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Shall I buy the Norton?
Hello all I know this is not a RE related question, but since this is the only notice board I know, i ask the question anyway... I am contemplat...
Morten Sylvester 8 13674 Social / Other 10:45am, 19th February, 2008 07:41am 20th February, 2008 by Morten Sylvester
I want a model K
Can anyone help me locate a model K for sale? finder fee Cris USA
Cris Collins 3 7502 Social / Other 01:34pm, 19th February, 2008 09:06pm 19th February, 2008 by Anarchy
Multi-bike Insurance
Hi, I own a 1956 Royal Enfield 350 trails a zx6r Kawasaki and a 1200R Harley Davidson sportster, Can anyone recommend an insurance company that migh...
marc 8 10992 Social / Other 03:48pm, 18th February, 2008 02:01pm 19th February, 2008 by Alan T
royal enfield club
is there any in scotland,i have just bought a would be nice to know if there is anymore fans of the clubman in scotland. gordy r.. fal...
gordon robertson 3 8412 Social / Other 09:31pm, 18th February, 2008 01:21pm 19th February, 2008 by John Dyke
Top end work
Hi Guys. Looking for some advice on top-end check on a 1996 500 Bullet. Just passed 3000kms from new (vehicle stood for 11 years!) on a 1200km ride ...
Chris Davies 2 11503 Technical 10:33am, 19th February, 2008 12:50pm 19th February, 2008 by Paul
8" Hubs
Can anyone supply me with a drawing of a 8" front hub from a 1928 v twin so I can look into the possibility of making one ? Even better has anyon...
Graham 1 7437 Technical 08:33am, 19th February, 2008 No one has replied yet
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big head breather
The breather on my bullet is attached to a connection on top of the oiltank like a mk1 interceptor. Was this ever done by the factory or is it a modif...
Graham 3 8894 Technical 10:40am, 18th February, 2008 08:28am 19th February, 2008 by Graham
Royal Enfield Prince
I have a 150cc Royal Enfield Prince 2 stroke which I restored about 20 years ago and although I do not have papers for it I have identified it as a 19...
Roy Billson 2 10508 Technical 05:56am, 16th February, 2008 10:14pm 18th February, 2008 by Norm
second hand parts seie 2 interceptor 1970
Hi,i am looking for parts to complete the restoration of a serie 2 interceptor 1970,does anyone know of a source for : - a timing cover (part number ...
gerald 4 8424 Technical 02:36pm, 15th February, 2008 09:36pm 18th February, 2008 by gerry riesebeck
difficulty gear selection
i have just bought a 2004 clubman with only 215 miles on the clock,but i am have problems changing gears they take alot power to locate the gear. i am...
gordon robertson 4 9146 Technical 04:50pm, 17th February, 2008 09:25pm 18th February, 2008 by gordon robertson
oil in contact point holder
has anyone had this problem,if so is it easy repaired. gordy r
gordon robertson 4 8309 Technical 06:51pm, 18th February, 2008 09:17pm 18th February, 2008 by gordon robertson
Rotor question
I disassembled my primary chain case/alternator last night. When i started to get things together to do the reassembly i came upon a problem. The roto...
Jordan Mix 3 9181 Technical 01:44pm, 18th February, 2008 03:35pm 18th February, 2008 by jordanmix
Holes on top of rear mudguard
Dear all. I am in the middle of restoring a 1949 350 G. On the top of the rear mudguard there are six holes. I will be running this bike as a single s...
Peter Collins 3 10882 Technical 11:06pm, 17th February, 2008 09:40am 18th February, 2008 by Peter Collins
bullett riders
is there any bullett riders in the nottinghamshire area out there ive got a 20002 electric model want to know of rides to take in.
michael 11 14071 Social / Other 12:43pm, 15th February, 2008 08:34pm 17th February, 2008 by jaber
Erratic indicators
Just got back from a run out on my 2002 Classic 500 and thawed enough to type this question. The indicators suddenly took on a life of their own swit...
Stephen 2 9846 Technical 06:08pm, 17th February, 2008 06:47pm 17th February, 2008 by Mike M
front down pipe
loads of trouble cleaned front exhaust port out fitted front down pie with cooler ring drlled cooler ring and front fin put wire in twisted it but sti...
michael 7 14387 Technical 09:10pm, 15th February, 2008 10:30am 17th February, 2008 by George S
Battery Terminals
Due to over tightening my battery terminals were crumbling as mentioned in an earlier post. Well I came up with a neat solution that would allow me to...
Daithi 2 8419 Technical 06:57pm, 16th February, 2008 07:16pm 16th February, 2008 by Dan Ford
Choke again
Back again. 2007 Indian Bullet 500 Classic. Mik28 lever carb. Tried all previous advice - set slow runnning mixture, perfect tickover. Took out plunge...
trevorCH 5 13405 Technical 10:49am, 16th February, 2008 06:28pm 16th February, 2008 by Ian M
French Enfield Rally
For those who might be interested, the French Enfield Rally details are: Location: Saint Julien Molin Molette, 42220, France. The dates are : f...
Tiny Tim 6 7957 Social / Other 10:08pm, 9th February, 2008 06:11pm 15th February, 2008 by Mike Scott
Speed Drive Ratio
I have a metal speedo drive from our hosts can anyone confirm its ratio to the wheel e.g. is it 2 turns of speedo cable to one turn of the wheel ? a...
kevin miller 3 8021 Technical 03:49pm, 15th February, 2008 04:24pm 15th February, 2008 by kevin miller
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