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Started at 09:24am on the 21st April, 2017 by Baz Ray
Baz Ray Subject: WHERE IS IT
Hi does anyone out there know the whereabouts of my old 1961 Crusader Sports? I would love to know if it is still around. I lived in Streatham South London at the time and sold it to a mate. Regards Barry Ray.
Posted: 09:24am 21st April, 2017
Scalyback Subject: WHERE IS IT
Would you have something like the reg number? That could be very useful.
Posted: 11:31am 21st April, 2017
Baz Ray Subject: WHERE IS IT
Hi . The rego was 426 CLK. Baz
Posted: 10:44am 23rd April, 2017
Mark M Subject: WHERE IS IT
According to the DVLA website it's not on the system. However that doesn't mean it isn't around, it may not have been re-registered in 1979 when everything was computerised or the reg number has been transferred to something else. Sadly that's the only realistic search you can do.

REgards, Mark
Posted: 10:53am 23rd April, 2017
Adrian Subject: WHERE IS IT
If you had a note of the engine or frame numbers (bit of a big ask after all this time) the owners' club would have details if it has survived and a member has it with another registration number (age related or Q plate). A.
Posted: 03:38pm 23rd April, 2017
Baz Ray Subject: WHERE IS IT
Hi Adrian. Unfortunately I do not have frame or engine Nos. The only thing I do have is a picture of me on it which I treasure. I shall just have to give up all hope and live on the memory and keep riding my 1965 GT.which I love as much. Regards Baz
Posted: 02:39pm 24th April, 2017

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