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Electric start
I have a bullet 65 and the starter doesnt engage the starter motor is working fine as there is no bendix on it i under stand it has a sprag clutch ins...
Ian (east sussex) 2 9816 Technical 06:20pm, 31st January, 2008 09:22pm 31st January, 2008 by Steve E
carb swop..monobloc concentric or wot?
ok this will put the cat amongst the pigeons, which do you favour? thinking of swopping my carb, have had alot of bikes with monblocs fitted but no...
ali 6 11856 Technical 08:22am, 31st January, 2008 08:24pm 31st January, 2008 by John Deegan
paint colour
Hi iam about to start building a indian bullet trail, in issue 201 of the gun on page 2 there is a very nice pic of a 57 works 500 trials, i wonder if...
phil 1 8598 Technical 07:09pm, 31st January, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Seats (Machismo & Others)
My Std Seats Gone hard & Flat so my mind is turning to a Replacement come Summer ? SO: Any One Running or use ing the "Machismo Twin Seats...
Craig(Notts) 5 9948 Technical 01:10pm, 30th January, 2008 07:49am 31st January, 2008 by Craig (Notts)
Need a lighter clutch......
Had about 2 hours on the clubman yestereday but by that time my left hand was killing me. Is there any way of making the clutch operation any lighter ...
Neil 4 10220 Technical 07:36pm, 28th January, 2008 12:08am 30th January, 2008 by Terry B
New Royal Enfield engine
Has anyone bought the new R.E BIKE with the new engine unit yet. Only im doing a rightup on this bike and would be glad for any feedback from purchase...
Pat Downes(EIRE) 1 7787 Technical 08:17pm, 29th January, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Primary Chain Adjustement
Hi Folks Does anyone know at what mileage should the primary chain be adjusted on a 65. Bullet.2007 Model with just over 4.600 Klms on the clock. And...
Pat Downes (Eire) 1 7970 Technical 06:59pm, 29th January, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Electronic Ignition.
A few threads back, ("Improvements") we were discussing electronic ignition. I said that I was thinking of changing to electronic at some po...
John R 3 8919 Technical 01:05pm, 29th January, 2008 02:59pm 29th January, 2008 by TrevorCH
Hi I have just had my project Constellation dated as being sold to Kings Motors of Halifax 04/11/58 frame no 7219 eng 6975. later it had a new engine...
mick simpson 3 8920 Social / Other 06:18pm, 27th January, 2008 07:50pm 28th January, 2008 by mick simpson
piston/cylinder clearance
I am contemplating fitting a high comp piston at some time in the future. I want to know whether to fit a standard piston into the exisitng bore, or w...
John R 2 8521 Technical 12:48pm, 28th January, 2008 01:57pm 28th January, 2008 by Steve E
Samrat rockers
I have replaced the valves, guides and rockers. The inlet tappet is adjusted as short as it will go and yet the valve is still held open. I have ch...
Peter B (350 1991 bullet) 13 15393 Technical 02:36pm, 27th January, 2008 08:42am 28th January, 2008 by Peter B (350 1991 bullet)
no horn
I noticed recently that my horn had ceased to operate, i swapped it out with one i bought at a breakers and had no real improvement, the one from the ...
ande 3 7692 Technical 09:24pm, 27th January, 2008 09:41pm 27th January, 2008 by ande
crusader + bullet
old crusader and a bullet just been put on ebay by me. I am really going to miss them.And I bet we have a great summer.
kieven 1 7078 Social / Other 09:09pm, 27th January, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Sticking Throttle (Again)
Having read all your usefull tips and talking direct to our helpfull Hosts, I think all is now woking fine. First, having rerouted the cable outside t...
TrevorCH 1 9054 Technical 12:50pm, 27th January, 2008 No one has replied yet
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pillion with trials exhaust?
Does anyone know if the trials exhaust (part #91013 or 91012) is suitable for use if you want to carry pillions? From looking at the pictures im think...
andrew murdoch 5 8144 Technical 12:34am, 25th January, 2008 10:11am 27th January, 2008 by gerry
Recommended garage for MOT Gloucester area
Could anyone recommend a classic friendly garage for MOT & repairs (old Model G) in the Gloucester/Stroud area? Many thanks Pat
Pat 1 7694 Technical 09:48am, 27th January, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Battery charging
I have forgotten..... When charging battery with Datatool... or any sort of charger, is it ok to (a) leave the battery connected to the bike and (b...
Chris (Manchester) 2 8021 Technical 05:08pm, 26th January, 2008 05:55pm 26th January, 2008 by Roy Billson
what else do you ride
got 2 bikes only bought a enfield for winter but i like the other is a sort of brit bike a bonneville 04 reg,i like but thinking of getting rid of one...
michael. 7 13438 Social / Other 06:23pm, 24th January, 2008 04:19pm 26th January, 2008 by ian jack
Hi folks, has any one any ideas on the normal charging rate for my 92 350 bullet. the ammeter has two divisions each side of the mid position,i have ...
Alan Channell 3 7561 Technical 07:24pm, 25th January, 2008 07:57am 26th January, 2008 by Roy Billson
Calling Dan Olesen
Hi Dan, I saw your previous posting about running the bike on the bb electronic unit without the battery using only the bb black box. Can you confirm ...
John 3 9082 Technical 10:13pm, 24th January, 2008 11:44am 25th January, 2008 by John
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