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Humberside Branch of REOC
Hi - Looking to start up a local branch of the REOC in Humberside/East Yorkshire - Inaugural meeting to be held on the 23rd June at the Green Dragon P...
Keith Cousins 8 14679 Social / Other 10:15am, 12th June, 2008 08:07am 8th July, 2008 by Keith Cousins
new unit efi bullet
ive just been to see the new unit construction bullet in delhi and hear it run , as we all know production of the classic and avl models is stopping v...
dean hoare 12 14529 Technical 09:30am, 4th July, 2008 09:14pm 7th July, 2008 by Mike
Tearing up Kent ..again
Sorry gents (and ladies) in all my blabbering forgot to ask the question, trying to tune the new Amal and have got the needle raised fully and the air...
Dave 3 7683 Technical 09:57pm, 6th July, 2008 06:56pm 7th July, 2008 by ian jack
stupid test - thanks
Mike and Les H, thanks for the replies - all sorted Brum
brummie gaz 1 6178 Social / Other 09:18am, 7th July, 2008 No one has replied yet
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super meteor 1961
i have recently bought this bike part restored except for the front forks, the problem i have is the hexagon internal bolt which holds the fork main t...
BRIAN WARD 5 11102 Technical 06:13pm, 2nd July, 2008 03:04pm 6th July, 2008 by BRIAN WARD
dual seat
Hi i am after a dual seat to fit a 1955 bullet. as our hosts do not stock this model can the later dual seat fitted to the post 56 model made to fit o...
phil 1 7619 Technical 01:07pm, 5th July, 2008 No one has replied yet
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1955 meteor
Hi all - can any one tell me if the nut in the centre of the clutch on my Meteor is right or left hand thread, also the one holding the gearbox sprock...
bigjohn 3 6928 Technical 01:20pm, 4th July, 2008 09:53am 5th July, 2008 by bigjohn
dyno today
stuck my bike on the dyno today runs rich (20+ afr) everywhere and made an awesome 14hp at the wheel the mind boggles start tuning next week i gue...
rich ball 3 9023 Technical 07:33pm, 4th July, 2008 09:56pm 4th July, 2008 by Daithi
Hi, I have just bought a 350 classic bullet and wish to now fiddle with it. Can anyone tell me what the PAV system is and what do I have to do to re...
Mike Gaffney 3 8107 Technical 05:28pm, 3rd July, 2008 06:52pm 4th July, 2008 by mike Gaffney
A Back up (Enfield) Bike? ?
Right Gentlemen, A Light hearted look at my Problem (To take you away from all these serious Technical tips º ). I am in Need of a Back up...
Craig (Notts) 10 10899 Social / Other 09:35am, 3rd July, 2008 05:06pm 4th July, 2008 by Craig
Rear mudguard bracket.
Can anybody say if the 500(arc-top) bracket is a direct replacement for the 350(flat-top) bracket.
Peter W 1 7597 Technical 11:24am, 4th July, 2008 No one has replied yet
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no reserve!
Thought I would check max tank range on my 04 350 Classic the other day....kept going on main tank until fuel starvation ensued...tuirned to reserve.....
simon clark 10 11624 Technical 10:53am, 28th June, 2008 07:40pm 3rd July, 2008 by Mike
transparent tappet cover
A4 size piece of 6mm Lexan (Bayer Makrolo) arrived today from E-bay cost £5.22 inc P&P. Will experiment and report back.
tobyker 1 9661 Technical 01:40pm, 3rd July, 2008 No one has replied yet
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failed the stupid test
Gents, I have recently had cause to take the o/s toolbox off my 92 Bullet 500. This in turn meant I disconnected the ignition switch. It is now tim...
brummie gaz 2 7042 Technical 01:30pm, 2nd July, 2008 10:29pm 2nd July, 2008 by Mike
crankcase breather [baffled?].
i have the bill soltau breather mod fitted to my 1959 super meteor, in the past it seemed to spew out oil at what i thought was rather an alarming rat...
ian daft 2 8183 Technical 12:26am, 2nd July, 2008 11:48am 2nd July, 2008 by ian daft
piston rings
Resently fitted a alloy barrel on my 350 classic. How long does it take for new rings to bed in?? Its just about got compression now after a couple of...
Gary 5 7870 Technical 09:02pm, 30th June, 2008 12:26am 2nd July, 2008 by Domenic A. Tallarita
Bullet front frame supports
Well they seem to be a hit as I have sold the first batch of these and now in the process of having the next lot made, also I have two types now the o...
ACE BOPPER 3 7160 Technical 08:18pm, 1st July, 2008 12:01am 2nd July, 2008 by ACE BOPPER
electra for sale
ric 2 6632 Bikes For Sale 04:02pm, 17th June, 2008 10:31pm 1st July, 2008 by ric
350 1993 k,black/gold,springer seat,original seat supplied,many new parts,long m.o.t.very good condition.£845 ono. tel 01543 279578
steve reader 3 6691 Bikes For Sale 11:08pm, 30th June, 2008 04:13pm 1st July, 2008 by STEVE READER
1955 meteor
Hi all - took it for an even longer run now I have a decent Avon Speedmaster front tyre. It now steers and handles great! However after about 20 miles...
bigjohn 4 8848 Technical 08:12pm, 26th June, 2008 09:01pm 30th June, 2008 by bigjohn
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