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Can anyone out there help with my latest project? i would like to fit a 500 Triumph engine into my 65 continental GT do you have any helpful hints or ...
alan neighbour 3 9117 Technical 07:43pm, 15th November, 2007 11:02pm 15th November, 2007 by graham
Air filter
When my new 350 is run in a bit more (and the budget has recovered from Christmas)I want to replace the air filter and exhaust for easier breathing an...
tobyker 2 10556 Technical 10:53pm, 14th November, 2007 10:19pm 15th November, 2007 by smokeybill
Brake shoes
The inside of my Super Meteor left brake plate is marked Meteor Bullet . Could I replace the old shoes with modern Bullet shoes ?
georgeE 5 9420 Technical 04:07pm, 14th November, 2007 05:15pm 15th November, 2007 by GeorgeE
electrical troubles
g,day from oz , a friend has a 95, 500 bullet and he just bought it , the trouble is he has indicators only , no other electrical item works , i cant...
pete 2 11417 Technical 10:42am, 14th November, 2007 10:49am 15th November, 2007 by Jeff Cole
Hi,looking to replace the old speedmaster tyres on my 500 classic,325/19 front,350/19 rear,but am not sure of the modern size equivelent,also any reco...
john.b 3 9280 Technical 11:19am, 14th November, 2007 08:55am 15th November, 2007 by craig(notts)
oil leak
random oil leak ie twice in 6 weeks have lost half a tank full of oil from the gearbox overnight, the first time was when I had left it in gear, seco...
Kieven 4 9680 Technical 10:09am, 14th November, 2007 09:14pm 14th November, 2007 by Kieven
Bullet65 tappet noise
I have ajusted the tapets on my bullet65 as per the manual with o cleaace and no up and down movement and push rods turning thumb free. however I can ...
Terry 2 9308 Technical 09:30pm, 13th November, 2007 11:18pm 13th November, 2007 by ric
flat tyre
Set off for work this morning at 5.30 got about 1 1/2 miles when i realised i had aflat front tyre, i thought i was riding in porridge the steering wa...
mike 2 10328 Technical 09:17pm, 13th November, 2007 11:15pm 13th November, 2007 by John E
enfield wanted
I want another enfield! I have no money just now, but if any of you fancy a Japanese classic I want to swap a 1980 GS850 shaft drive. Its taxed, te...
Diesel Graham 1 6618 Bikes For Sale 11:05pm, 13th November, 2007 No one has replied yet
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Breather Noise
Can anyone tell me if the modified Oil filler breather neck stops or makes the breather niose better. Thank you
Terry 1 8395 Technical 10:27pm, 13th November, 2007 No one has replied yet
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primary chain case
some time ago i purchased a used primary chain case for my 59 super meteor from our hosts, very good condition, apart from the chrome finish, which ha...
ian daft 1 9018 Technical 10:00pm, 13th November, 2007 No one has replied yet
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350 Classic
Re-posting this due to a buyer letting me down! 2005 Classic 350, sports exhaust, bellmouth and carb re-jeted. single seat and pillion pad, small indi...
Dave 1 6153 Bikes For Sale 09:35pm, 13th November, 2007 No one has replied yet
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Electra X Timing Cover on older Bullet
Would the Electra X Timing cover and associated Cams, Gears and Much improved gear driven pumps fit onto a older Bullet Crank case?? I think this woul...
Steve 1 9797 Technical 07:27pm, 13th November, 2007 No one has replied yet
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Fork Spindle Clamps
Morning Folks... Over the years I have broken more of thease then any thing else!?..(So i am buying some Steel Ones from Mr H.).. Now are the Cast...
Craig (Notts)` 4 9789 Technical 08:33am, 12th November, 2007 10:41am 13th November, 2007 by John Hall
Mad money
Hi all, See Ebay item 260180532598 Its getting crazier every day. John
John 2 7880 Social / Other 10:34pm, 12th November, 2007 11:24pm 12th November, 2007 by ric
smiths chronometric dial face
i,m after a replacement dial as the existing one is very worn. it is a trip reset model with 0 mph @ the one o,clock postion and 120 mph @ 11 0 clo...
kevin miller 3 9777 Technical 06:28pm, 10th November, 2007 09:19am 11th November, 2007 by Paul M H
350 Bullet - BUMP!
As earlier post - will be on ebay from 23.00 tomorrow. £900 start - no reserve. Must go - picking up "new" bike in the morning!
Dave J 2 6725 Bikes For Sale 09:45pm, 9th November, 2007 08:40am 10th November, 2007 by craig(notts)
Electrical switch on clutch lever
Hi everyone. I have a 2007, 500cc Bullet, with electric start. I have to pull in the clutch lever and then press the start button to start the b...
Ron 4 11229 Technical 07:42pm, 8th November, 2007 11:30am 9th November, 2007 by Eddy Quayle
trifield front forks
is there any trifield owners that could tell me how to stiffen up the front fork springs as they keep hiting the bottom everytime you hit a bump or b...
brian camps 4 11062 Technical 04:22pm, 6th November, 2007 04:48pm 7th November, 2007 by Graham
350 Bullet/oil leak
To Peter J.BANG. Hi Peter,hows the smoking/oil leak these days? Did reply on 26th last month,as had been off air for a short time Regards Bob Gr...
Bob Greenwood 6 10915 Social / Other 12:29am, 27th October, 2007 04:15pm 7th November, 2007 by Bob Greenwood
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