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The beast
Got CBG and the beast is for sale Not mine and no connection.
DaveG 1 7012 Bikes For Sale 12:05am, 3rd November, 2007 No one has replied yet
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DIY Electroplating
Have been thinking of buying a DIY kit to electroplate items such as bolts, nuts and adjusters. Has anyone out there had experience of these kits and ...
Phil Coventry 6 11314 Technical 03:26pm, 30th October, 2007 10:01pm 1st November, 2007 by Paul
V Twins
Hi,anyone remember this one.
Mark C 7 9972 Social / Other 10:17pm, 29th October, 2007 02:34am 1st November, 2007 by Leon Novello
A clean look?
As I have mentioned in a previous post I am going to move my ignition coil into the tool box on the left and want to put all the other electrics in th...
Eddy Quayle 2 9640 Technical 09:19pm, 30th October, 2007 09:03pm 31st October, 2007 by Eddy Quayle
BIG Enfield Thumper
Good feature on a 666cc (Big Beastie!) Bullet in December CBG in case anyone not seen it.
Dave J 3 8001 Social / Other 08:50pm, 27th October, 2007 01:01am 29th October, 2007 by John R
Help needed
I have just ordered from our Hoste the clutch arm with a bearing on 500 4 speed (part 90010) and was wonderinghow hard it is to fit and what differenc...
Eddy Quayle 5 12682 Technical 08:38pm, 25th October, 2007 02:31pm 28th October, 2007 by Dave
Electrical Problem update
Hi All, just come in from the garage having fitted the replacement powerbox, all is now well, 14.4v at the new battery when engine running, & amme...
Terry 2 10535 Technical 07:37pm, 27th October, 2007 10:38pm 27th October, 2007 by graham
V Twin
Hi Just musing - no plans myself but I was looking at a honda revrie being scrapped - it has an alloy v twin engine. Has anyone ever put a si...
matt-brighton 6 10200 Technical 03:57pm, 26th October, 2007 08:48pm 27th October, 2007 by Dave J
south of england m/c show - Ardingly
Hi all The 10th real classic/andrew greenwood show is tomorrow at south of england showground - ardingly Matt - brighton
matt-brighton 1 8124 Social / Other 10:01pm, 27th October, 2007 No one has replied yet
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Thanks for your help, I think pinking is the answer I was looking for, last owner fitted electronic ignition, (bit of a mystery to me)I run it on LRP ...
Kieven 4 10850 Technical 09:17am, 26th October, 2007 11:51pm 26th October, 2007 by Chris
Learn from my mistakes
First confession: I left my 500 Classic standing for a day with the ignition on. Result flat battery and a refusal to start. Charged battery over nig...
Stephen 3 11278 Technical 02:37pm, 24th October, 2007 06:38pm 26th October, 2007 by John R
fitting a rev counter?
I just saw this on ebay, if you wanted a rev counter on your bike this is just the job! (see web link)
Diesel Graham 1 7307 Technical 10:27pm, 25th October, 2007 No one has replied yet
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Left & Right gear change
Hi, I have been the owner of a 500 bullet with right hand gear shift for 5 years .Having rode bikes with left hand shift for about 20 yrs it too...
Kevin 6 13948 Social / Other 12:46am, 25th October, 2007 10:14pm 25th October, 2007 by mike
Clutch Drag......
I have a 2003 500T 4 speed, and i have noticed a movement of about 1.5mm in the gearbox cover when i pull the clutch, also a small amount of clucth dr...
Wayne 7 14267 Technical 07:02pm, 1st October, 2007 06:22pm 25th October, 2007 by richard hyatt
Magura Brake Switches
F O A Derek Glyn Magura front brake switches complete with cables are available from Watsonian Squire for £4.10 each Leigh
Leigh 1 8061 Technical 02:36pm, 25th October, 2007 No one has replied yet
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Best mod yet
Hi all, Just did the best mod yet to the clutch actuator arm on my 5 speed box.I had tried the watsonian modified actuator but found the clutch incr...
John 4 13664 Technical 08:30pm, 24th October, 2007 01:20pm 25th October, 2007 by CJay
looking for some advice people,When the engine is under stress ie climbing a hill at 40mph in top there is a loud knocking noise from the engine its n...
Kieven 5 9324 Technical 09:31am, 24th October, 2007 10:51am 25th October, 2007 by Mikey
Tappet noise
I find the tappet noise from my 350 classic a bit much. I have adjusted them on the tight side, but even so, after a quiet start they are rattling awa...
John R 7 25676 Technical 10:25pm, 10th October, 2007 06:00am 12th October, 2007 by John. Eastbourne.
Heads Up for Electra owners
Theres a new & very good technical note on Carburetter & performance upgrades for the Electra on the Technical Notes Board
Paul of M H 1 9118 Technical 12:09am, 24th October, 2007 No one has replied yet
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Front Brake Light Switch
Got a new switch off our hosts. My old one has a red & green wire going to two connectors inside the headlight. The green wire had snapped ins...
John Deegan 2 8484 Technical 08:26pm, 23rd October, 2007 09:35pm 23rd October, 2007 by NICK HUGHES
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