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Royal Enfield's golden record in the ISDT

A story worth reading - did you know Royal Enfields were this good?!

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Vacancy at Hitchcocks
A full time vacancy for someone with general Royal Enfield knowledge to join our friendly but busy office. 40 hours a week, Monday to Friday. Th...
Hitchcocks Motorcycles 0 244 Social / Other 10:26am, 30th April, 2017 No one has replied yet
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This a test. I have just typed out a posting on my computer after logging in, choosing a board, clicking the box and add topic button and it went back...
Nettshubby 1 3 Social / Other 12:24pm, 27th May, 2017 12:26pm 27th May, 2017 by Nettshubby
removal of engine plates
I've just about finished the restoration of my 500 Twin. Perhaps a bit late in the day I am trying to improve the stability of the ali centre stan...
Rodders 1 18 Technical 10:32am, 27th May, 2017 11:51am 27th May, 2017 by Mark M
Popping from exhaust
Hi I've a 1990 500 bullet. I lost compression this week and traced it to a failed push rod that I replaced with parts from our host. On reassembly...
Mikey V 2 125 Technical 08:47pm, 25th May, 2017 10:52pm 25th May, 2017 by Mikey V
Lovely day..
A day out today. Couldn't resist it, the weather was lovely. So I roared off to a grand park on the outskirts of Copenhagen, stopped for coffee an...
Exile 3 115 Social / Other 05:05pm, 25th May, 2017 05:04pm 26th May, 2017 by Rattlebattle
Three Shredded Wheat for breakfast?
papasmurf 3 150 Social / Other 09:33am, 24th May, 2017 11:55am 24th May, 2017 by Exile
Headstock adjustment
Dear all, I'm an enthusiastic but often perplexed owner of a 2015 B5 Bullet named Lola. Yesterday, Unable to avoid the usual potholes when exitin...
Deanobats 5 180 Technical 09:10am, 24th May, 2017 05:05pm 24th May, 2017 by Deanobats
Oil filler caps on Bullets - again!
This subject comes up for discussion here from time to time. Mystery seems to surround the operation of the push and turn oil filler cap, with its ‘...
Presto 10 361 Technical 10:44am, 23rd May, 2017 01:35am 27th May, 2017 by Leon Novello
2010 Bullet Starting Problem
Hi, I'm having some problems with starting my Bullet (2010 efi). Sometimes when I go to start it, nothing happens apart from all the lights go d...
JLenny 8 196 Technical 10:25am, 23rd May, 2017 07:41pm 24th May, 2017 by Jack the Lad
2003 bullet 500 loosing power in top gear
Hi all, first post here but I can see plenty of experienced posts already on here. I bought a 2003 bullet 500 4 speed electric start last year. After ...
DrewH 11 291 Technical 10:22pm, 22nd May, 2017 12:08am 24th May, 2017 by DrewH
tire upgrade
I have a 2015 RE Desert Storm 500 with the stock Avon tires but would like to put on some Dunlop K70s 3.50x19 front and a 4.00x18 rear but I have a co...
skidmarks 2 126 Technical 06:48pm, 22nd May, 2017 09:35pm 22nd May, 2017 by skidmarks
Surging Constellation
Hello chaps, gradually with your help getting Connie running smoothly. The most annoying trait of my bike is the surging I get when keeping the thrott...
connieowner 6 208 Technical 06:26pm, 21st May, 2017 02:45pm 22nd May, 2017 by Mark M
she's weeping!
My conti 535 has developed an oil leak from the neutral light switch on top of the engine casing. It's only a weep but enough to make a mess. Not ...
Smudger 4 177 Technical 01:14pm, 21st May, 2017 10:11am 22nd May, 2017 by Rattlebattle
Well my Electra x is going to its new owner today. So I contacted Devitts to change bikes, and not surprising thty cant find the Himalayan on the data...
Davie Hall 9 282 Social / Other 11:37am, 21st May, 2017 08:45pm 26th May, 2017 by RocketRR
Gearbox sprocket nut
Can anyone help? I am trying to remove the gearbox sprocket on my 2008 EFI and the nut that holds it is 46mm. Does anyone know if this is a LH or RH t...
Tom Tuc 7 223 Technical 02:51pm, 20th May, 2017 07:19am 23rd May, 2017 by Andy M
2017 bullet now run in.
That's my 2017 Bullet now run in, Only one small problem at 500 miles, it developed poor tick over and hesitation on opening the throttle, This w...
hagis 3 166 Social / Other 10:34am, 20th May, 2017 03:53pm 20th May, 2017 by hagis
Extra storage space - mini luggage
I decided I needed a little more storage space for days out with Thumper. Not much for taking a rucksack, I decided an extra box would hold things lik...
Exile 9 273 Social / Other 10:17pm, 19th May, 2017 10:44pm 20th May, 2017 by Scalyback
Oil consumption
What can be considered a normal oil consumption for a Bullet 500 ? Mine is from January '99. I never ride fast. I hardly every exceed 75 km/h. My...
NicoV 16 446 Technical 11:35am, 19th May, 2017 03:29pm 21st May, 2017 by NicoV
Racing at Darley Moor.
Sorry for the short notice, but we will be at Darley Moor for the second round of BHR racing with four R.E.'s in total - the 500 Fury special, the...
Bullet Whisperer 2 112 Social / Other 08:21am, 19th May, 2017 09:14am 19th May, 2017 by Beezabryan
Bullet engine in Crusader
Hello all, anyone put a Bullet engine into a Crusader frame ? If so did you use Bullet rear engine plates or make your own. Thanks Richard
tribonnie 16 440 Technical 02:30pm, 16th May, 2017 07:24pm 18th May, 2017 by tribonnie

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