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wayward electric!
Hi folks, I know we are usually trying to find out why our volts are not reaching the place they are supposed to but, have any of you had the problem ...
RayBeech 3 41 Technical 07:43pm, 19th August, 2018 09:48pm 19th August, 2018 by Aethelric
Crusader swingarm
Hi i have an issue with a Crusader swing arm spindle. when I tighten the spindle the swing arm locks up. the metal sleeves in the swing arm bearings l...
mart 7 147 Technical 03:32pm, 18th August, 2018 08:25pm 19th August, 2018 by mart
Flat spot
Afternoon all, though not an Enfield problem, I feel someone will have an answer. I have just acquired a Honda cg125 which starts easily and runs well...
Reg 4 68 Technical 06:09pm, 19th August, 2018 08:19pm 19th August, 2018 by Jamesy
Voltage regulator.
Just wanted to ask if anyone has had any issues with there voltage regulator and what they may have learned. My battery is good but isn't charging...
Johnandrew 4 69 Technical 02:36pm, 19th August, 2018 06:06pm 19th August, 2018 by Johnandrew
I believe it's not good to leave the ignition switched on with the engine not running, as the coil can be damaged? But is it ok if the points are...
Chris [Stockport] 4 142 Technical 12:46pm, 18th August, 2018 05:26pm 19th August, 2018 by Chris [Stockport]
Clipper Genuine or Fake
How do I check if a 1959 Clipper is genuine. Guy says he has papers from the R E Club confirming the bike authenticity. Engine Number is 1234. I Thoug...
Boneidle 4 148 Technical 01:15pm, 18th August, 2018 02:33pm 19th August, 2018 by Adrian
Amal carb
I have an Amal carburettor in a box of spare parts that came with my b350 when I bought it.I was told by an ex Enfield owner to forget it cause it wil...
Jamesy 6 156 Technical 10:52am, 18th August, 2018 01:11pm 19th August, 2018 by stinkwheel
Before I pick up my new C5 I want to get a set of LED replacement bulbs but I've no idea of the bulb types, if some one has a list I'd be grat...
RoSy 1 83 Technical 05:48pm, 17th August, 2018 10:48am 19th August, 2018 by ric
RE Project Bikes
Just wondering, has anyone got any RE projects, Redditch, Bradford-on-Avon, Indian or bitsa on the go? Want to share some work in progress photos? I c...
Adrian 9 485 Technical 07:03pm, 11th July, 2018 09:14am 19th August, 2018 by mart
Lucas SR1
Hi I have a Lucas SR1 which produces a weak spark when turned by hand- is this normal? should it produce a fat blue spark when turned by hand ? ta Ma...
mart 13 231 Technical 10:05am, 17th August, 2018 09:08am 19th August, 2018 by DonMc
REOC South Midlands Branch Ride Out Tomorrow (19th August)
Evening all. Anyone got any info' on the above? Working shifts means I rarely get to the branch meetings. Cheers, Chris.
SMLE 0 23 Social / Other 11:14pm, 18th August, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Black Stealth
Hi everybody from Tasmania Australia I have a 2018 Black Stealth Classic 500 my problem is that the engine light stays on permanently No lack in pow...
Tas pete 2 90 Social / Other 10:35am, 18th August, 2018 06:53pm 18th August, 2018 by ric
Lost gears possibly clutch related?
So some of you may read on the MBR forum that on my 2000 350 ive curently got a cracked inner and outer primary case as the clutch centre nut hadnt be...
Super45 31 710 Technical 12:35pm, 24th July, 2018 03:20pm 18th August, 2018 by Super45
Connie engine strip & rebuild question
Hi everyone, some of you will know that I've had problems with my Connie since the day I bought it. I have now saved enough money to rebuild it. I...
Marko 5 185 Technical 11:07am, 15th August, 2018 01:35pm 18th August, 2018 by Marko
Piston to Valve clash
A combination of new parts in my Bullet 500 is causing the inlet valve to clash with the crown of the piston. Please read the end paragraph and quest...
adamscarborough 46 1428 Technical 10:53am, 12th August, 2018 10:04am 18th August, 2018 by Beezabryan
date and I.D engine
i have picked up an 350 royal enfield engine from a breaker with a failed big end with signs of military green paint in places, it has stamp marking i...
nig 0 67 Technical 04:47pm, 17th August, 2018 No one has replied yet
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2004 Bullet Sixty 5 Trials Style For Sale
For very reluctant sale is my 2004 Bullet Sixty 5 in red which i have turned into a trials style. All of the original parts are included should you w...
burcotbullet 1 91 Bikes For Sale 03:20pm, 16th August, 2018 03:33pm 16th August, 2018 by burcotbullet
2004 Bullet Sixty 5 Trials Style For Sale
For very reluctant sale is my 2004 Bullet Sixty 5 in red which i have turned into a trials style. All of the original parts are included should you w...
burcotbullet 1 101 Bikes For Sale 03:20pm, 16th August, 2018 03:26pm 16th August, 2018 by burcotbullet
500 uce wanted
hi all, Im after a 500 3 year old max, with low miles in good condition, north west area. thanks mark.
marco 1 106 Bikes For Sale 08:34pm, 26th July, 2018 12:54pm 16th August, 2018 by Spiller
gt 500 conti
Hi Folks I like the look of the gt 500 conti efi but my back would not like the clip ons ?? is there a handlebar riser kit so I can fit more ...
Bridgeman 3 157 Technical 12:32pm, 15th August, 2018 10:19am 16th August, 2018 by Leon Novello

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