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Inner Primary case

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Inner Primary case
Started at 08:07pm on the 28th February, 2013 by Freddy W
Freddy W Subject: Inner Primary case
Hi all ,
I’ve just got round to changing my gearbox sprocket. ,
2004 Bullet 65,
All has gone well up until the removal of the inner primary chain case. ,
The three counbtersunk 5mm Allen key screws came out easy plus one small nut at the rear of the chain case. The starter motor was removed, and I tried to pull the inner chaincase off……….. ,
The rear of the chaincase appears to want to move but the front seems solid. Tried with rubber hammer and thin wedge but to no avail. Is it just stuck with some sort of original gasket goo or is there a nut I’ve forgotten?... Or should I just belt it a bit harder? ,
Don’t want to break it £92 for new one. I would like initial replies by tomorrow, Friday, so I can get spares by Saturday from Hitchcocks. ,
Regards stumped Fred
Posted: 08:07pm 28th February, 2013
Jack Subject: Inner Primary case
We assume you have taken out the chain adjuster pivot bolt!So that leaves gasket goo, but i doubt that is holding things up,jack.
Posted: 09:58pm 28th February, 2013
Alan R Subject: Inner Primary case
Hello there FREDDY W, --------- Good news and Bad news for you... First the good news I have a spare NoS inner primary cover which can be had for just £30 if you cock it up !! (Bought for a project etc--etc !!)-------------Image and video hosting by TinyPic------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ and here's a view of the back }---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Posted: 10:10pm 28th February, 2013
Alan R Subject: Inner Primary case
The bad news is}---- although I also did a Bullet 65 sprocket it was a few years back and I can't remember what else there might be holding it ----------- hence the view of the rear !!
Posted: 10:12pm 28th February, 2013
Freddy W Subject: Inner Primary case
Chain adjuster pivot bolt!!!! No, I have not removed this stud….,
In all the bits and pieces I have read nowhere does it mention removing this stud. After I’ve taken the dogs out I shall go and remove it.
Hope I don’t need the inner chaincase Alan ,

Thanks Jack,
Regards Fred
Posted: 08:31am 1st March, 2013
John R Subject: Inner Primary case
Gearbox dogs should not need removal...
Posted: 09:42am 1st March, 2013
Alan R Subject: Inner Primary case
--------- I think that's the "Woof-woof" type ??
Posted: 12:22pm 1st March, 2013
Alan R Subject: Inner Primary case
Hi guys-------- If you look at our hosts schematic parts list for 2003 Bullet 65, page 11 it clearly shows that item to be a STUD with a pair of locking nuts, not a bolt.. In which case the inner cover will slide over it---hence no mention of it having to be removed !!It might be that some previous owner has fitted a bolt though..This stud is very useful to support the weight of the casing when re-fitting as you will need to position the gearbox output shaft seal as accurately as possible----- I recommend using our hosts alignment guide (or make your own )... A bad fit here will result in primary chain oil ( ATF I hope ??) leaking down the back face...Go on, ask me how I know that ?? LoL !!----Don't forget you'll need to have some way of centralising the generator stator assembly around the rotor..
Posted: 12:38pm 1st March, 2013
Freddy W Subject: Inner Primary case
Hi all
One of my little Cockers is a right little stud and needs to be taken out along with the Chain adjuster stud which has now been removed. I had put the 2 nuts back on it so I wouldn’t lose them! Doh!!!
I have hit it, rocked it, and generally thrutched it and the inner cover has just come off.
Alan, I’ve not moved the gearbox output shaft seal so I assume it will still be lined up, and I’ve got H’s alternator bit of plastic setting shim.

Thanks Fred
Posted: 01:21pm 1st March, 2013
PeteF Subject: Inner Primary case
I don't know about 65s but some of the classics left the factory with the seal not well centralised. Worth checking it.
Posted: 01:34pm 1st March, 2013

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