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Hitchcocks Service !!!!
Here is an example of our hosts attitude in particular Allan Hitchcock , see my post below titled " Aluminium Cylinder Barrel stud stripping &qu...
kevin miller 3 9655 Technical 04:11pm, 11th April, 2008 07:30pm 11th April, 2008 by Diesel Graham
Why a dry sump
Hi all.Royal Enfield believed in having the oil container cast integrally with the crankcase.Advantages claimed for this integral construction of cran...
Bob Greenwood 2 8602 Technical 11:40pm, 10th April, 2008 05:07pm 11th April, 2008 by Steve E
West of Scotland riders/owners
With the approach of summer etc itd be good to know who there was riding/owning Enfields in the west of scotland/glasgow area. Possibly try and establ...
AndE 10 11012 Social / Other 12:16am, 1st April, 2008 01:57pm 11th April, 2008 by tobyker
flipin , disc bake bleeding
ok , just before Xmas a nice 89/90 bullet was bought, as i liked it (my riding style/speed) i located all the fibreglass bits for the cafe racer versi...
alan 4 12741 Technical 09:49pm, 10th April, 2008 01:13am 11th April, 2008 by alan
Why a dry sump?
Can any clever technical type tell me why Enfields have a dry sump? Back in the 60s my father had a Suffolk Colt lawn mower with a 100cc sidevalve en...
Peter B (350 1991 bullet FR) 3 11009 Technical 09:15am, 10th April, 2008 11:37pm 10th April, 2008 by Colinf
Hi everyone. I was on this notice board about two weeks ago and the top listing subject was something like a nonsensical web address (You have to loo...
Dennis C 5 9124 Technical 09:17pm, 10th April, 2008 10:02pm 10th April, 2008 by Nick Hughes
Im stupid, have a laugh at my expense
The overflow on one of the carbs has been leaking because the float valve has not been closing due to rust particals in the tank (not an enfield by th...
Not supplied due to embarresment 6 14703 Social / Other 10:58pm, 3rd April, 2008 09:57pm 10th April, 2008 by tobyker
Aluminium Cylinder Barrel stud stripping
Iím now on to my second 535 cc aluminium barrel , the first I bought from our hosts as part of the big bore kit, unfortunately the small stud that fit...
kevin miller 7 13128 Technical 08:23pm, 9th April, 2008 03:28pm 10th April, 2008 by kevin miller
PAV - 2007 Classic 500
Hi Can anyone tell me the advantages of removing the PAV system. Are there any differences in performance ? What do I need to do this? Are there any ...
steve nash 3 8658 Technical 05:54pm, 9th April, 2008 01:47pm 10th April, 2008 by Chris (Manchester)
Indian Light Bulb Help?
After 10 years Loyal Service My Indian (98 350 Std )Light Bulb Has Blown.... Now its a British Pre Focus Fitting but with a Asymetric Lamp on it?? ...
Craig(Notts) 5 8596 Technical 09:18am, 10th April, 2008 09:21am 10th April, 2008 by craig(Notts)
Distributor problem.
Looking for some tech help, rebuilding a non runner. I have the distributor stripped down for check fly weight action and noticed that the cam is loos...
Ian Slaney 5 8809 Technical 12:29am, 9th April, 2008 01:22am 10th April, 2008 by ian
Intermittent cutout
Way back down the board, I wrote about my intermittent cutout problem. (Bike goes fine, coughs a bit and slows to a stop. It then starts perfectly a f...
John R 4 12959 Technical 03:06pm, 9th April, 2008 05:39pm 9th April, 2008 by John
Stafford Show
Hi Folks, Pat here just wondering if there is anyone from Ireland heading over to Stafford for the weekend of 25-26-27 April. There will be 2 Enfiel...
Pat Downes (Eire) 3 8355 Social / Other 08:11pm, 4th April, 2008 09:13pm 8th April, 2008 by Ian (Wem)
Samrat rockers
If I fit samrat rockers to my 500 bullet do I need to open up the oilway if I only have the standard oil pumps and is there anything that can be a pro...
John 9 14299 Technical 01:43pm, 7th April, 2008 04:14pm 8th April, 2008 by Steve E
A must from ALDI Multimeter
A must have for all Enfield riders. Digital Multimeter Only £6.49 very good value for money I got one this morning in our Aldi but according to ...
Paul M H 1 8045 Technical 06:04pm, 8th April, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Whats her name and what issue?
At the Breakfast run today I met a girl who had ridden through 12 countries on her Bullet in the lasy 7 years! She said her name was Jane but I forgot...
Eddy Quayle 3 7677 Social / Other 06:04pm, 6th April, 2008 11:54am 8th April, 2008 by Leon Novello
Does anyone know what thread the REAR BRAKE PEDAL FULCRUM STUD is on the Bullet, Continental etc where it screws into the lug on the frame? I know th...
John M 1 8078 Technical 11:54pm, 7th April, 2008 No one has replied yet
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Monobloc Progress
Well I made sure the carb was set as recommended by respondants to my previous question. Turned the engine over several times to get the oil flowing ...
Dan Ford 2 7662 Technical 08:08pm, 7th April, 2008 11:36pm 7th April, 2008 by John
55 woodsman progress
Hi first thanks for the information provided, i whould recomend that you visit the website mentioned very interesting. This has now left me with anoth...
phil 2 9225 Technical 09:49pm, 7th April, 2008 09:57pm 7th April, 2008 by John T
kickback / coughing carb
I reassembled my engine/transmission/carb/adjusted the timing last night and ran into some trouble trying to start it. First I should let it be known ...
Jordan Mix 6 14198 Technical 03:12pm, 4th April, 2008 01:32pm 7th April, 2008 by Jordan Mix
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