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clutch adjustment
Nothing major! just replaced clutch springs for heavy duty ones and now need to adjust cable. Have undone lock nut and turned adjuster right a half ...
chris 2 7847 Technical 07:44pm, 13th December, 2007 09:27pm 13th December, 2007 by Paul
Do not try this at home
seeing is believing
Bob Crawford 7 7737 Social / Other 11:16am, 12th December, 2007 10:28pm 12th December, 2007 by Andy C
Electra X Performance kit
Any of you fitted this kit, and had to make any changes to the supplied spec ??, Kit all fitted (Std silencer retained currently) Easy to start,with ...
Ian Brown 1 8637 Technical 08:08pm, 12th December, 2007 No one has replied yet
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Paint or Powder?
Hello, I would really appreciate any help with this. I have Crusader 250 sport for a restoration project (My first one) and I want to be sure I ...
Chad 3 9054 Technical 07:36pm, 10th December, 2007 07:19pm 11th December, 2007 by Paul M H
Air filter box 1955 Meteor
Hope I am not infringing the rules of the forum but I have asked our hosts for this but they do not have one. I am after an oval air filter box for my...
BigJohn 2 7730 Social / Other 05:16pm, 9th December, 2007 06:22pm 11th December, 2007 by bigjohn
1955 meteor
What would I do without you all? My task for this weekend is altering the ignition timing as those of you who have followed my saga know I am moving t...
bigjohn 3 8514 Technical 06:39pm, 4th December, 2007 02:40pm 11th December, 2007 by Al Thomas (REOC 2520)
Spare parts wanted
Spares Wanted in South Africa. Looking for a distributor cap, rotor, points and condensor, for a Royal Enfield Constellation engine (700cc 50hp) as w...
Alan Wareing 1 7127 Technical 12:36pm, 11th December, 2007 No one has replied yet
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Dean Hoare Petrol tank 350 G
Hi Dean, can you please contact me re the petrol tank for the 49 350 G. Thanks Peter
Peter Collins 1 7035 Bikes For Sale 09:38am, 10th December, 2007 No one has replied yet
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How to remove the engine sprocket from a 1949 350
Hi Guys, Can anyone out there advise I how I can remove the engine sprocket from my 1949 350 G. All the other parts have been removed the primary chai...
Peter Collins 3 10094 Technical 11:19pm, 8th December, 2007 09:39am 9th December, 2007 by Peter Collins
Broken Speedo Cable
Hi Folks I am looking for some Advise as to what kind of new speedo cable to fit. Should i go with our hosts one that,s made in the UK or go back to...
Pat Downes 4 11082 Technical 06:03pm, 8th December, 2007 07:15pm 8th December, 2007 by Miked
Stop the press... EFI "Classic" announced
Breaking news from the Moto-Légende show in Paris... R.E. India has confirmed to the French importer the availability in France of a CLASSI...
François P. WEILL 7 12616 Social / Other 10:48am, 6th December, 2007 08:30pm 8th December, 2007 by John Deegan
Clocked up 3000 MILES!!!
Folks, Today my sixty 5 has clocked 3000miles i have had Betty for 18 months now and have had no problems other than when i changed the Air filter , ...
Paul 3 10595 Technical 04:04pm, 7th December, 2007 05:00pm 8th December, 2007 by Heikki
NICE Clutch
I hate to change the subject again but I thought this little tip might save some of you some money. I was getting clutch slip on my 65 and the oppera...
Terry B 4 9640 Technical 08:12am, 8th December, 2007 09:43am 8th December, 2007 by Leon Novello
Primary chain oil
Hi. I have read here that the primary chainbath should use ATF-F for Ford. I have been unable to get any of this but have ATF-2D. Is that OK or wil...
Chris Davies 3 8289 Technical 03:10pm, 7th December, 2007 09:11am 8th December, 2007 by craig(Notts)
Turn the page
Have just been looking through the new online accessory catalogue and stumbled accross the page turning from the corner with the mouse. Amazing, thoug...
Phil Sampford 7 9888 Social / Other 09:45pm, 6th December, 2007 09:01am 8th December, 2007 by ali
Kick start broken
I have got the new parts for the classic 500, and this weekend I shall venture for the first time into the dark depths of the gear box. Do you good pe...
Graham Quinton 4 13551 Technical 06:51pm, 5th December, 2007 04:27pm 7th December, 2007 by Graham Quinton
Petrol Tank for 1949 350G
I would like to buy a petrol tank for a 1949 350 G. If there is anyone out there willing to sell one let me know your price including shipping to Sout...
Peter Collins 3 8993 Bikes For Sale 02:25pm, 5th December, 2007 09:31am 7th December, 2007 by Peter Collins
Front guard wanted.
Dose any one have a front guard for sale for a 500 classic Bullit? In black please, with gold pinstripe. Must be in good to A1 condition. Roger...
Roger J. 4 10175 Social / Other 07:23pm, 6th December, 2007 11:27pm 6th December, 2007 by Roger J.
To turn a page click in the bottom corner of the page you wish to turn. To zoom in on a page click the magnifying glass. For info on other commands ...
GRAEME @ HITCHCOCKS 1 6765 Social / Other 11:06pm, 6th December, 2007 No one has replied yet
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I have a Bullet 350 1953 which i am going to repaint in silver grey. I think the headlamp, airfilter, horn and rear shock absorbers would be black ...
Gunnar Persson from Sweden 2 9519 Technical 12:50pm, 6th December, 2007 06:19pm 6th December, 2007 by Mark M
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