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Hardened valver seats
My 1999 350 is suffering from about 1 mm of exhaust valve seat recession. Can anyone recommend a reliable company who can fit hardened seats? Also, ...
Harvey 2 7857 Technical 08:41pm, 14th June, 2008 10:16pm 15th June, 2008 by Harvey
This weekend
Is open day (14---15 June),at Watsonian Squire, near Morton in the Marsh, not noticed it mentioned on the board, any one going while the sun is shini...
Oilfield.Den. 2 8109 Social / Other 04:39pm, 14th June, 2008 10:54pm 14th June, 2008 by rob
removing headlight casquette
I need to remove the casquette on my bike (2007 500 classic) in order to replace it with a trials type top crown. The owners manual seems to suggest t...
ande 4 9458 Technical 12:16pm, 13th June, 2008 10:23pm 14th June, 2008 by Paul
Dellorto PHF 32 mm 612cc fitting ?
Has anyone any experience of fitting the above ? jet sizes tuning, advice ? as ever any help most welcomed, thank you kevin
kevin miller 1 6735 Technical 05:10pm, 14th June, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Strange noises
I have a 2000 Bullet 500 which has 16,000 Km on the clock now. Just recently, when I back off the throttle and begin to slow down, there is an intermi...
Tomo 9 13107 Technical 06:54pm, 13th June, 2008 11:53pm 13th June, 2008 by Tomo
i need to remove the advance retard from my 350 classic is there a easy way to do it as the oil seal needs replaceing .
grinder 3 8199 Technical 03:17pm, 13th June, 2008 05:30pm 13th June, 2008 by Roger J
new side stand
i wonder if anyone has fitted a crome side stand on a clubman as i bought a new one and i am having trouble fitting the (FOOTREST BAR WITH NUTS, 10.1/...
gordon robertson 3 9030 Technical 10:37am, 13th June, 2008 11:15am 13th June, 2008 by Reg
Gents, I appreciate that this is a bit of a "how long is a piece of string" question but how long can one reasonably expect the rubber in...
Brummie Gaz 4 6951 Technical 08:54am, 12th June, 2008 02:19am 13th June, 2008 by ande
Meteor engine in a Crusader frame
A while ago a member replied to my post saying that they were considering putting a 500cc Meteor engine in a Crusader frame. I cannot find this post n...
John M 4 12746 Technical 11:06pm, 10th June, 2008 12:12am 13th June, 2008 by John M
pancake or bellmouth?
Ive a 500 classic with the standard carb,I like the look of a bellmouth but are a bit worried about the filtering quality of it,failing that I also li...
IB, 2 8186 Technical 09:11pm, 12th June, 2008 11:04pm 12th June, 2008 by John R
got a 32mm amal 210 main jet not sure what size the needle is, looked on here for info about needle/jet sizes,understand all that my question is on th...
mike 1 7684 Technical 11:01pm, 12th June, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Hi - I have a 1993 Indian 500 Bullet and am thinking of fitting a Boyer MK3 standard electronic ignition - Is it as striaght forward to fit as the adv...
Keith Cousins 2 8329 Technical 10:05am, 12th June, 2008 10:52am 12th June, 2008 by alan
running in (500 classic)
could sombody tell me please the best way to run a new enfield in? go by the hand book or what?
Ian 6 12675 Technical 06:50pm, 10th June, 2008 03:00am 12th June, 2008 by Leon Novello
topped up oil level to about three quarters up dip stick on my 02 bullet two days ago went for a run about 40-50 miles round trip looked at my oil lev...
old joe 3 8659 Technical 09:44am, 11th June, 2008 08:26pm 11th June, 2008 by Ian Brown
Engine Tuning
Howdy, Am looking to tune up a 500 bullet. Have just purchased two bikes, one is a 1992, the other a 1994. Can this year of engine (1992 say) be ...
Wain Ferguson 1 8917 Technical 05:58pm, 11th June, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Misfire woes.
I own a 350 Classic 2006 fitted with an unrestricted exhaust pipe and a free flowing aftermarket exhaust, I also have a tea-caddy air filter fitted, m...
Peter W 7 14035 Technical 01:24pm, 1st June, 2008 11:52am 11th June, 2008 by Rick Bailey
bullet swing arm
Hi i am currently restoring a 1955 500 bullet.when purchased it did not have a swing arm and had to source separtly when coming the bearing tube what ...
phil 1 8908 Technical 09:35am, 11th June, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Dellorto carb
i wondered if anyone had tried or had views on the fitting of the above , in particular to the 612cc upgrade from our hosts , my Amal 932 seeems prone...
kevin miller 2 7691 Technical 11:58am, 10th June, 2008 01:39pm 10th June, 2008 by Mark M
Did a 100 miles ride on my MM Airflow and after 80 miles starting misfiring, if i kept revs up it was better but bike still hesitant, lucky i only had...
ANDY DEEPROSE 1 6634 Technical 10:52pm, 9th June, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Exhaust blueing
Does anyone know how to prevent an Electra exhaust from blueing?
Gariba 8 12410 Technical 03:09pm, 9th June, 2008 09:57pm 9th June, 2008 by ACE BOPPER
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