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the ultimat starting
since putting the 350 cafe racer back on the road , she has been a bugger to start, now i mentioned on a previous posting , that i had removed the boy...
alan 2 8012 Technical 10:10pm, 2nd May, 2008 03:20am 3rd May, 2008 by heikki
A funny thing about compression
A few days ago, someone (Paul) was commenting on the lack of compression in his partly assembled engine. Well, I have just replaced the head and I k...
John R 3 9686 Technical 02:36am, 2nd May, 2008 10:56pm 2nd May, 2008 by tobyker
oil leak
After thinking it was the primary then the cyclinder head dripping onto and around the primary i have now concluded that my oil leak is coming from so...
ande 2 8245 Technical 08:38pm, 1st May, 2008 10:23am 2nd May, 2008 by ande
Clutch overheating.
I have a 95 350 classic bullet with the 3 plate clutch, my problem is the clutch overheats and smokes in slow moving traffic, is this normal? as my ol...
Jim Porter 6 10584 Technical 01:22pm, 1st May, 2008 08:47am 2nd May, 2008 by Roy Billson
boyer and a cyclone battery
ever since i rwebuilt my 1989 350 she has been a beeesshh to start. last night , and today i set to in ernest to try and find the fault, although cali...
alan 2 11672 Technical 05:58pm, 1st May, 2008 06:15pm 1st May, 2008 by Peter B (350 1991 bullet FR)
Hopefully my last gearbox question for a while
1999 500 bullet with a 4 speed gearbox/right side shift conversion kit I did the right shift conversion over the winter along with a lot of other u...
Jordan Mix 3 13840 Technical 04:45pm, 30th April, 2008 01:50pm 1st May, 2008 by Jordan Mix
Does Hitchcocks do Engine Builds?
Hello again. Just curious. Does our hosts undertake customer engine rebuilds?? Would be nice to have expert hands rebuild a engine, even if it would...
Steve 5 8798 Social / Other 12:29pm, 30th April, 2008 08:31pm 30th April, 2008 by Steve
bouncy on the frount end
now heres a new one for you , we know that the bullet has,nt got much in the way of dampaning at the front , and having 4 bsa bantamms i know what it...
alan 4 8384 Technical 03:06am, 30th April, 2008 09:32am 30th April, 2008 by Diesel Graham
How long does annealing last?
Replacing my cylinder head (350 Bullet) I have got to the point of tourquing it down and discovered that my torque arm is 3/8" drive whereas my f...
John R 6 9564 Technical 01:40pm, 29th April, 2008 01:54am 30th April, 2008 by John R
4 days in the saddle ,,i,m winning
got the 350 bullet (cafe racer) up and running last week , i have been having a few days holiday , from work , and the weather has been good. she w...
alan 4 13018 Technical 10:19pm, 29th April, 2008 01:33am 30th April, 2008 by alan
While passing, I dropped in to our hosts to buy some goodies today. They had in their showroom a 250cc GP5. Wow! what a machine. I have read a few r...
JP 1 7849 Technical 11:32pm, 29th April, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Gearbox trouble shooting
1999 Bullet 500, 4 speed gearbox I recently switched from the left side shit over to the right side (I live in the US and had the sloppy export s...
Jordan Mix 11 15782 Technical 03:51pm, 28th April, 2008 06:52pm 29th April, 2008 by Bren
Rear brake again
good morning, I have a 1999 bullet with left hand gearchange and (surprise!)a very poor, spongy rear brake (yes, I have changed the shoes, straighten...
Michael_S 5 8824 Technical 10:53am, 29th April, 2008 05:42pm 29th April, 2008 by Michael_S
Going to decoke, what else should i do as well?
My bike is needing its 1st decoke and the cyclinder head gasket has started leaking too so im gonna have the head off. Are there any other jobs worth ...
ande 6 10697 Technical 11:52pm, 28th April, 2008 05:35pm 29th April, 2008 by Peaty
new dealers in paisley
hi guys just dropped into motorcycle services with a view to buying a new electra. its a long time since i went into a bike shop that sells traditiona...
ian 1 7777 Social / Other 05:25pm, 29th April, 2008 No one has replied yet
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advice re electra
hi guys im looking for opinions on the electra range of enfields. im a past owner of a 2002 500 classic and have since moved on to a yamaha 650 dragst...
ian 2 8499 Technical 12:20am, 29th April, 2008 08:26am 29th April, 2008 by trevorch
few odds and sods
have listed a few bits and bats that were left over from building my cafe racer , those are on ebay , i will give you one link , then look at sellers...
alan 1 5977 Bikes For Sale 06:01pm, 28th April, 2008 No one has replied yet
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L/Hand Thread ?
Fellow Shed Mechanics, Ive forgotten which one is a left hand thread. I think its the one you turn clockwise to open, but cant be sure. All advice ...
John Deegan 6 8318 Technical 12:01pm, 27th April, 2008 02:07pm 28th April, 2008 by John Deegan
250 Crusader engine dies
Hello, can anyone please assist, my crusader sports engine always dies after 1.5 miles on the road and will not start again. Tried all new electics, c...
Nick 9 13684 Technical 12:15pm, 25th April, 2008 08:11pm 27th April, 2008 by david
Bullet Classic 4 speed gearbox
My 2007 Indian export has the usual oil/grease mixture in the box. I want to change to SAE 90 gear oil but am not sure if these latest Indian models a...
trevorch 1 9376 Technical 10:09pm, 27th April, 2008 No one has replied yet
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