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Oil pump filter element for 250 Crusaders

At last they're back again! Replacement oil pump filter element - 250 Crusader and 350 unit construction Bullet

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more details
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Hi all, anyone any idea what direction the bmw boxer engine rotates 1970 model? Thanks john
John 4 7992 Technical 10:56pm, 10th February, 2008 04:18pm 11th February, 2008 by Steve E
Indian 350 Bullet
I bought a replacement headlight and bulb from hitchcocks, to replace the won I accidently broke. However the problem is that the headlight will not ...
Bullet Fan 8 9968 Technical 05:40pm, 9th February, 2008 07:53pm 9th February, 2008 by Bullet Fan
1955 Meteor.
Hi all - back again. Just been for my first ride after rebuilding my bike. all went well apart from none of the brakes worked!! Need to have a look at...
bigjohn 1 7322 Technical 04:50pm, 10th February, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Choke or Enrichment
After I got my slow running sorted out, thanks to a helpful talk with our Host, I found as predicted that starting was a little more difficult, follow...
trevorCH 11 13128 Technical 10:17pm, 7th February, 2008 10:44am 10th February, 2008 by trevorCH
About 25 years ago my only real project bike was a Crusader of about 1960 or something. The front mudgard was burgundy red, the frame and other steel ...
trevorCH 1 8131 Technical 11:55pm, 9th February, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Stove enamelling
Hi folks, I need to get frame, guards, tank etc. stove enammelled. Anywhere up or near the M6 and M74 between Manchester and Glasgow would be good,...
Mick 2 7615 Technical 07:43pm, 8th February, 2008 08:42am 9th February, 2008 by trevorCH
diesel engine
Hi all, Any diesel engine experts out there.There is a cylindrical device bolted to the side of the crankcase at oil level on my Mag engine.At ...
Diesel John 3 8029 Technical 08:57pm, 7th February, 2008 08:29pm 8th February, 2008 by John
valve lash caps
I had my head at a machinist shop to have new valves guides fitted. He said i should get a pair of valve lash caps and put them on before i reassemble...
jordansmix 9 13888 Technical 09:52pm, 5th February, 2008 07:33pm 8th February, 2008 by Steve E
Possible p/x
Yamaha fzs 600 fazer 2003 03 5000 dry miles full dealer history, very good/mint condition,tax/m.o.t.met blue,data tagged. Possible p/x for 500 bu...
Steve Reader 2 6484 Bikes For Sale 11:19pm, 7th February, 2008 03:00pm 8th February, 2008 by Steve E
Bad Ammeter
I have been on the trail of a wiring fault for the last week. Every time I turned the handlebars to the right the ignition circuit went dead. Drove m...
Daithi 5 7966 Technical 09:39am, 7th February, 2008 02:35pm 8th February, 2008 by Peter B (350 1991 bullet FR)
Leaking primary
Ever since i had a low speed fall on the ice last month my primary has been dripping a bit of oil. Iv taken it it apart and while theres a slight dint...
Andrew 3 9574 Technical 12:10pm, 7th February, 2008 09:53pm 7th February, 2008 by trevorCH
Diesel build
Hi all, I ran up my diesel engine today that I plan to implant into a royal enfield its a 600cc single about 12hp.I plan on making a boss to bo...
John 3 8358 Technical 07:17pm, 6th February, 2008 09:14am 7th February, 2008 by John
Leaky petrol cap
Hi guys, Got a problem, the cork washer broke up on my non locking cap, so bought a locking cap (has a cork washer)from our host, it leaks, so rubbed...
Dave 4 6767 Technical 09:41pm, 3rd February, 2008 04:25am 7th February, 2008 by rich ball
Industrial relations practices
This is completely off-topic, but you might be interested to read including the last paragraph. (A...
John R 3 7171 Social / Other 11:09am, 2nd February, 2008 10:39pm 6th February, 2008 by Dan Ford
New Speedo report
Well the smiths replica speedo arrived today(great service)and is now fitted.I have been out on the bike and compared it to the cycle speedo and it is...
Dan Rodd 8 10959 Technical 02:02pm, 5th February, 2008 03:49pm 6th February, 2008 by Paul M H
Bullet breather tank
I know what it is and where it is. How do you get easy access to drain it and how often. Take off the battery box or what? Rgds to all, Trevor CH
trevorCH 3 7847 Technical 09:13pm, 5th February, 2008 12:21pm 6th February, 2008 by Dave
MOT Newcastle Upon Tyne Area
Does anyone know of a sympathetic garage tester in and around Newcastle/Nothumberland /Durham ? i ask as i will due my first MOT soon and concerned o...
kevin miller 4 7943 Technical 07:04pm, 3rd February, 2008 04:12pm 5th February, 2008 by jonthevicar
Heavy clutch ?
Hi just before christmas the clutch cable broke on my 2000 350 bullet, It was replaced with a british made item from ous hosts but no matter what way ...
Joe 4 7736 Technical 11:04pm, 3rd February, 2008 09:08pm 4th February, 2008 by Paul
Salute to the unknown Bulleteer.
You were riding your 500T or 350T past Marley Park Dublin on Sunday 3rd Feb. Rain was torrential & wind was gusting up to about 50mph. Who are y...
John Deegan 1 6250 Social / Other 09:02pm, 4th February, 2008 No one has replied yet
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tuning carb
lightning 535 i have replaced ai filter with S&B CONICAL TYPE, 375/376/600 fitted larger main jet 125 and NEEDLE JET, P0 (RICHER 500CC)left pilot...
graeme 2 7520 Technical 08:47pm, 3rd February, 2008 08:46pm 4th February, 2008 by John
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