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led bulbs

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led bulbs
Started at 09:00am on the 18th April, 2017 by scotty
scotty Subject: led bulbs
Any of you blokes in the electric business know if 12v led stop tail globes will work on 6v, trying to get one for a 6v trailbike .
Posted: 09:00am 18th April, 2017
abe Subject: led bulbs
HI Mate, try vehicle wiring products, on 0115 9305 5454. they sell all kinds of led lamps.
Posted: 09:39am 18th April, 2017
Mark M Subject: led bulbs
Try my mate Pete at he has LED in all shapes sizes and polarity free and much better quality!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 09:52am 18th April, 2017
Revband Subject: led bulbs
+1 for Pete, knows his bike electrics and a nice guy as well.
Posted: 10:30am 18th April, 2017
KC1961 Subject: led bulbs
Can't think why they wouldn't work in a 6v system. However, I have bought a few LED stop/tail bulbs for my GT as I was fed up with it blowing conventional bulbs, all of them didn't have much difference in brightness between tail and stop. They all came from ebay and weren't E marked. I eventually fitted an LED lightboard which is much better.
Posted: 10:57am 18th April, 2017
Scalyback Subject: led bulbs
YAY, Pete's the man, he'll do 6v 12v flashing bulbs, allsorts.
Posted: 03:08pm 18th April, 2017
bigalfromwigan Subject: led bulbs
I too have fitted led bulbs to both my bikes and so far so good. I have idea if the stop light is brighter than the tail lamp though I guess I will find out when I take it for it's next Mot. But I am wondering about these led light boards mentioned above, could someone kindly enlighten me?
Posted: 01:20pm 29th April, 2017
KC1961 Subject: led bulbs
[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] If my attempt at posting a photo has worked, this is my light board.
Posted: 04:52pm 29th April, 2017
Adrian Subject: led bulbs
Try this:

Posted: 05:41pm 29th April, 2017
Scalyback Subject: led bulbs
Scalyback for ever!
Posted: 05:43pm 29th April, 2017
Scalyback Subject: led bulbs
I got my code wrong for the pic, well done Adrian. Now how often do I screw up?
Posted: 05:44pm 29th April, 2017
Adrian Subject: led bulbs
This forum only lets you post pictures using the HTML code, **not** the IMG code you normally use for forum postings. Hopefully once our hosts have finished updating the web site this little feature will have been addressed.

I have to say I get very annoyed with PhotoBucket as well as TinyPics and their pop-up adverts. I have recently started using and so far it's pretty good. For some reason PhotoBucket wouldn't let me copy and paste the HTML code either, I had to work around it.

Posted: 05:55pm 29th April, 2017
KC1961 Subject: led bulbs
Thanks to Adrian for getting my picture to appear. Anyway, I bought an E-marked led stop/tail light and removed the board and then wired it up to an old light bulb fitting and then made it fit the RE light unit. No more blown bulbs and an adequate difference in brightness between tail and stop.
Posted: 07:40pm 29th April, 2017
Cumbrian_andy Subject: led bulbs
If you want to dim an LED then you could always try a resistor in series with the lamp. The value would vary according to the voltage drop required and the current draw of the LED Cluster. Also bear in mind the power rating (wattage) of the resistor, It could be a significant factor. Use good old Ohms law to work out the values needed. Volts = Amps x resistance and Watts = Amps x Volts. Good to see you like the LED solutions, I'm tempted but so far the vibes havent killed the filament bulb. By the way Halfords seem to stock a full range of LED replacement bulbs (at a price). Andy.
Posted: 05:40pm 3rd May, 2017

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