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Fork air filter gauze for Model G - Model J - 500 Twin - 700 Meteor

Back again! Filter gauze for tele forks on early singles and twins 

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Opera ??
Hi Guys------ I know you'll probably shoot me for this but are any of you into Opera at all ??--------- I can't seem to find Anna Netrebko'...
Alan R 4 81 Social / Other 10:38pm, 21st July, 2017 12:05pm 22nd July, 2017 by Adrian
Vincent straight handlebars / MAgura controls thread?
hi! find this forum tricky to find old threads sometimes, even my own! i wanted to close loop on a problem i opened a thread for and have since rep...
jacobia stig 0 52 Technical 08:10pm, 21st July, 2017 No one has replied yet
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Repairing gearbox dogs
Hi This concerns 250 Crusaders. For a while I’ve been searching for a serviceable HG11 21/17 slider gear for a 4 speed gearbox without much su...
OldBoy67 11 153 Technical 06:48pm, 21st July, 2017 05:32pm 22nd July, 2017 by OldBoy67
B5, E5, G5, Electra?
How do I confirm exactly which model Bullet I have! Badged as an Electra EFI, first registered in Feb 2016, but the engine and frame number indicate t...
blue750 6 143 Technical 09:16pm, 20th July, 2017 10:10am 21st July, 2017 by Jack the Lad
Kick starting
Got my 500 ES Classic back on the road after 2 years and I`m loving it. Problem is I`ve lost the knack of kick starting it. Before, when it had points...
Ivor 8 174 Technical 08:29pm, 20th July, 2017 08:23pm 21st July, 2017 by Alan R
White Helmets display team
Thought this may interest anyone in the North East. This Sunday the Royal Corps Of Signals motorcycle display team will be performing for the last tim...
Reg 7 122 Social / Other 03:25pm, 20th July, 2017 08:41pm 21st July, 2017 by Alan R
Service By Bullet Whisper
Today has oil change and my bike looked over and cases off for inspection all done by paul Bullet whisper great service as usual great to have your bi...
dazza 1 147 Technical 02:21pm, 20th July, 2017 02:27pm 20th July, 2017 by dazza
Oil grades - EFI
My Electra EFI handbook states 15/50 semi synthetic is the grade to use, while I note our hosts sell 15/50 fully synthetic. I've also noticed ...
Rich 2 106 Technical 02:00pm, 20th July, 2017 08:01pm 20th July, 2017 by hagis
Kent War and Peace (revival) show 2017
Kent War and Peace (revival) show. Is on from 25th to 29th July at the hop farm, Paddock Wood, Kent. Chris, the RE mechanic had got a tick...
Scalyback 0 33 Social / Other 01:15pm, 20th July, 2017 No one has replied yet
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1960,s crusader sport
Hi, Been looking at these little gems , how do they compare to the bullet , also what are they like to ride any experience of these bikes on the fo...
Reds 3 86 Technical 11:25am, 20th July, 2017 11:56am 20th July, 2017 by Mark M
bullet mag timing help?
hi I have fitted a Lucas sr1 mag too my Indian 350 bullet with a auto advance unit and I was wondering what I should set the timing at any help would ...
s1 9 173 Bikes For Sale 10:26am, 20th July, 2017 12:14am 22nd July, 2017 by simon
6.5" brake shoes and dynamo
Hitchcocks - please delete if you think out of order - but I have looked and you Guys do not seem to have the required parts!. Can anybody out there...
Citrus 0 60 Technical 03:56am, 20th July, 2017 No one has replied yet
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6.5" brake shoes and dynamo
Hitchcocks - please delete if you think out of order - but I have looked and you Guys do not seem to have the required parts!. Can anybody out there...
Citrus 0 17 Technical 03:56am, 20th July, 2017 No one has replied yet
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59 Connie crankcase breather
Hi all. Especially Mark if there!!. The breather housing from ns crankcase to oil tank should be sealed with part no 45371, but our hosts do not stock...
Dez 2 98 Technical 07:38pm, 19th July, 2017 08:29am 20th July, 2017 by Mark M
Turbo twin
hi can anyone tell me if 1965 turbo twin is positive or negative earth please .
250 4t 10 187 Technical 10:12pm, 18th July, 2017 03:46pm 21st July, 2017 by Alan R
Photos of customers bikes?
I can't find any place to submit photos of customer bikes. It seems like there used to be a link in the photo gallery, but must have been removed ...
Carlo 2 142 Social / Other 05:10pm, 18th July, 2017 08:34pm 18th July, 2017 by Exile
E-starter problem
Dear all, please help me out here. Last week I drove 3 and a half hours through the poring rain with my 2004 Sixty5. I was soaked to the skin but the ...
Steel 7 188 Technical 04:25pm, 18th July, 2017 02:53am 20th July, 2017 by Tim NZ
Crusader/continental gear mech
Hi all, I am hoping some wise soul can help me out. I have recently purchased a 1964 Crusader sports which was converted to a Continental GT someti...
crackingcontinental 2 113 Technical 12:54pm, 18th July, 2017 10:40pm 18th July, 2017 by crackingcontinental
350 Trials Bullet '53 Gearing
Hi all, back again. Sorry not been on here for a while, too many projects, the Enfield got pushed to the back and covered with junk ! I have now dug h...
TonyBax 9 115 Technical 11:28am, 18th July, 2017 04:06pm 18th July, 2017 by TonyBax
Piston broke
I just blew the top of my piston, clean off at the oil ring. The bike is an Indian iron barrel 2006 Classic. I have been told this is quite common at ...
Creaky45 39 1117 Technical 08:23am, 18th July, 2017 11:41am 22nd July, 2017 by papasmurf

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