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Leon Novello
Did you sort out the problem you had with fast/slow tick over.
Bob M. 2 7046 Technical 06:54pm, 6th August, 2008 12:32am 7th August, 2008 by Leon Novello
Bulldog bash
Hi all, any enfield riders going?I will be arriving in Hollyhead from Dublin at 4.30pm on Friday with a few non enfield riders.As they will pro...
John 1 6508 Social / Other 12:04am, 7th August, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Any one know what sort of price these will be? Jim
Jim 4 7053 Technical 10:45am, 6th August, 2008 10:18pm 6th August, 2008 by Ian
Valve Guides
Im about to change the valve guides in my bullet using our hosts removal & fitting tool. Has anyone had any experience with this tool and can you ...
Peaty 2 7235 Technical 09:05am, 6th August, 2008 05:35pm 6th August, 2008 by Peaty
Moving battery inside toolbox
Has anyone moved their battery into the toolbox? If so, any recommendations on the best way of doing this? Thanks Steve
Steve 4 8713 Technical 04:30pm, 4th August, 2008 04:55pm 6th August, 2008 by Steve W
performance improvements
i have a 1999 500cc not electra etc. (india) enfield can you please tell me the best way to improve the performance, i.e gas flowing of head, cabure...
Graham 2 6823 Technical 01:52pm, 6th August, 2008 03:30pm 6th August, 2008 by Q
500 for Sale
02 electric start bullet,tax 10/08, mot 10/08,changed speedo at 1,500 kilometers,new one shows 350 miles,samrat rockers,hitcocks pushrods,amal mk1,&po...
michael 3 7577 Bikes For Sale 06:34pm, 16th July, 2008 11:47pm 5th August, 2008 by Rob
My 350 Bullet won,t kick over. On attempting to start she will kick and sounds like she wants to fire up but engine wont fire up. Normally she will fi...
Paul 7 8629 Technical 11:09pm, 4th August, 2008 10:54pm 5th August, 2008 by Lonely Old Dave
Gearbox lube
To quote Pete Snidel; "My experience with the British models has always been that they have no trouble holding SAE9O gear oil" Anyboby h...
PeteF 5 8666 Technical 04:30pm, 5th August, 2008 07:44pm 5th August, 2008 by phil
possitive earth
can anyone answer this question.if i charge a battery off my bike which has a possitive earth ,am i right in putting red wire to negative and black wi...
vince 2 8785 Technical 08:48pm, 4th August, 2008 06:10pm 5th August, 2008 by Ian M
Head Gasket
Hi I have a 2006 bullet 65 and it has only done 3700 miles I have started to notice at the head Gasket joint a smear of oil when you run your finger ...
Paul Porter 3 9226 Technical 09:49pm, 4th August, 2008 01:34am 5th August, 2008 by Mark C
New Owner
Hi All Well after riding across India 2 years ago on a trusty 350 Bullet i was hooked ! but its taken me till now to b...
ED 6 7667 Social / Other 06:20pm, 3rd August, 2008 05:24pm 4th August, 2008 by Matt C
Hardened Valve Seats
Sorry for bombarding you all with questions relating to the Meteor. Are the valve seats suitable to run on unleaded? If not can someone point me in th...
Craig Jolly 1 5945 Technical 11:10am, 4th August, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Hi i was wondering if Alan would be hosting another openday shortly , as the last one was great, Maybe some strippers this time please, And well the b...
john 2 8181 Social / Other 10:48pm, 1st August, 2008 08:29am 4th August, 2008 by Dan Ford
Looks like he has got a money backer and is now taking orders for this lovely bike. I WANT ONE,PLEASE.
Lonely Old Dave 2 8129 Social / Other 11:09pm, 3rd August, 2008 08:16am 4th August, 2008 by Dan Ford
Does anyone have any experience of the Hitchcocks modified rockers - page 15 of catalogue. Are they actually quieter? How much (about) will it cost to...
bruce burgess 7 11569 Technical 01:02pm, 30th July, 2008 12:13am 4th August, 2008 by coinzy
STEVE 3 8424 Technical 12:04am, 2nd August, 2008 09:45pm 3rd August, 2008 by steve
Softer suspension
I find the front suspension a bit on the stiff side. Has anyone experiance of the softer front springs? Is it a pain to fit them? Thanks.
PeteF 4 10205 Technical 11:57am, 3rd August, 2008 06:28pm 3rd August, 2008 by PeteF
Does anyone know where I can get big fat vintage looking whitewalls for 19 inch rims as well as the 16 inch rim for the sidecar? or fat tyres and i...
Mark 4 9592 Technical 10:00am, 3rd August, 2008 02:51pm 3rd August, 2008 by Paul M H
uneven tyre wear
I posted a message earlier re front tyre worn on right side. The problem turned out to be the right fork had not been installed correctly. Is this don...
Ken Walters 3 8358 Technical 09:28pm, 2nd August, 2008 01:30am 3rd August, 2008 by paul
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