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primary oil loss
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions on oil loss from the primary chaincase? Mine is sealed so well that as it heats up, the pressure...
Diesel Graham 11 13729 Technical 11:48pm, 23rd March, 2008 07:30pm 24th March, 2008 by Diesel Graham
ref ali welding
Hi All Many thanks for all your imput.I am able to weld ali restored ali body panels on a Austin Healy a few years ago with mig.It was just that I w...
BRIAN H 1 7239 Technical 12:29pm, 24th March, 2008 No one has replied yet
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First Ride
Took my son, Alex 12y, for his first pillion ride today. Last week bought full helmet from Lidl + gloves. Pretty chilly at 3C, just a gentle to 20km, ...
trevorch 2 9535 Social / Other 09:12pm, 23rd March, 2008 09:58am 24th March, 2008 by trevorch
ali welding
Hi all need to do some cosmetic welding to ali headlight casing on meteor minor. Does anyone have any idea which grade of tig rod to use as I have no ...
brian h 6 8192 Technical 06:25pm, 23rd March, 2008 09:53am 24th March, 2008 by Andy C
nice birthday presents
how many of you have your bike gear dumped all over the place. helmets, jackets, trousers etc,etc, well my wife bought me a piece of kit called a bike...
ian daft 6 10615 Social / Other 04:45pm, 22nd March, 2008 10:40am 23rd March, 2008 by Paul
I changed the oil last week because I noticed water emulsion in the oil whilst checking the valve clearances. I have had to change the oil again today...
Graham Quinton 4 8981 Technical 05:23pm, 23rd March, 2008 06:25pm 23rd March, 2008 by John Deegan
msg for John B
made the bar as you suggested it worked a treat nut came of quite easy. I owe you one all the best Jackie
J.Stewart 2 7789 Social / Other 06:52pm, 23rd March, 2008 06:58pm 23rd March, 2008 by john b
Close call
Hi all After spending some time on Wednesday getting the bikes ready for the coming season I shut the garage door thinking all was secure. Went...
Alan T 8 12172 Social / Other 08:41pm, 21st March, 2008 09:04am 23rd March, 2008 by John B
1959 Super Meteor
I have just completley restored a 1959 Super Meteor all to original spec, but I have no idea how to value the bike as they seem difficult to find adve...
Dennis 2 7859 Social / Other 05:34pm, 22nd March, 2008 11:28pm 22nd March, 2008 by ian daft
Chain Tension Update
Further to my previous notice I took the bike for a MOT and it passed OK. Tester happy with the chain Tension. I had a look at some new machines for...
Freddy 4 11461 Technical 05:13pm, 22nd March, 2008 06:25pm 22nd March, 2008 by Lonely Old Bob
fork spring stud nut
leak from fork tried to slacken spring stud nut. nut kept turning . John B. had same problem , John what diametre of bar did you use. and how much of ...
j.stewart 3 8805 Technical 04:46pm, 21st March, 2008 05:51pm 21st March, 2008 by john b
clubman oil leaking into point area
thanks to everbody who gave me sound advice,i have fitted the new oil seal.i have now got the bike running great.i just need to sort out finding the g...
gordon robertson 2 8470 Technical 04:11pm, 20th March, 2008 04:13pm 21st March, 2008 by Roger J
Its Easter
After several weeks looking forward to a break and some good riding weather, the forecast for Switzerland for the next 4 days, is freezing overnight a...
trevorCH 3 9414 Social / Other 03:02pm, 20th March, 2008 11:51am 21st March, 2008 by trevorch
Engine number BHP search
Hi all, I have just bought a 1981 Honda CB400N Superdream and am trying to find out the BHP, does anyone out there know of somewhere I can give the e...
Dave 4 8615 Technical 09:39pm, 18th March, 2008 05:51pm 20th March, 2008 by Bill Warren
Bike Gear at Lidl
Lidl-- IRELAND Just to let people know in IRELAND Lidl have bike gear from today 17-March while stocks last---see Lidl Catalogue for more details ...
Pat Downes ( Eire) 4 9333 Social / Other 12:15pm, 17th March, 2008 09:36pm 18th March, 2008 by Bill Warren
loose nut !
Hi all I have one cylinder head nut which keeps coming loose for some reason. Have noticed in some previous postings people mentioning threadlock. W...
julian 1 7313 Technical 07:30pm, 18th March, 2008 No one has replied yet
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rocker box studs
I have just come across 3 striped 6mm threads in the exhaust rocker stud fixing on the cylinder head of my 350.They must have been like this for seve...
alan channell 5 10520 Technical 08:19pm, 17th March, 2008 06:47pm 18th March, 2008 by Paul
53 Meteor Tank Rubbers
Hi, Does any one has an extra pair of Tank Rubbers for a 1953 Royal Enfield Meteor 700. They are the ones which sid in side a Hollow in the Petr...
John 3 8027 Technical 09:16pm, 17th March, 2008 10:46pm 17th March, 2008 by Reg
oil leak into area of the points
i have had big problem with oil flooding my points.i removed the points and weight etc to discover there was no oil seal fitted this is on 2004 clubma...
gordon robertson 4 8333 Technical 06:55am, 17th March, 2008 10:04pm 17th March, 2008 by gordon robertson
Oil incontinence
Hi Guys Once again the back of my 2006 350 Bullet is covered in oil from the catch tank. No real reason I think the bike just decided to lubricate ...
Smithia 4 12982 Technical 11:57am, 17th March, 2008 08:05pm 17th March, 2008 by trevorCH
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