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lithium battery
Lithium batteries are they worth the extra expense?
skidmarks 3 67 Technical 07:25pm, 18th January, 2018 12:43am 19th January, 2018 by Alan R
Ebay Bullet latest
I finally got round to finding out why the Ebay Bullet engine locked up. It appears the piston skirt is too long and it fouls the flywheels at BDC. Si...
Mark M 4 222 Technical 10:20pm, 11th January, 2018 12:36am 19th January, 2018 by Alan R
B5 fuel level sender question
The low fuel light on my 2013 B5 has just started staying on regardless of the actual fuel level and even when full. I've wiggled and WD40'd ...
PB1 3 53 Technical 04:44pm, 18th January, 2018 12:31am 19th January, 2018 by Alan R
swingarm bush removal, classic bullet
I'm about to put some bits into the powder coaters. One of them is the swingarm from an '04 500 bullet classic. I'm not sure how (or if) t...
stinkwheel 2 72 Technical 04:43pm, 18th January, 2018 07:41pm 18th January, 2018 by ericpode
2009 Bullet for sale
Hi Everyone, I am selling my 2009 535 Bullet - its a bit of a special based on a 2009 Classic EFI - it has had a 535 big bore kit, Amal carb con...
Wayne 8 437 Bikes For Sale 03:24pm, 11th January, 2018 05:04pm 18th January, 2018 by Wayne
Bullet drive chain pitch
Can anyone advise what pitch the drive train is on a standard indian 350 bullet (late 90's model). It looks like a 530 but as the existing chai...
Si81 4 126 Technical 05:12pm, 17th January, 2018 04:53pm 18th January, 2018 by Si81
Royal Enfield crusader sports
1962 crusader sports in ver good original condition Starts and runs well Please contact for more details and info. £2500 Ono Paul 01706825430
Gimbo 1 240 Bikes For Sale 02:09pm, 20th November, 2017 03:46pm 18th January, 2018 by Gimbo
Want to see how your engine works ??
------then take a look at this}---------> ----------> ---------->
Alan R 2 147 Technical 10:41pm, 17th January, 2018 01:59pm 18th January, 2018 by eddie the seagull
Constellation Question
Yo folks! Were the issues with the Constellation, such as warping crank cases, sorted on the later models of around 1962/63? Chris.
SMLE 13 246 Technical 11:38am, 17th January, 2018 01:39pm 18th January, 2018 by Bullet Whisperer
Sold my Royal Enfield today for the excessive price that I asked for it. Thank goodness that there are still dreamers in the world. Am buying a friend...
binary 29 1501 Technical 07:01am, 12th January, 2018 10:00am 18th January, 2018 by Adrian
Is it worth it?
2009 Efi. Fitted with H's free flow pipe and silencer with good results. Is it worth fitting free flow filter and updated ecu? What do you think? ...
beamish 8 248 Technical 05:51pm, 16th January, 2018 06:49pm 17th January, 2018 by Alan R
1957 AJS 350 16MS
Hi, I am selling my beautiful 1957 AJS 350. It is in stunning condition. Starts easily, although it hasn't been started for several weeks, so migh...
Flynn 6 329 Bikes For Sale 09:47pm, 10th January, 2018 12:04am 17th January, 2018 by Leon Novello
The 2018 Northern Classic
Well now who is up for a truly classic trial next month in our glorious Lake District? The Northern Classic kicks off from Wigton on Saturday 17th Feb...
Charlie 0 51 Social / Other 09:20pm, 16th January, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Sprag club
I wonder is there a club for those of us unlucky enough to have a sprag clutch explode. A loyal band of brothers in adversity. Maybe a badge of dish...
beamish 8 273 Technical 11:18am, 14th January, 2018 05:25pm 15th January, 2018 by beamish
Starter Solenoid Help
Tried to fit our hosts "better" solenoid today to the Electra X (ish) Upon close inspection the old one was fubarred. I am getting into a wucking fud...
papasmurf 25 670 Technical 03:42pm, 1st January, 2018 12:32pm 15th January, 2018 by papasmurf
Got a wee problem reconnecting the alternator... Yes I know I should have noted the colours..... But anyway... Two purple one yellow and one green...
Tomshayes 8 179 Technical 04:19pm, 13th January, 2018 12:53pm 14th January, 2018 by stinkwheel
Ordered my nice new black Himalayan today can't wait to get it. Hope our hosts do a nice range of bits to spend my pocket money on 👍👍
RocketRR 21 765 Technical 06:32pm, 9th January, 2018 11:02am 14th January, 2018 by RocketRR
More 535 Thoughts.
Hi again all. Well now that I've opened a can of worms I am wondering where to go re bottom end.Top end will be 8.5:1 535 w 32mm AMAL 900 Conce...
Tomshayes 76 3156 Technical 09:03am, 29th October, 2017 08:07pm 13th January, 2018 by Tomshayes
350 bullet compression test results
Probably paranoia because I've been working on a 500 bullet most recently. I was out on my 350 bullet at the weekend and it seemed down on compres...
stinkwheel 9 329 Technical 05:51pm, 10th January, 2018 03:30pm 13th January, 2018 by stinkwheel
2004 Bullet '65 plus extras---
Hi guys------- The Red Baron is for sale !!------I'm advertising this just a wee bit ahead of it actually being ready to collect as the MoT has no...
Alan R 0 160 Bikes For Sale 04:34pm, 12th January, 2018 No one has replied yet
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