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MOT Newcastle Upon Tyne Area
Does anyone know of a sympathetic garage tester in and around Newcastle/Nothumberland /Durham ? i ask as i will due my first MOT soon and concerned o...
kevin miller 4 8638 Technical 07:04pm, 3rd February, 2008 04:12pm 5th February, 2008 by jonthevicar
Heavy clutch ?
Hi just before christmas the clutch cable broke on my 2000 350 bullet, It was replaced with a british made item from ous hosts but no matter what way ...
Joe 4 8490 Technical 11:04pm, 3rd February, 2008 09:08pm 4th February, 2008 by Paul
Salute to the unknown Bulleteer.
You were riding your 500T or 350T past Marley Park Dublin on Sunday 3rd Feb. Rain was torrential & wind was gusting up to about 50mph. Who are y...
John Deegan 1 7006 Social / Other 09:02pm, 4th February, 2008 No one has replied yet
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tuning carb
lightning 535 i have replaced ai filter with S&B CONICAL TYPE, 375/376/600 fitted larger main jet 125 and NEEDLE JET, P0 (RICHER 500CC)left pilot...
graeme 2 8157 Technical 08:47pm, 3rd February, 2008 08:46pm 4th February, 2008 by John
350 Indian Bullet
350 Indian Bullet for sale. Watsonian import. Registered 2007. Less than 1000 miles. Garaged mint condition. Bought for cash so no outstanding HP. Off...
Jack Barry 3 7114 Bikes For Sale 06:58pm, 22nd January, 2008 07:14pm 4th February, 2008 by Andy
Oil pump spindle
93 500cc Bullet 6k miles. Just to put my mind at rest if I take off the timing cover to inspect the gear worm that is prone to wear on the oil pump s...
Freddy 1 8056 Technical 05:35pm, 4th February, 2008 No one has replied yet
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PAV tidy up
Have just removed my PAV system, but have left in the metal pipe to the inlet manifold (blocked with epoxy). I would also like to remove this - does i...
simon clark 5 11548 Technical 09:00pm, 3rd February, 2008 09:01am 4th February, 2008 by Mike D
Speedo innacuracy/recalibration
Hi all, New to the board,as ive found out the original speedo on my 06 clasic Bullet read 10 mph faster than it was actually going (ie indicated 30mp...
Dan Rodd 6 8552 Technical 07:18pm, 2nd February, 2008 06:27pm 3rd February, 2008 by Brian West
Hi i am lookig to buy a imported indian bullet pre 1972 from a dealer. he says to register it all i have to do is mot it and fill outform v55c and the...
phil 6 14289 Technical 06:13am, 1st February, 2008 06:02pm 3rd February, 2008 by phil
petrol caps
ive bought a petrol tank for my enfield bullet. but it has a flip top petrol cap fitting. only thing is when looking for one to fit i get the impres...
johnny 3 8447 Technical 11:10am, 3rd February, 2008 05:59pm 3rd February, 2008 by Pete H
I need some 3/16" diameter big end rollers and am unable to find any. Does anyone know of a supplier or could anyone advise whether rollers cut f...
Graham 5 7606 Technical 10:23pm, 1st February, 2008 01:40pm 3rd February, 2008 by Bruce
Silver frame?
Thinking of having the clubman frame painted silver.I was hoping someone already has a silver framed bullet and could send/post me a picture. Thank...
Neil 3 7684 Technical 07:04pm, 1st February, 2008 09:39am 3rd February, 2008 by Mike D
fitting woodsman exhaust
I am trying to fit my recently purchased woodsman exhaust but im finding it really difficult to get the front pipe wedged into the engine block, is it...
andrew 4 9394 Technical 01:05pm, 2nd February, 2008 05:19pm 2nd February, 2008 by trevorCH
Valvemaster and Oil?
A mate who is well into "Classic Cars" States that useing Valvemaster/Lead replacement sends your engin oil black. No Bad Effects,Not Burnt...
Craig(Notts) 1 6534 Technical 11:34am, 2nd February, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Message For Francois P. WEILL
Francois, I have moved to the Charente and I want take my Machismo over, I know I wont be able to register it. Will the changes regarding cars and no...
Mike Scott 1 7304 Social / Other 09:53pm, 31st January, 2008 No one has replied yet
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oversized valve guides
Do you know if our host or any other supplier offers an oversized valve guide set? I dropped my head off at a machine shop that specializes in motorcy...
Jordan Mix 3 9563 Technical 04:58pm, 31st January, 2008 09:24pm 31st January, 2008 by Jordan Mix
Electric start
I have a bullet 65 and the starter doesnt engage the starter motor is working fine as there is no bendix on it i under stand it has a sprag clutch ins...
Ian (east sussex) 2 9576 Technical 06:20pm, 31st January, 2008 09:22pm 31st January, 2008 by Steve E
carb swop..monobloc concentric or wot?
ok this will put the cat amongst the pigeons, which do you favour? thinking of swopping my carb, have had alot of bikes with monblocs fitted but no...
ali 6 11586 Technical 08:22am, 31st January, 2008 08:24pm 31st January, 2008 by John Deegan
paint colour
Hi iam about to start building a indian bullet trail, in issue 201 of the gun on page 2 there is a very nice pic of a 57 works 500 trials, i wonder if...
phil 1 8282 Technical 07:09pm, 31st January, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Seats (Machismo & Others)
My Std Seats Gone hard & Flat so my mind is turning to a Replacement come Summer ? SO: Any One Running or use ing the "Machismo Twin Seats...
Craig(Notts) 5 9721 Technical 01:10pm, 30th January, 2008 07:49am 31st January, 2008 by Craig (Notts)
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