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bullet oil change
I have attempted to change the oil on my 1999 500 bullet. but there dooes not appear to be a drain plug to drain the tank, only the filter cover and l...
Alan C 3 6993 Technical 03:15pm, 17th April, 2008 08:04pm 17th April, 2008 by Paul M H
wet sump
enfield 350 , bike parked up for several mths , but started, there is a fair bit of smoke at startup. and the plug is sooted. upon removing the su...
alan 6 12106 Technical 02:10pm, 17th April, 2008 07:14pm 17th April, 2008 by alan
fork stanchions
Hi I have hit a bit of a dilemma i am trying find a way of fitting the latter stanchions with threaded tops into g type yokes. I have tried sourcing t...
phil 2 9659 Technical 09:06am, 17th April, 2008 06:45pm 17th April, 2008 by Mark M
Continental Clutch Query
My 1963 Continental clutch was playing up and bike creeping forward with clutch lever fully closed and on return from a ride on Monday Cable Broke. ...
Matt "Continental Confusion" E 1 9294 Technical 01:38am, 17th April, 2008 No one has replied yet
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2005 350 Classic. near Watford
2005 350 Classic, Single seat with pillion pad, sports exhaust, bellmouth and carb re-jetted. Imaculate condition, rides superbly, sounds great! Photo...
David 1 7194 Bikes For Sale 11:29pm, 15th April, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Primary Drive Sprocket Nut
Hello Experts, I am undertaking the first bit of serious maintenance on my Electra X and wonder if anyone out there has found a good way to loosen the...
Bob Russell 3 8116 Technical 02:13pm, 14th April, 2008 02:01pm 15th April, 2008 by Bob Russell
bike juddering
Can anyone help please? My Classic 500 has started to judder and loose power when i go into 4th gear. Last week it kept cutting out as I came down the...
Mark 2 9654 Technical 06:51pm, 14th April, 2008 12:00pm 15th April, 2008 by Dave
another gearbox oil / Sealed bearings question
Our hosts do a sealed bearing kit for the gear-box. Has anyone used this kit ? I really fancy an oiltight box and dispensing with oo grease would not...
Brummie Gaz 9 10929 Technical 11:59am, 14th April, 2008 12:57am 15th April, 2008 by nartin g
Lucas SR1 Magneto Advice
I have a 1956 Bullet engine that has been fitted with a Lucas SR1 Magneto. The magneto is a very basic type, I have a similar one fitted to a Lister s...
John M 3 8949 Technical 11:57pm, 14th April, 2008 12:32am 15th April, 2008 by Dennis C
Fork Vibration 1953 500 twin
Dear All, Whilst out for a spin yesterday afternoon I noticed that under light to medium braking with the front brake that the forks vibrated quite b...
Peter Collins (Eire) 3 9806 Technical 05:39pm, 14th April, 2008 05:58pm 14th April, 2008 by Dennis C
charging problem- it has to be simple
I am having trouble with my ammeter not showing a positive charge. He is the situation. I had my primary disassembled, upon reassembly I kicked over t...
Jordan Mix 5 12508 Technical 07:18pm, 11th April, 2008 01:39pm 14th April, 2008 by jordan mix
Gearbox oil question
I am rebuilding a 1990 350 bullet, and I am unsure of what to put in the gearbox, for a car diff it would be something thick like a EP90. also how muc...
ian 4 10380 Technical 07:32pm, 13th April, 2008 11:26pm 13th April, 2008 by ian
Pre-monoblock dilemma
G’day All, Thanks for the advice last week; however, I have spent the weekend fiddling to no avail. Replaced the needle jet (with two other se...
Craig Jolly 4 11115 Technical 11:39am, 13th April, 2008 12:54pm 13th April, 2008 by Dennis,S
Piston Failure
Fellow Bulleteers, There has recently been a spate of piston failures in Bullets (classics)in Australia. Bikes effected seem to have been made in 2...
Garry Eyles 7 13454 Technical 06:35am, 11th April, 2008 09:27am 13th April, 2008 by garry eyles
Thread size?
Could one of you gentlemen please tell me what thread size are the rocker box nuts? Thanks. Neil.
Neil 6 9686 Technical 07:45am, 12th April, 2008 07:21am 13th April, 2008 by Neil
exhaust self destruction
Ever since i managed to get my high level exhaust fitted its been trying to part itself from the bike. Fitting it was no mean feat either, it was a b...
ande 6 10718 Technical 07:49pm, 11th April, 2008 12:24pm 12th April, 2008 by Mike D
Grease nipple
This is one of those questions you put off asking because it is so basic you feel you ought to know. But here we go; When using a grease nipple, is i...
John R 10 13853 Technical 10:50pm, 10th April, 2008 09:44am 12th April, 2008 by Paul
Pillions how good is the Bullet
I have a single seat on my Bullet but alot of people ask how good the bike is two up. I have a dual seat but before I swap it over I was wondering how...
Eddy Quayle 4 8509 Social / Other 05:31pm, 10th April, 2008 01:07am 12th April, 2008 by Eddy Quayle
seat foam glued ?
Hi, just purchased a new seat cover and foam for my 500 bullet and was wondering if the foam should be glued to the seat pan, and if so, what typ...
Steve 2 8370 Technical 05:54pm, 11th April, 2008 08:55pm 11th April, 2008 by trevorch
RE WD/CO wheel.
Does anybody have a WD/CO rear wheel? I have a nearly complete model CO but require a rear wheel and a Fuel Tank to get it ready for restoration. T...
Chris Hall 3 7480 Technical 02:02pm, 11th April, 2008 08:09pm 11th April, 2008 by jon
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