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PAV removal
I am trying to do a number of small mods to improve the starting and running of my 500 - PAV is next, and discover that as well as the exhaust blankin...
Desmond 5 10942 Technical 01:07pm, 6th January, 2008 07:02pm 6th January, 2008 by Neil Purling
electronic ignition
Could someone explain the differences with the electronic ignition systems sold by our hosts,I am not sure the best way forward and with which item.I ...
miked 6 13922 Technical 09:03pm, 5th January, 2008 04:39pm 6th January, 2008 by Dave
Removing the pav system
I have just remove the PAV system on my 350 classic . Can I remove the spacer between the carb and cylinder head? Or do I just blank off the small p...
Les 4 8431 Technical 04:03pm, 5th January, 2008 12:44am 6th January, 2008 by Daithi
looking for a 65
I have just sold my last bike and am looking to return to a royal enfield but this time try a 65 model. Has anyone got a decent low mileage one for sa...
john 5 8664 Bikes For Sale 10:06pm, 1st January, 2008 06:01pm 5th January, 2008 by mike
kickstart pawl,,,help please
hi there i wonder if anyone can assist me? 1989 bullet 350 4 speed albion g/box, whilst trying to start it , the kickstart gave up , it goes up ...
alan 3 10534 Technical 10:34pm, 4th January, 2008 11:04am 5th January, 2008 by John M
oil breather
i have a 2002 classic electric start its got the breather pipe from the crank to catch can but nothing from there,its had the right tool box removed,s...
michael 3 8854 Technical 12:29pm, 4th January, 2008 10:58am 5th January, 2008 by michael
Record Breaking Hichcocks
I ordered my late christmas precent a large solo sadle some cluth springs and a timming chain buffer adjuster on the 03/01/08 at aprox 1400 hours it c...
Terry B 6 8157 Social / Other 03:23pm, 4th January, 2008 04:18pm 4th January, 2008 by kevin miller
Throttle cable
Hi,anyone have any info on the best way to run the throttle cable,i had my tank of so i could run a spare along side the original but on putting the t...
john b 3 9669 Technical 12:50pm, 16th December, 2007 09:15pm 4th January, 2008 by Trevor Kilbey
TKCs on evil edna Sun 6th
Hi y all fittin continental TKCs to evil edna tomz, went off road proper last weekend with KTMs DRZs XT600s, on road tyres no problem so ordered some ...
steve 1 8910 Technical 09:06pm, 4th January, 2008 No one has replied yet
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royal star
Has anyone heard of a RE Royal Star 500, I saw an artical once in classic bike, I think I might have one, 1990 or am I dreaming.
steve 3 9035 Technical 09:50pm, 3rd January, 2008 08:55pm 4th January, 2008 by steve
Layshaft bush
i,m putting my gearbox back together , and when fiting the new bush that fits onto the layshaft i have a split it when fitting , should i heat this...
kevin miller 3 8940 Technical 02:16pm, 4th January, 2008 07:32pm 4th January, 2008 by kevin miller
Classic 500 top speed
Hi All. I have a 1996 Classic 500 Bullet which has finally exceeded 2000kms in bog standard form. Max speed, even with wind assist is 105kph (bicycl...
Chris (from Cape Town) 2 8208 Technical 05:46am, 4th January, 2008 07:05pm 4th January, 2008 by edward
612 rev limit
What rpm are you 612 owners using as a maximum red line for street use?
CJay 4 8101 Technical 12:05pm, 2nd January, 2008 05:26pm 4th January, 2008 by Bob Greenwood
Timing up Lucas comp Mag
Hi folks just finishing off rebuilding the 1958 350 Bullet ex works trials iron and at the stage of timing her up. The manual states points just openi...
Spagforth 8 13847 Technical 05:34pm, 28th December, 2007 03:00pm 4th January, 2008 by Bob Greenwood
FAO Peter Williams (Ulverston)
Hi Peter, Ulverston is just down the road from Coniston, so once I have settled in I could pop down and meet up with you, it would be good ...
Dan Ford 1 6117 Social / Other 09:44pm, 3rd January, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Oil Breather Kit
Just fitted our hosts oil breather kit to 2001 classic 500. There seems to be a pulse of pressure going through the engine breather pipe to the collec...
Graham Quinton 2 8168 Technical 04:04pm, 31st December, 2007 09:33pm 3rd January, 2008 by Neil Purling
Clutch oil
Happy and prosperous New Year to all, Sorry to repeat a previous post,I am about to service my Bullet65 and having experiencing slight clutch slip i ...
mikeyd 7 13842 Technical 04:56pm, 31st December, 2007 10:06am 3rd January, 2008 by martin
Details fo help/advice
Hi everybody, I wish you all a very Happy and Safe New Year.We are all looking forward to the better weather so that we can enjoy our ROYAL ENFIELDS. ...
Bob Greenwood 1 6586 Technical 10:56pm, 1st January, 2008 No one has replied yet
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sold my bullet.2005 classic 5000ks very unreliable.leaking fork seals .broken push rod adjuster.coil failed mudguard squashed against front forks head...
rick 5 14080 Technical 07:06am, 1st January, 2008 09:20pm 1st January, 2008 by edward
nice people
i read somewhere about british icons,and what people thought. the obvious, spitfire, churchill and the like were at the top of the list,as you would e...
ian daft 1 8603 Social / Other 09:14pm, 1st January, 2008 No one has replied yet
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