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1949 G gearbox oil throwers
Hi all from down under Can somebody help me please with the direction of the inner and outer oil throwers (oil retaining scrolls) on the main shaft e...
Paul E 4 8261 Technical 03:14am, 2nd October, 2008 05:42pm 3rd October, 2008 by Paul E
Hi to all, Forgive me for being a novice, but i was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on the following; when checking the tappets (engine c...
paulo 7 12218 Technical 07:08pm, 28th September, 2008 04:18pm 3rd October, 2008 by Stephen
Bottom End Strength?
How much and what type of modification have any of you made i.e. high com. piston, new cams, big valve head, etc. before you decided to upgrade the cr...
Hugh 13 12191 Technical 08:28pm, 28th August, 2008 11:12am 3rd October, 2008 by Adam Buckley
too rich a mixture
Hi all, My spark plug keeps getting very wet with too much petrol. Could someone advise me how to adjust the mixture on the carb. cheers mi...
Mike Gaffney 5 11246 Technical 06:44pm, 1st October, 2008 10:25pm 1st October, 2008 by mike gaffney
r.e.super meteor for sale
1957,good runner,original reg[non-trans.]new tyres,new exhausts[not fitted]taxed, short test.£2,250 o.n.o.-07812171609,i am near fosse park,leic...
rob 1 6142 Bikes For Sale 08:02pm, 1st October, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Convert to 12 volt form 6 volt
How does one convert a 350 cc 1956 British Bullet enfield with alternator to 12 volt from 6 volt? Thanks
john 5 9594 Technical 05:28pm, 30th September, 2008 09:55am 1st October, 2008 by Graham
Clogged oilway?
Suspecting a clogged oilway to the big end, I tried pressing oil through the crankshaft with a big medical syringe. Although pushing with all my physi...
Thomas 10 14869 Technical 05:53pm, 29th September, 2008 01:41am 1st October, 2008 by greg
PAV removal and breathers
Good evening to all and sundry. having read, with interest, a number of postings on this forum regarding the problems with the standard breather se...
Bear 5 10984 Technical 07:42pm, 28th September, 2008 10:54pm 30th September, 2008 by Paul M H
Model G Regulator
Dear All, I have just fried the Burlen battery on my 1949 Model G. When I had the bike over hauled Ray Tew decided to stay with the original Lucas reg...
Peter Collins (eire) 3 8030 Technical 11:32am, 30th September, 2008 08:16pm 30th September, 2008 by Peter Collins
Oil Bleed Bolt
Gents Appreciate your help knowledge I am new to RE I have done a oil change on my Bullet 65 (2006) and have a small oil leak around the bleed bolt...
Paul Porter 4 8767 Technical 08:31am, 26th September, 2008 12:41pm 30th September, 2008 by PeteF
Folks, I have recently aquired a 92 350 Bullet on a J plate. I have heard conflicting stories about the build and reliability quality of the early...
Paul 4 11444 Technical 10:19am, 1st September, 2008 10:43am 30th September, 2008 by R Chase
Took bike for an MOT. Its a 1956 6 volt 350cc enfield with Lucas headlight (original it appears). Tester said could not get a pattern with the headlig...
john 2 6082 Technical 10:31pm, 29th September, 2008 10:49pm 29th September, 2008 by Chris Dunn
No Longer Wanted
Got a nice old 500 so cancelling wanted ad.
Malc 1 5715 Bikes For Sale 09:27pm, 29th September, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Iridium spark plugs
Has anyone fitted these on the Enfield twins, and did you notice any significant difference to justify the 4 X standard cost, which I am happy to pay ...
Dannny 2 6712 Technical 03:22pm, 29th September, 2008 09:15pm 29th September, 2008 by Craig Jolly
To Chris (Manchester)
Hi Chris. Your phone seems to be switched off all the time. Are you around? Paul.
SPECH 1 6789 Technical 08:13pm, 29th September, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Ignition coil temperature?
I have recently relocated the coil and rectifier /regulator into the LHS tool box, but noticed last weekend that the coil is really hot to touch after...
Danny 4 7157 Technical 12:24pm, 29th September, 2008 05:57pm 29th September, 2008 by Ian
valves ,, stems wierd problem
i fitted our hosts 350 compatition valve kit a few mths back as my local engineering shop was closed , i decided just to lap the valves in, just re...
percy 5 8538 Technical 09:02pm, 27th September, 2008 12:45pm 29th September, 2008 by ColinF
Choke and throttle cables
I have just fitted an Amal Mk1 concentric to my bike - or nearly fitted it, it got dark before I could quite finish it. Now, have I got this right?...
John R 4 7315 Technical 08:53pm, 28th September, 2008 12:30am 29th September, 2008 by John
Electra 500 Electrical problem
Dear all, I have often looked in on your notice board and always found it very informative and the level of technical expertise high. I have an electr...
mr Jim 7 13950 Technical 01:34am, 28th September, 2008 09:14pm 28th September, 2008 by mr Jim
Changing to Casterol "R"
I know that you can not mix "R" with any other oil, but if I wanted to change to running my bike on "R", can I simply drain out co...
Roger J 10 12584 Technical 10:05pm, 15th September, 2008 09:12pm 28th September, 2008 by SHIPKEEPER
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