made one is very tempting due to the price,has anybody out there fitted on...
Ian 10 11359 Technical 08:27pm, 20th June, 2008 04:03pm 25th June, 2008 by Nick
worshop manual
can anybody recommend the best workshop manual to buy for a 500 classic?
Ian 1 7207 Technical 10:47pm, 24th June, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Over the last month or so, I have been finding that this web site constantly locks up and freezes. It might be that I have changed my security softwar...
Les H 21 14278 Technical 05:54pm, 23rd June, 2008 10:23am 24th June, 2008 by Chris Dunn
500 2-up
I am looking at getting a 500 or 350 classic. id be interested to know the differences between the 2 ? and from the owners, how good are the bikes...
Brendanq 5 7205 Technical 09:42pm, 23rd June, 2008 03:22pm 24th June, 2008 by Tiny Tim
An Answer to "Daft Electrics"
A Cautionary Tale Firstly the Main Events: I rode the Bike into the Sunshine for a Mornings Fettling & to fit a New Brake & Cable, First I r...
Craig (Notts) 1 8314 Technical 08:52am, 24th June, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Electra Piston
I am in the process of getting a new piston made for the Electra. It is a forged piston 85mm in diameter. It has been on order for 7 weeks and I am su...
Norm 7 13715 Technical 10:48am, 21st June, 2008 06:02pm 22nd June, 2008 by David Gregory
Renolds Primary Chain
Does anyone know if the above is available ? our hosts do not list one and my current one is of low quality , cheers kevin
kevin miller 2 8026 Technical 09:48am, 22nd June, 2008 06:01pm 22nd June, 2008 by Dan Ford
Avon Super venons mileage ?
Anyone who can through some light on wahts normal in mileage terms for these in particular the rear ? i,m concerned mine have 2000 on them and the ba...
kevin miller 2 7935 Technical 10:34am, 21st June, 2008 12:41pm 22nd June, 2008 by Norm
1991 500 Bullet just passed MOT full tax.Good runner and starter ELECTRONIC IGNITION.Just over 8000 miles. Bike comes with a few spares and new parts ...
John 1 7331 Bikes For Sale 10:32am, 22nd June, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Cig lighter socket
Are there any issues in fitting a cig lighter socket to a RE? Anyone fitted one and where did you site it? Just need it to charge the phone.
Pete F 7 11796 Technical 07:12pm, 20th June, 2008 07:57am 21st June, 2008 by norm
r.e.700 twin for sale
1957 super meteor,bog standard and on the road.£2,500.-0116 2751723(ansafone)if interested
rob 1 6341 Bikes For Sale 02:58pm, 21st June, 2008 No one has replied yet
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How do you stop the oil/grea staining the silencer
I am finding those horrible brown stains on the silencer now that the summer is here and the bike is getting used at a bit faster speeds (as nearly ru...
Chris C 3 7329 Technical 11:56pm, 20th June, 2008 09:44am 21st June, 2008 by Leon Novello
Enfield trip to India and back
For the travel enthusiasts there are 2 Blogs of Enfielders who traveled from Hamburg to Delhi and are now on their way back. Check it out ... http...
chris h. 1 6334 Social / Other 09:25am, 21st June, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Gear box lube
I think I am losing some oil from my gear box - what should I top it up with? An informed friend thinks that the drips smell like a Hypoid? gear oi...
Mark 4 8552 Technical 11:51pm, 16th June, 2008 07:15pm 20th June, 2008 by Pete F
what a mess
on my 02 model the catch can has been removed,there is a pipe runs from the bottom of case to a T pipe middle goes to the extended filler neck other g...
michael 5 12776 Technical 10:27am, 17th June, 2008 03:55pm 20th June, 2008 by deejay
Dual brake
On fitting a pair of new cables, I set the levers on the drum to bite at 90 degrees but one cable has 2" of inner showing the other only 1 1/4&qu...
Les Mills 1 7898 Technical 10:04am, 20th June, 2008 No one has replied yet
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winding plan 4 wire alternator stator
My 500 Bullet year 2000 (4 wire alternator) suddenly stoped charging the battery. Traced the fault to the alternator stator. The output from the charg...
Klaus Jansson 3 8248 Technical 12:05pm, 19th June, 2008 06:33am 20th June, 2008 by Klaus Jansson
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