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Back brake fix that works for me
Hi I keep reading complaints about the back brake, and had to agree the one on my Electra is also rubbish, and as the first MOT is soon due, I though...
Dave Bell 7 10892 Technical 10:00pm, 20th May, 2008 09:35pm 21st May, 2008 by Graham
Electra Prices ? ?
A Local asked Me Today:Did They make a 4 Speed R/H Electra (I Said Yes) Is it the Aluminum Engine (I Said Yes How Much Can I get a Cheap Early One F...
Craig(Notts) 2 6581 Bikes For Sale 08:28pm, 21st May, 2008 08:59pm 21st May, 2008 by Steve E
Spray Paint Tip
I had to spray the cover of my Bullet and bought the Hitchcock colour match paint. The clour is Velvet green. I removed the box, masked off the sides ...
Les H 3 9121 Technical 01:34pm, 21st May, 2008 07:30pm 21st May, 2008 by Oilfield.Den.
Lead substitute / Valves Prob
I Know WE have been over this subject before, So my Question is This: "Has Any One With an Imported INDIAN Enfield Ever Suffered through Not Use...
Craig(Notts) 7 10322 Technical 12:55pm, 20th May, 2008 03:33pm 21st May, 2008 by Geoff
Didsbury road; Bullet hotspot!
I must have seen FOUR diferent Bullets passing through Heaton Mersey Stockport in the last two weeks. One of them even had a sidecar fitted. This is u...
SPECH 1 6996 Social / Other 01:03pm, 21st May, 2008 No one has replied yet
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NO not me. Can you still get the big head for the bullet 500, does anyone know. Has anybody got one they would sell any info would be welcome.
ACE BOPPER 5 9142 Technical 03:50pm, 20th May, 2008 08:43pm 20th May, 2008 by John Turner
sprague clutch and starter motor
Please excuse the ignorance,but i am at a loss of understanding as to how the starter motor combines with the sprague clutch to turn the motor..Does t...
martin jackson 3 11120 Technical 06:00pm, 19th May, 2008 06:39pm 20th May, 2008 by Paul M H
running without startermotor
Hello again, Can anyone tell me if it is likely to cause damage if i run my 65 with the starter motor internals removed? Thankyou.
martin jackson 2 9141 Technical 06:09pm, 19th May, 2008 01:46pm 20th May, 2008 by Andy C
message for craig jolly
Hi Craig I set the thread going about fork stanchions and you replied with a solution using honda stanchions. i whould be extremly grateful if you cou...
phil 2 9689 Technical 08:42pm, 19th May, 2008 10:36pm 19th May, 2008 by Craig Jolly
65 Head Trorque ?
My 65 has not had the head torqued down and has done just over a 1000 miles in the last five years , Should i torque it down or as it been ok for the ...
Graham 1 7304 Technical 09:12pm, 19th May, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Easy start - yes really
Heres the recipe, A sprinkling of WD40 in the plug cap, just in case its getting damp. Retard the ignition a degree or two ----- (dont have the p...
Dave 5 9895 Technical 04:41pm, 16th May, 2008 03:11pm 19th May, 2008 by Anders F. R.
twin cylinder heads
can anyone tell me how to identify twin enfield heads,ive got a few of them ive been saving to build a twin to put into a bullet frame but i dont know...
dean hoare 3 8813 Technical 05:32pm, 18th May, 2008 12:55pm 19th May, 2008 by CraigR
Hi, i have just fitted electronic ignition, free flowing exhaust, SB filer & up-jetted the carb on my 350 bullet, she is running good but does ...
neil 2 8318 Technical 11:12pm, 18th May, 2008 09:47am 19th May, 2008 by John R
seat swap
can anybody tell me please,Ive just purchased a second hand seat for an electra and wish to fit it to my 500 classic,I know the fittings are different...
Ian 1 7264 Technical 10:57pm, 18th May, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Constantly jumping out of 1st gear
Yep me again with another problem, my bike constantly jumps out of 1st gear. The rest of the gears are fine its only 1st i have a problem with. I have...
ande 4 7774 Technical 01:03pm, 16th May, 2008 09:25pm 18th May, 2008 by ande
pitted points
I have a problem with the points pitting on my 500 classic about every 500 miles. It runs well straight after changing the pitted points and then star...
neil c 4 10381 Technical 11:22pm, 17th May, 2008 10:00am 18th May, 2008 by Roy Billson
dodgy startermotor
The starter motor on my bullet 65 appears to have become constantly engaged .I removed the starter by the side of the road and removed the whole of th...
martin jackson 2 9999 Technical 10:15pm, 17th May, 2008 10:51pm 17th May, 2008 by Paul M H
Wiring Help Please!!!
Hi there I have a problem I have an old Redditch 500 I am slowly refettling. Am wiring it up with a power box and a boyer ignition running at 12v by ...
Boris Johnson 5 9636 Technical 05:12pm, 14th May, 2008 01:20am 17th May, 2008 by trevorch
fuel tank
hi guys can anyone tell what is the best polish for my alloy tank on my clubman
gordon robertson 3 7216 Technical 12:17pm, 16th May, 2008 09:09pm 16th May, 2008 by gordon robertson
Amal Concentric - Choke function?
Just a question regarding the choke function on the Amal Concentric Mk1, out of pure curiosity. A little description first: The choke air valve is ...
Anders F. R. 3 11937 Technical 03:40pm, 16th May, 2008 04:46pm 16th May, 2008 by Roger J.
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