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Suprize on the door Mat

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Suprize on the door Mat
Started at 10:58am on the 24th May, 2016 by Paul M H
Paul M H Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
Got up this morning and found the latest Hitchcocks catalogue on the mat. I've just had a quick browsing though the latest additions. Must say there is some good new parts I like the 13 spoke alloy wheels
Posted: 10:58am 24th May, 2016
Beezabryan Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
Have not had one in years but yes, this morning there was one in our mailbox. Not looked at it yet, too many home jobs to be done before we start roaming about.
Posted: 01:28pm 24th May, 2016
Adrian Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
Mine arrived too, or hosts must have thought we still have a bit too much money left! What you must NOT do however is drag out your old (eg) 2007 catalogue and see how much the prices for all those desirable bits have gone up in the last nine years. I shall be reading and weeping later on, but just to share the joy, here's a sample.

Café racer alloy top yoke was £159 + VAT back then, the 200160A long stroke crank £665 + VAT.

Armed with this and a time machine you can go back and make a pretty persuasive argument to the domestic finance committee (once she has given up trying to work out why you look nine years older) that NOW (2007) is the time to build that Bullet you always wanted.

Posted: 04:24pm 24th May, 2016
Paul M H Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
Yes the money Ive done on this years remodelling. The wife says a should of brought a new bike but then it would not be my old Bullet then. New seat New tank New alloy rear seat subframes New Handle bars tyres tubes rim tapes Neo headlight unit and bulb.  photo 20160326_163414.jpg
 photo 20160326_163456.jpg
Posted: 04:53pm 24th May, 2016
Barry_Q Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
I've got the catalogue as well! Hooray! I tend to throw out the old one, so I don't know about any price increases.
Posted: 05:33pm 24th May, 2016
Adrian Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
The phrase Loose-leaf History Books springs to mind! A.
Posted: 06:00pm 24th May, 2016
Craig Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
I always pass my old cataloge on to a motorcycling non RE beveler then usually they end up getting one :0) I use the On line to Keep it going and the Book to Dream (But very useful it is too) THANK YOU Mr H ...
Posted: 07:19pm 24th May, 2016
Rattlebattle Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
Where's mine then???? Not that I'm jealous or anything. I'd love to know what new goodies there are for the C5. Perhaps they send them in alphabetical order?
Posted: 10:19pm 24th May, 2016
Leon Novello Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
A procrastinator`s work is never done.
Posted: 06:55am 25th May, 2016
Lee B Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
So much I would buy. So little can I afford. Sigh!! Still I can dream of a lottery win. I love the NEW ROUNDED PANNIERS (92900) you can get for the Classic. Wish you could get them for the Electra.
Posted: 08:10am 28th May, 2016
Mark M Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
Although I only have one Bullet and that's Redditch, (actually, thinking about it I also have the Ebay Bullet on which progress is being made again!) I love the catalogue for inspiration because quite a few cycle parts and some engine parts will fit the Twins and other models. I also like giving the old catalogue to owners of lesser bikes just to show them how good a spares supplier can be!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 08:19am 28th May, 2016
John R Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
Methinks the timing of the catalogue along with the free Royal Enfield supplement given away with this month's Classic Bike is no coincidence!
Posted: 10:11am 28th May, 2016
papatom Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
What about this for a competition prize. A trolley dash around Hitchcocks. Hmmmm. After investigation of the new catalogue of course. One can only dream.
Posted: 09:02am 29th May, 2016
MB Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
Does anyone have a spare copy of the supplement which went out with Classic Bike magazine? My brother just acquired an Enfield and would love to read it before getting stuck ito the inevitable parts acquisition process, but it turns out mine got lost in a house move. Either surface post or a scanned copy/PDF would be fine. I don't visit this forum too often, so a reply to would be best. Thanks in advance!
Posted: 12:46pm 9th August, 2017
dazza Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
Yes prices gone up a lot I got a parts book 2 years old and wanted to order the underseat cover last year it was £17.50 now £29 lol but same part is £12 on e bay from India ?
Posted: 01:15pm 9th August, 2017
Hitchcocks Motorcycles Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
The Indian made under seat covers, part 93085 were dropped from our range over 2 years ago due to poor quality and consistency. Instead we opted to invest in tooling and manufacture some polypropylene covers, these are far superior and very consistent. Incidentally they are made in Redditch within a few miles of the old factory. They are listed under part number 93086 and 93087
Posted: 09:38pm 9th August, 2017
dazza Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
Thanks good to know
Posted: 09:55am 10th August, 2017
Alan R Subject: Suprize on the door Mat
Hi Guys---now all you need to do is get the bikes built there as well !! (can but hope !!)
Posted: 10:04am 11th August, 2017

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