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Insurance quotes

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Insurance quotes
Started at 02:30am on the 9th August, 2017 by Alan R
Alan R Subject: Insurance quotes
Hi Guys--------Yes, it's that time again for the Annual Insurance Premium "Cash-cull"..........Carol has made contact and offered me £187 Fully Comp. ( I have no option it seems !!) on Red Barron a 2005 Bullet '65.......... Is that a) Good.....b) Typical..... c) Rip-off.......d) A good discount for being a loyal customer....Also, I now have to declare the 3 points on my licence gained this year ( went through a red light in Leicester ) much are they likely to load my premium ??
Posted: 02:30am 9th August, 2017
Valsp Subject: Insurance quotes
I can’t tell you that but whatever you do get more than one quote. I had been insured with Carole Nash for over 22 years and had 3 classics on the same policy until earlier this year when I got another bike. It is the least valuable of them all – a Suzuki 500 2 stroke worth about £4000. They wanted another £120 a year to add it to the policy. After some discussion they cut the increase to just over £60. I went to Footman James and they insured the lot for £1 less than I had paid the previous year. So shop around
Posted: 06:32am 9th August, 2017
Steve T Subject: Insurance quotes
I'm with Liverpool Victoria 35% no claims on 2002 500 Bullet £90, that's with legal cover and protected no claims.👍🏻
Posted: 07:37am 9th August, 2017
PO51UHD Subject: Insurance quotes
I pay less than that for 3 bikes with Lynbrook.
As the man says, shop around!
Posted: 07:55am 9th August, 2017
Beezabryan Subject: Insurance quotes
I will add to the shoparound advice. Been hearing good things about Lynbrook of late. I gave up some years ago on the french broker masquerading as Carole Nash when I realised how much they were taking the pi55.
Posted: 08:41am 9th August, 2017
steveW Subject: Insurance quotes
Hi all, I'm also insuring my Electra ( no claims used up on Tiger) given the cost of parts I'm guessing that if the worse happened it would be written off on economic grounds anyway, so I'm just going TPFT, what are your thoughts about this strategy?
Posted: 11:01am 9th August, 2017
PeteF Subject: Insurance quotes
Loyal customer? That means nothing to insurance companies these days.
You do have a n option, ring them up and ask for a better deal or you will take your business elsewhere. In my experience they always come down.
Most companies will ignore 3 points.
Posted: 11:48am 9th August, 2017
Exile Subject: Insurance quotes
I have a childhood friend in the UK. He was knocked off his bike 4 months ago. (Sorry mate, I didn't see you!)
He was not badly hurt but his bike was. 4 months later with Carol Nash and he still hasn't had any sort of resolution... Talk about dereliction of obligation.

Doesn't sound promising...
Posted: 12:01pm 9th August, 2017
dazza Subject: Insurance quotes
Yeah go on compare the market I just gone to bennets multi bike cover I always shop around as every year my renewal goes up no such thing as loyal customer lol
Posted: 01:28pm 9th August, 2017
Alan R Subject: Insurance quotes
Hi guys-------- As usual great advice !!...STEVE T, I tried the Lurv !! but couldn't get in contact to ask questions----Eventually used ASDA Bike Insurance and found GROVE & DEAN who charged £109 for fully comp. including Breakdown Recovery, overseas riding....and £150 Excess.
Posted: 03:49pm 9th August, 2017
abe Subject: Insurance quotes
Hi just renewed with Bike Sure £114 fully comp was £112 last year so pretty good imhop. roy.
Posted: 10:10am 10th August, 2017
AA maniac Subject: Insurance quotes
Hello Alan , sorry to hear you got stung by one of our dreaded red light cameras in my home town of Leicester( was it the ones near fosse park). Have you tried Hastings Direct for your insurance .... they came out with the lowest fully comp quote for my Electra ( nearly half the price of the renewal bike sure sent me).
Posted: 01:33pm 10th August, 2017
Kickstarter Subject: Insurance quotes
Hi Alan I use Saga Select and pay less than £100 for an e.f.I. bullet fully comp. I have no points on my licence and I think I stand £150 excess but not sure. Saga Select cover motorbikes,vans and campers. Different to Saga who I insure my house and car with.
Posted: 04:41pm 10th August, 2017
Beezabryan Subject: Insurance quotes
Burger the meerkats, the warbling welshman et al. I do my own comparisons.
1992 Bullet500, 1952 BSA Flash & a Box, 1954 BSA Wing Wheel £89.39 Full comp, European cover, UK & European rescue etc.
Posted: 05:23pm 10th August, 2017
Alan R Subject: Insurance quotes
Hello guys and what a marvellous response !!.... Just goes to show the twin values of being an Enfield owner AND using our hosts forum as well...............AA MANIAC, yes, that could well be the place ( I had a Google Map look at it just now )....Joyce and I went through it in the car a year or two ago in broad daylight, knowing the route we wanted and still had to make two attempts before getting it right !!...This time it was at night, in light drizzley rain and having my attention taken by my mate --- who is almost totally deaf saying}---- "Eh ? .. What ? ... Eh ?...SCREECH ( that's his two hearing aids going out of tune ) every time I asked a question............After 3 hours of this trapped in the car with him your attention can become slightly jaded to say the least....From what I can remember it's a very LARGE junction with A roads and Motorway / Dual carriageways all converging together, the lights and road signs seem to be quite high up and the whole thing is on the top of a slight rise of the ground...... You need to eat a lot of those famous Leicester crisps just to keep your nerves from fraying---
Posted: 09:31am 11th August, 2017
Paul G Subject: Insurance quotes
Interesting to read about insurance quotes. What gets me is the dramatic effect alterations make, and lots of people on here make alterations from standard. I am probably one of the younger conributors (mid sixties, snigger) have been riding continuously since my teens, no claims for over 30 years, clean licence, but when I changed the bars on my Hinckley Bonneville (I have a Bullet sixty 5 as well) it seemed to set off the equivalent of the three minute warning. If renewal is as bad, I will probably put it back to standard and flog it. Bars were not extreme, just renthall mid rise which I found much more comfortable. Surely you chaps/esses must have issues with declared mods? I found none bike mainstream insurers would not even quote for a modded bike at all; some years ago I fitted a 3 into one exhaust on a Hinckley triple to replace a rotten original, no performance gain, just cheaper and only specialist bike brokers would quote. I will obviously shop around as usual at renewal time!
Posted: 03:37pm 11th August, 2017
Rattlebattle Subject: Insurance quotes
Try Lynbrook. Like you I'm mid sixties and have been riding for 48 years, with a totally clean licence for the last 43 years. (I was a naughty young man but I learned how to crash and survive). I have passed the IAM test for both. IKEA and cars. For years I stuck with Carole Nash but last year the premium increase was too much to stomach and this time they wouldn't come down much. Having read an article in Real Classic about the trouble FW and RH were having renewing insurance for their fleet I did the same and tried Lynbrook. It's best to ring them, preferably having tried others first so that they can try to beat the quote. In my case there was a saving but the key thing is that they are aware of bikes and the common mods. They were content when I explained that I'd replaced the EFI on my C5 with a carb and fitted an aftermarket silencer etc and with the mods done to my Hinckley Thruxton. Unlike Bennetts they knew what a bog standard 1954 Tiger 100 is and were happy to cover that. They don't charge an admin fee for changing a bike on the policy and they show the individual premium of each bike, so if you remove one from the policy you can calculate the refund due and they don't make it up as they go along. For those with more than one bike and who change them like socks this is a good policy. It is underwritten by a Lloyds syndicate. Cheapest isn't necessarily the best.
Posted: 07:02pm 11th August, 2017
Rattlebattle Subject: Insurance quotes
WTF? Where'd Ikea come from? Please delete advert for cheap and nasty furniture...
Posted: 07:04pm 11th August, 2017
Beezabryan Subject: Insurance quotes
There is a factor involved that many may not be aware of - your individual post code may indicate either a high or low risk area with a corresponding adjustment to policy premiums.
I am low risk while others are not so fotunate so me blethering on about my low cost really is not a true story.
Posted: 07:10pm 11th August, 2017
Paul G Subject: Insurance quotes
Thanks for the replies and the Lynbrook suggestion, thought they only did older bikes, will definitely try them. My postcode is low risk, in fact I moved house in January and my car insurance actually gave me a refund!! My old address was also lowish risk. Still remember insuring my C15 for a fiver and the old Norwich Union rider policy covering all sorts of dubious bikes. Low point was when bike insurance was based on cc so my M21 was the same as a CB600 :-0
Posted: 07:48pm 11th August, 2017

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