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Front Brake Light Switch
Got a new switch off our hosts. My old one has a red & green wire going to two connectors inside the headlight. The green wire had snapped ins...
John Deegan 2 7934 Technical 08:26pm, 23rd October, 2007 09:35pm 23rd October, 2007 by NICK HUGHES
A one off Electra X Special
Take a look at this smart one of a kind UK built Electra X Special and I get to ride with the owner. click on the link in top right hand corner ...
Lonely Old Bob 7 10270 Social / Other 06:54pm, 20th October, 2007 07:11pm 23rd October, 2007 by Daithi
front fork cap nut.
Hi,i need the torque setting in foot lbs for front fork cap nut(the blind nut at the bottom of forks)or can someone let me know how to convert inch lb...
john b 2 8574 Technical 10:04am, 22nd October, 2007 03:43pm 22nd October, 2007 by john b
foot rest
After parking bullet on driveway i went to open garage doors, then hearing a crunching noise i turned around to see my loveley bike lying on its side ...
mike 8 13480 Technical 07:43pm, 20th October, 2007 11:56am 22nd October, 2007 by ric
500 Classic
1994 Black 500 classic, T&T, 20k miles, good runner & condition, recent 350 style mudguards, 65 seat - full garage and empty bank forces sale....
James 2 6824 Bikes For Sale 03:57pm, 17th October, 2007 11:06am 22nd October, 2007 by James
Hello anyone ever used ACF-50 Will it still protect after washing.
JOHN 1 7518 Technical 01:23am, 22nd October, 2007 No one has replied yet
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Rev counter
HI all, I fancy fitting a rev counter to my 500 bullet classic 4 speed but do not know where to start, has anyone ever seen this before or know what ...
Dave 4 7864 Technical 10:23pm, 21st October, 2007 11:29pm 21st October, 2007 by Terry
World cup
Well done South Africa, We did our best but you were obviously better. We can be the runners up and be proud we did our best.Well done England.
Mike 3 8177 Social / Other 12:13am, 21st October, 2007 07:41am 21st October, 2007 by Steve E
07 eletra xs, can any of our many bulleters tell me if the above will be comfortabe with a 20 tooth gearbox sprocket. I find myself looking for anothe...
john bailey ( uk ) 4 9779 Technical 08:56pm, 19th October, 2007 08:10am 21st October, 2007 by john bailey ( uk )
Paging James French again
James There were no address details in your last post. Could you please email me at re getting your help with my 1965 Royal...
Cam 1 6176 Social / Other 01:30am, 21st October, 2007 No one has replied yet
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1992 350 gearing
Hi. Just fitted a 17 tooth gearbox sprocket. Although it cruises better on the flat, it struggles on the hill we have around here. It as all the mods....
glenn 2 8910 Technical 01:37pm, 19th October, 2007 11:10am 20th October, 2007 by Bob Greenwood
Got a Bullet again!!!!!
I got one at last agin I am a Bullet owner and looking forward to asking you all those important questions. Sold my 1st one last year and tried to buy...
Eddy Quayle 3 8123 Social / Other 12:32am, 20th October, 2007 11:03am 20th October, 2007 by John Hall
Wanted Silverware
Wanted a Silver Trophy to celebrate ENGLAND winning tomorrow.England v South Africa. Good Luck lads,you never know they may quickly check on this fo...
Mike 5 9828 Social / Other 03:57pm, 19th October, 2007 10:16am 20th October, 2007 by Tiny Tim
Duckbill crankcase breather
I recently removed the oil catch can/battery box/air filter box from my Bullet in the quest to get a more striped down, see through look. Once I insta...
Jordan Mix 9 14214 Technical 08:24pm, 17th October, 2007 09:19pm 19th October, 2007 by Daithi
I am looking for an electric start 350 or 500 engine,current bike has a kick start but i now have problems with hip and knee, so unable to start it
Keith 2 7296 Bikes For Sale 09:48pm, 18th October, 2007 04:48pm 19th October, 2007 by Dave J
Valve guides
My 2001 classic 500 has bronze valve guides. Is that normal?
graham quinton 2 7350 Technical 09:19pm, 17th October, 2007 10:27pm 17th October, 2007 by Jonathan Hunt
R-E 1935/6 tradesman delivery bike
I have a 35/6 tradesman delivery tricycle as shown on page 48 of Gordon G May`s book Royal Efield By Miles the Best. The machine has a 225cc two strok...
gary kibblewhite 2 9152 Technical 11:44am, 17th October, 2007 09:38pm 17th October, 2007 by smokeybill
Connie Clutch
Have just replaced the inner two friction plates on my 59 Connie with scissor type clutch. I have carefully adjusted (i.e. turned adjuster fully anti...
Nigel 4 13130 Technical 09:37pm, 15th October, 2007 08:37am 16th October, 2007 by Nigel
No not for the roof! What would you guys use to waterproof a motorcycle jacket (not leather.) My trust jacket let in water around the front and sleev...
Graham Quinton 6 13203 Technical 11:00am, 14th October, 2007 10:11pm 14th October, 2007 by Paul M H
For Sale Electra X
2006 Electra X in blue 4000 miles only, one carefull retired owner genuine reason for sale £2500 O.N.O. Tel.01726813026 mob.07794685173
Alan 2 6781 Bikes For Sale 03:07pm, 14th October, 2007 04:53pm 15th October, 2007 by Dave J
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