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LED bulbs

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LED bulbs
Started at 10:59pm on the 8th August, 2017 by Scalyback
Scalyback Subject: LED bulbs
Had a great evening trip home from the REOC Kent branch meeting tonight. People were asking me where I got Kevin's and Tornado's led lamps from, well it's Pete at dynamo and regulator rebuilds. he does 12V 6V +ETH, -ETH, whatever and he does the flashing bulbs in Kevin's trafficators.

LED bulbs for motorcycles

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Posted: 10:59pm 8th August, 2017
Scalyback Subject: LED bulbs
Link didn't work... copy and paste.
Posted: 11:01pm 8th August, 2017
simon Subject: LED bulbs
Yes I've got a couple from this source and the service was great. Made a snafu with the RE bulb though in that I forgot it was positive earth for some reason. Still I can on sell it to my chum with the 35 Panther who can use a ba15 bulb with a neg earth requirement. The BSA has a very bright bulb that only draws an amp or two but due to the set up of the bulb (one led dip, two on high beam) it does always show a high beam warning light.
Posted: 04:16am 10th August, 2017

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