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Gearbox bearing oil seal
I am eager to change my 2007 Bullet Classic 500, 4 speed kick start from green gunge in the gearbox to something like EP90. Can anyone say for sure if...
trevorch 1 8513 Technical 01:39pm, 16th May, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Steering stem nut
What size is the steering stem nut? Pre-metric (1989) 350 Bullet.
John R 3 9085 Technical 11:29pm, 14th May, 2008 10:44am 16th May, 2008 by Bob Greenwood
I am looking to buy an enfield 500cc with E/S as I have dodgy leg, Bike should have current MOT. Some history of servicing prefered Am in Co Durham te...
johnohara 2 6895 Bikes For Sale 06:38pm, 12th May, 2008 06:44pm 15th May, 2008 by john OHara
For all of you who are worried your Bullet may not be reliable????? Four intrepid Indian Bullet riders have just ridden to France and back over the...
Steve E 6 11447 Social / Other 12:54pm, 13th May, 2008 06:11pm 15th May, 2008 by Mike Scott
runs better with choke
After doing a decoke my bikes not been running that great, i cleaned out the exhaust port and smoothed it out a bit so im thinking iv maybe messed up ...
ande 5 11656 Technical 03:11pm, 15th May, 2008 05:04pm 15th May, 2008 by ande
Carb why change it
So many people with Royal Enfied Bullets seem to discard the standard Micarb for other types of carb thinking that if they have a running problem I mu...
ACE BOPPER 8 12815 Technical 03:29pm, 14th May, 2008 01:40pm 15th May, 2008 by DaveT
Oil consumption
How is an usual consumption of the motor oil of a Bullet 1998 from India?
Antonin 3 8548 Technical 08:34pm, 14th May, 2008 10:00am 15th May, 2008 by mikey
Fierce Front Brake
Hi, I was wondering if any fellow bulleteers have had a problem with a fierce front brake on any indian bullets fitted with a twin leading shoe front ...
Richard Thorpe 2 9638 Technical 11:32pm, 13th May, 2008 11:32pm 14th May, 2008 by John R
Atfer noticing an oil leak from the front rocker oil feed I jumped in with a spanner and ( you know whats comming next ) of course the whole top par...
steve 2 9194 Technical 08:26pm, 14th May, 2008 10:43pm 14th May, 2008 by glenn
Biking Spirit is still alive & well !
I posted here a few days ago mentioning how my centre stand had snapped in half. Within a few days I was given another one at no cost by Mr John Dunn...
John Deegan 1 7335 Social / Other 07:57pm, 14th May, 2008 No one has replied yet
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fork stanchions
Hi i trying to rebuid a woodsman 55 which uses the early style fork stanchions as fitted the early model g etc. our hosts unfortunatly cannot help. is...
phil 4 11259 Technical 04:47pm, 12th May, 2008 06:00am 14th May, 2008 by phil
age thing ,,,
ok so the little 350 i bought last year , had no history , and actually had a speedo reading of 3997 miles when i bought here , so i reackoned that a ...
alan 2 8677 Technical 10:19pm, 13th May, 2008 11:10pm 13th May, 2008 by steve
uneven tyre wear
Clever types, whilst washing the Bullet last night I noticed that the front tyre was wearing unevenly. It is the of the older ridge type tread (as...
brummie gaz 4 6900 Technical 09:00am, 13th May, 2008 05:17pm 13th May, 2008 by Jonathan H
Engine rebuild
When reassembling the big end shells and also the little end gudgeon pin on my crusader sports, is it ok to simply oil them using 20/50 as you assembl...
Nick 3 9352 Technical 05:35pm, 12th May, 2008 09:01am 13th May, 2008 by Dan Ford
RE:Mike & Electrics
Mike Just Seen Your Post Below: Dont Know Whats Caurseing your Short But: On My Home Market 350: The Lighting circuit is Live all the Time (No P...
Craig(Notts) 2 7957 Technical 08:57am, 12th May, 2008 01:36am 13th May, 2008 by Mike
rolling dia rear tyre
i wonder if anyone would be good enough , to get some tippex and a tape measure , and get a reading of the rolling dia of a 3.50 x19 avon sm tyre , as...
alan 4 9539 Technical 04:23pm, 12th May, 2008 09:31pm 12th May, 2008 by Bob Greenwood
Bullet 612 cc Performance bike
I have just noticed a RE Bullet with a 612 cc Hitchcock performance kit upgrade and electric start and screen and topbox FOR SALE on a popular interne...
Richard James 1 7313 Bikes For Sale 07:35am, 12th May, 2008 No one has replied yet
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gear box oil
Hi, can someone tell me the oil capacity of a 4spd bullet g/box. cheers neil
neil 3 8657 Technical 10:31pm, 11th May, 2008 11:10pm 11th May, 2008 by trevorch
Royal Enfield Rally
Just to let any interested parties know that it is the Cornish Royal Enfield Rally from Friay 16th to Sunday 18th May. Ride out on Saturday. We are ca...
GREG 1 6879 Social / Other 10:06pm, 11th May, 2008 No one has replied yet
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calling m. mumford
hi mark we met at the royal enfield big day out recently ,you said you might have a chrome tank side panel , mr H is out of stock and im missing one c...
dean hoare 1 7115 Technical 01:28pm, 11th May, 2008 No one has replied yet
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