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The Ebay Bullet at last!
Well here it is: It's a 1955 350 Bullet. Now on the road, registered and going well. I built this from a rusty wreck purchased from Ebay. A...
Mark M 6 154 09:57am, 19th September, 2018 11:04pm 19th September, 2018 by Super45
Best tank pad glue ?
I shall be glueing some tank pads onto my 500 twin's tank soon. Can anybody recommend the best glue to use or any other tips? Thanks.
colinp 3 93 09:09pm, 18th September, 2018 09:06pm 19th September, 2018 by colinp
Trials Bullet oil filter assembly removal
Hi please have a look at this photo of a 'works' trials bike with the oil filter casting removed. the mod was done to save weight and increase...
mart 3 155 05:19pm, 16th September, 2018 08:44pm 19th September, 2018 by mart
Fork oil
2007 Electra, what's folks opinion on best oil, and how much please ?
Ian M Brown 9 197 04:18pm, 16th September, 2018 05:21pm 19th September, 2018 by ric
Lost gears possibly clutch related?
So some of you may read on the MBR forum that on my 2000 350 ive curently got a cracked inner and outer primary case as the clutch centre nut hadnt be...
Super45 33 963 12:35pm, 24th July, 2018 01:57pm 19th September, 2018 by Super45
Engine numbers
My 2004, iron barrelled, Bullet Electra 350 has the rear topsides of both crankcase halves stamped with the numbers "500", just forward of the where t...
Wheaters 0 47 10:01pm, 18th September, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Wider swing arm for Electra X
Hi Has anyone have experience of removing and replacing the original swing arm for a wider swing arm?
Graham43 15 259 08:54am, 14th September, 2018 04:52pm 18th September, 2018 by Graham43
Model G Rear Wheel Fitment
I bought all the bits to fit the rear wheel to my model G from Hitchcocks but I'm at a loss how it all goes together. There are two knurled spa...
Hardhat_Barry 1 88 06:39pm, 17th September, 2018 01:12pm 18th September, 2018 by Presto
Oil change
How much engine oil will my b350 need for an oil change?
Jamesy 1 65 09:08am, 18th September, 2018 11:13am 18th September, 2018 by Presto
Composite head gasket & torque values
Quick question on head fixing torque values with composite head gaskets. 24 ft/lbs seems to be the normal figure, should I be using the same with a...
Andy C 4 168 07:51am, 16th September, 2018 10:49am 18th September, 2018 by PeteF
Crankcases cleanup help
Hi Guys I have bit neglected clipper 350 crankcases. ( engine# C305 ) which i want to use :( how i can clean this . i dip it petrol for one nigh...
enfield_trials 25 695 12:46pm, 10th September, 2018 05:45pm 17th September, 2018 by Mark M
Brake drum issues
Hi I have noticed the brakes on my 91 Bullet 500 are not quite right although they do work. When I bought the bike the rear brake was set up so it wa...
Lord-Toady 7 144 08:58am, 17th September, 2018 12:46pm 17th September, 2018 by enfield_trials
Mikcarb Tubing
I've got a Mikcarb on my '06 Bullet 500. It looks like it has two stubs with provisions for tubing. I'd assume one is an overflow that sho...
TONUPBOY 4 202 04:19pm, 14th September, 2018 05:48am 17th September, 2018 by TONUPBOY
Hi, My 1956 500 twin has a Lucas Dynamo on it. The end of dynamo emerges just above the cover for the timing chains. It is threaded and I can feel ...
colinp 7 156 09:40pm, 14th September, 2018 09:40pm 16th September, 2018 by Mark M
oil problem
Hi i having problems with a lot of oil running into the sump. And when i kick the engine over with the sump plug out oil spurts out.Can anyone give m...
kh 3 121 04:39pm, 16th September, 2018 09:10pm 16th September, 2018 by kh
A/R Unit eating back plate
There are gouges in the rear of the backplate in the distributor caused by the pins on the A/R unit making contact with the baseplate. I have made ...
Andy C 3 100 06:34pm, 15th September, 2018 07:45am 16th September, 2018 by Andy C
Is the Goldie Exhaust too loud for prolonged noise exposure?
Hi, I ended up taking an unexpected 700 mile round trip to my son in Falmouth in the summer, on my C5 classic EFI (Euro IV). The previous owner had fi...
25Tom 10 305 08:15am, 13th September, 2018 06:13pm 15th September, 2018 by ric
Anyone here used this below on an electra x i was told it should help. the sprag clutch went on mine last week and don't want to spend all that mo...
bumpkin 26 563 02:33pm, 11th September, 2018 05:19pm 15th September, 2018 by Wheaters
Leakage from Distributor (Cont)
Hello, folks! I'm new to the forum; just purchased a 2006 Bullet 500 a couple months ago. Since then, I've only gotten to ride it a handful of...
TONUPBOY 34 898 11:40am, 30th August, 2018 04:13pm 14th September, 2018 by TONUPBOY
HD gearboxes
I have an HDA and an HDE gearbox, they were sold to me some years ago as twin gearboxes. I have used the HDA with a Constellation engine and the HDE i...
Martyn T 6 140 02:16pm, 13th September, 2018 03:49pm 14th September, 2018 by Chris Tindal

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