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Long stroke crankshaft for 500/535cc EFI engine including the GT

All English crankshaft for the fuel injected 500/535cc EFi engine including GT

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Shropshire area ride-out ???

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Shropshire area ride-out ???
Started at 01:45am on the 7th August, 2017 by Alan R
Alan R Subject: Shropshire area ride-out ???
Hi Guys--------anyone in the Shropshire area fancy a mid-week ride-out ??......Suggested route}--- Meet at Quatt for Breakfast-----then to Prees Heath----- Ponderosa, Llangollen-----Bridgnorth Station SVR----Finish at Quatt.....This Wednesday, 8th August seems like good weather....I'm suffering from a combination of Cabin Fever and Forum-itus so I'll def be going........Just look out for me, auld fartybagz on Red Barron....Depart Quatt at 10.00 AM--------Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Posted: 01:45am 7th August, 2017
Alan R Subject: Shropshire area ride-out ???
Uh-oh,---- looks like the long arm of Photobucket is at work again !!
Posted: 01:49am 7th August, 2017
Alan R Subject: Shropshire area ride-out ???
Rain stopped play !!
Posted: 06:51am 9th August, 2017
Exile Subject: Shropshire area ride-out ???
Photobucket Alan? That's a Tinypic emblem. Isn't it? A shame that the weather spoiled your day.. This is supposed to be summer.
Posted: 12:43pm 9th August, 2017
Alan R Subject: Shropshire area ride-out ???
Hi EXILE---- I believe that Tinypics is owned by Photobucket, similar to the E-Bay and PayPal arrangement...That last posting of mine was early this morning at about 7 am when it was the proverbial "Cats and Dogs" scenario.... Now, as I sit here at the keyboard, it's sunny with a strong breeze !!........Ah well, maybe Sunday then ??....Any takers for a run to the Wrexham Miniature Steam Railway ??
Posted: 01:50pm 9th August, 2017
Kickstarter Subject: Shropshire area ride-out ???
Alan Most Tuesday afternoons finds us ending up at Montford Bridge after 3.30. If dry. On Sunday 13th we may well be at Mill Meece pumping station at around mid-day as other bikes are expected. This will give us time to get back to Cosford railway station. Duchess of Sutherland is running towards Wolverhampton passing Wellington at 17.57 and stopping at Cosford 18.16 until 18.33.
Posted: 04:49pm 10th August, 2017
Alan R Subject: Shropshire area ride-out ???
Hi KICKSTARTER----- alas Tuesdays I'm at Oswestry ( Steam Railway working day ) and usually don't finish until 5pm...This Sunday is our Trains running day so I'll be at the tracksite to help-out etc.....Joyce and I went to York then through to Scarborough recently headed by the Duchess...Had a great day with no problems at all..I'll try and catch you guys at Montford Bridge one day by leaving early....Last time I was there it had been raining VERY HARD and the lower end of that cross-over road was flooded up to axle deep !!
Posted: 10:01am 11th August, 2017
Lone Wolf Subject: Shropshire area ride-out ???
Wotcha. I'll be at Millmeece on Sunday, all being well.
Posted: 01:09am 12th August, 2017
Alan R Subject: Shropshire area ride-out ???
Hi Guys------- well, didn't quite make it to Mill Meece I'm afraid having spent the afternoon creosoting timbers for the railway embankment supports at Oswestry Model Engineers track site......and only half made it to Wellington !!--- Joyce lives but a stones throw from Wellington Station and I arrived there just in time to hear 46233 blasting through the station on it's way to Cosford etc--etc... But at least I did go on Red Baron and put in approx. 65 miles overall......Having run it for some 300 mile since purchase I've now got a "feeling" for it, not least of which is I'm sure it still has the 18T output sprocket on it....So there's some more work for the Winter....and then there's the disc brake conversion kit which has arrived from India ( and all in v. good order I have to say )...Ho-hum = MORE work !!
Posted: 11:50pm 13th August, 2017
Kickstarter Subject: Shropshire area ride-out ???
Got to Mill Meece for 1.30.Mainly cars there as expected but a dozen or so bikes turned up whilst we were there. Went to Cosford to see the Duchess.There is a bike day at Mill Meece in September.
Posted: 07:54pm 14th August, 2017
Alan R Subject: Shropshire area ride-out ???
Here you go then-----> -------- I'll try and be there on Red Baron ..
Posted: 11:09pm 14th August, 2017

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