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Timing up Lucas comp Mag
Hi folks just finishing off rebuilding the 1958 350 Bullet ex works trials iron and at the stage of timing her up. The manual states points just openi...
Spagforth 8 14461 Technical 05:34pm, 28th December, 2007 03:00pm 4th January, 2008 by Bob Greenwood
FAO Peter Williams (Ulverston)
Hi Peter, Ulverston is just down the road from Coniston, so once I have settled in I could pop down and meet up with you, it would be good ...
Dan Ford 1 6472 Social / Other 09:44pm, 3rd January, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Oil Breather Kit
Just fitted our hosts oil breather kit to 2001 classic 500. There seems to be a pulse of pressure going through the engine breather pipe to the collec...
Graham Quinton 2 8477 Technical 04:04pm, 31st December, 2007 09:33pm 3rd January, 2008 by Neil Purling
Clutch oil
Happy and prosperous New Year to all, Sorry to repeat a previous post,I am about to service my Bullet65 and having experiencing slight clutch slip i ...
mikeyd 7 14224 Technical 04:56pm, 31st December, 2007 10:06am 3rd January, 2008 by martin
Details fo help/advice
Hi everybody, I wish you all a very Happy and Safe New Year.We are all looking forward to the better weather so that we can enjoy our ROYAL ENFIELDS. ...
Bob Greenwood 1 6951 Technical 10:56pm, 1st January, 2008 No one has replied yet
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sold my bullet.2005 classic 5000ks very unreliable.leaking fork seals .broken push rod adjuster.coil failed mudguard squashed against front forks head...
rick 5 14630 Technical 07:06am, 1st January, 2008 09:20pm 1st January, 2008 by edward
nice people
i read somewhere about british icons,and what people thought. the obvious, spitfire, churchill and the like were at the top of the list,as you would e...
ian daft 1 9026 Social / Other 09:14pm, 1st January, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Fork nuts?
Please can someone tell me the thread size of the 4 nuts that fasten the front spindle clamps on. Thanks.
Neil 4 8632 Technical 02:32pm, 31st December, 2007 11:42pm 31st December, 2007 by Bob Greenwood
Carmarthen Show Wales
Does anyone know when this show is in 2008 have tried to E,Mail both the Sec & Chairman but no answwer----------There is a few of us here in Ire...
Pat Downes 3 8851 Social / Other 07:08pm, 31st December, 2007 11:03pm 31st December, 2007 by Pat Downes
Happy new year to all. Wishing everyone a peacefull, happy & safe 2008. Ride safe all. John D.
John Deegan 5 8369 Social / Other 12:21pm, 31st December, 2007 10:23pm 31st December, 2007 by Andy C
Hitchcock Front suspension springs
i,m thinking of going for our hosts lighter front springs , is there much in fitting them ? does anyone have a guide on what i need to do , special t...
kevin miller 4 8925 Technical 08:39pm, 30th December, 2007 11:51am 31st December, 2007 by Mark C
Steering damper for electra X combination.
Can anyone help me? I have an Electra X with a Watsonian Squire single seater sidecar fitted by them. I have a low speed wobble (violen) which is cur...
Peter Copper 1 9741 Technical 12:37pm, 30th December, 2007 No one has replied yet
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Guide price for 1948 350 G
Dear all I am considering buying a 1948 350 G. Can anybody advise what a guide price for a non runner needing work would be. All parts appear to be th...
Peter Collins 3 11603 Technical 05:20pm, 26th November, 2007 06:52am 30th December, 2007 by xubydw
seat belts
Does anyone know the law regarding seatbelts in sidecars? I used to have a BSA Thunderbird with a chair but that was before these things were made l...
Dick 3 7338 Social / Other 04:16pm, 29th December, 2007 06:58pm 29th December, 2007 by Eddy Quayle
This web site
I have used this site for a number of years and suddenly something is going wrong. When I click on News in the header bar, the bar disappears and I c...
Mikey 6 9488 Social / Other 09:55am, 28th December, 2007 06:25pm 28th December, 2007 by Peter B
Gearbox sprocket 18T for a 350?
Hello all, My 350 (4 gears) cruises happily at 80kph (50mph) but at 90kph seems to run out of rpm even though the engine wants to go faster. It wou...
Peter B 3 10216 Technical 04:43pm, 27th December, 2007 12:24pm 28th December, 2007 by Bob Greenwood
Gearbox Bushes
I,m about to fit our hosts close ratio gears , can anyone give me any advice on the removal and fitting the inner/outer Gearbox Layshaft Bushes , i.e....
kevin miller 3 8716 Technical 06:00pm, 27th December, 2007 11:36am 28th December, 2007 by kevin miller
Electra X Luggage Rack
Does anyone know where the luggage rack in this picture can be purchased?
Matt 2 8528 Social / Other 07:07pm, 27th December, 2007 07:25am 28th December, 2007 by Reg
Where are my volts going?
My ammeter has started registering a small loss with the engine ticking over and a huge loss with the lights on. This appears to be draining my batter...
Steve H 4 10815 Technical 08:52am, 27th December, 2007 08:09pm 27th December, 2007 by Lonely Old Dave
Electra v Classic
I have a Bullet65 and proud of it,but not understanding why i might want to upgrade later to an Electra.I know little about the Electra, but presume E...
mikeyd 1 9297 Technical 07:12pm, 27th December, 2007 No one has replied yet
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