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Changing Bullet 500 gearbox to 5 speed

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Changing Bullet 500 gearbox to 5 speed
Started at 07:00pm on the 11th August, 2017 by flactem
flactem Subject: Changing Bullet 500 gearbox to 5 speed
Has anyone experience of changing the 4 speed gearbox to 5 speed? The 2003 machine has done 4,140 miles so is still very useable - is there a market for exchange, or sale, towards the cost of a new 5 speed box? Any information or thoughts would be appreciated.
Posted: 07:00pm 11th August, 2017
binary Subject: Changing Bullet 500 gearbox to 5 speed
I put a 5 speed gearbox on my 1964 Royal Enfield. I bought a second hand left shift 5 speed gearbox off Hitchcock's. I then put a Hitchcock's right hand conversion kit on it. I fitted it up and it has made a brilliant difference to my motorcycle. I love to ride my bike now that the old 4 speed gearbox has gone. I changed the gearbox with out having to take the engine out of the frame. There was nothing to have to alter. The 5 speed just slips in with out any problem as it is slightly smaller than the 4 speed. To pull the old box out you just completely take out the 4 studs that hold the gearbox to the engine and then the gearbox will slip out the right side of the frame. The new box just slips in the same way and then you just put the studs back in again. From my experience of doing this conversion I lost money by buying a second hand left shift gearbox and then having to convert it to a right hand shift. My advice is to buy the right hand shift 5 speed gearbox from Hitchcock's part number 90110 or 90111. With this box you will get the whole gearbox and everything that you will need to do the conversion. I lost money because I had to buy all this stuff seperatly. Buy the full gearbox and it will come with the fitting kit and then it is just a strait forward conversion. If you go ahead with the 5 speed gearbox and need some help I will give you my email address and you can contact me through that.
Posted: 11:25pm 11th August, 2017
Alan R Subject: Changing Bullet 500 gearbox to 5 speed
Hi FLACTEM------I've not actually changed any boxes as such but I am now on my fourth 500cc Bullet.........No1 was a "Bullet '65" with a 5-speed box as standard....Nos. 2 and 3 were normal (?) Albion 4-speed with neutral pre-select, and No.4 is again a "Bullet '65" with 5-speed box as standard.............So you can see I've had a fair crack at both types and I can tell you without any hesitation whatsoever}---- DO IT !!!--DO IT !!----DO IT !!......Apart from a box that has a more traditional design of innards ( Cam plate--sliding dogs---oil lube ) you'll also get 5 well thought-out ratios that completely do away with that "Grand Canyon" gap between 3rd and top....TIP}--- You might find that re-locating the kick-starter lever further round anti-clockwise by 3 or 4 splines will help you put your right foot on the road without catching said lever on your boot when you it'll help with kick-starting as well....As BINARY says, my bike also is a joy to ride with 5 speeds.....As to the old Albion box ??....Donate it to Sammy Miller's or The Nat. Bike Museum in Brum !!
Posted: 12:34am 12th August, 2017
Tim NZ Subject: Changing Bullet 500 gearbox to 5 speed
I have fitted a couple, and for what it was worth i'm just as happy with the close-ratio 4 speed box.
The 5 speed item is a better design 'box and is more efficient, but the change over is costly and a lot of work. If you do decide to change, make certain to fit the latter improved 'stirrup' clutch cable connecting arm. The original 5sp fixed lever clutch operating arm snaps nipples off cables.
Posted: 12:54am 12th August, 2017
Alan R Subject: Changing Bullet 500 gearbox to 5 speed
Hi TIM NZ---- what close ratio 4-speed box is this then ??? one to me.., Yes, you're quite right about the potential cost BUT they do come up for grabs now and then.....I bought mine from our hosts from their "Special offers" link and they have been on E-Bay from time to time..Apparently there are other Enfield Sellers like our hosts -- but one might be a bit "Pricey" ......Agreed about that operating arm.. I must get this new bike of mine checked out...I have a new cable to be fitted so maybe a bit of "Spare Time" ( whatever that may be ??) next week ??
Posted: 01:19am 12th August, 2017
binary Subject: Changing Bullet 500 gearbox to 5 speed
If you buy a "new" complete 5 speed gearbox from Hitchcock's the later improved stirrup clutch cable operating arm is already installed. The 'second hand' gearbox that I bought off Hitchcock's still had the old one and when I told them they sent me the newer designed one free of charge. It makes the clutch much lighter to operate and will not break the nipples off. The part that we are talking about is inside the gearbox cover. The clutch cable nipple fits into the stirrup and when you pull the clutch lever it moves a ball and ramp arrangment to push on the clutch rod which then pushes the clutch plates apart. It is just a simple thing but it works good. I found this clutch arrangment much lighter to operate than the old 4 speed. I did not find the 5 speed gearbox expensive. I am on the old age pension and I was able to buy one and have it shipped half way around the world to where I live. It was either this or I was going to sell my Royal Enfield. Now with the 5 speed I will never have to sell it. It changes gear just as good as any Japanese motorcycle and I have owned a few of them in my time.
Posted: 05:20am 12th August, 2017
ed.lazda Subject: Changing Bullet 500 gearbox to 5 speed
I put a 5-speed gearbox on my wife's Bullet 350 and she tells me it has completely transformed the bike and her confidence.
Posted: 10:12am 12th August, 2017
mauri Subject: Changing Bullet 500 gearbox to 5 speed

whith this link you can find the parts needed + picture about the howe and what to do to get the conversion done.

and as im not magician that can make some parts of the 4 speed(which simply won’t fit) to work whit the 5 speed, therefore a made my answers in the thread as complete as a could.

Posted: 11:30am 12th August, 2017
flactem Subject: Changing Bullet 500 gearbox to 5 speed
My thanks to all concerned for the information. A lot to digest and it will take a while before I can move on. Many thanks.
Posted: 02:44pm 12th August, 2017
Felix Subject: Changing Bullet 500 gearbox to 5 speed
Many Bulleteers in the USA pay over $300 just for a 4sp RH shift conversion kit. Yeah, there's a market over here.
Posted: 06:02pm 12th August, 2017
binary Subject: Changing Bullet 500 gearbox to 5 speed
Do not go close ratio for your 4 speed gearbox. It cost me 165 English pounds plus postage for 2 gears. I put them into my 4 speed gearbox and it was still junk. I should have used the close ratio gears money on the 5 speed gearbox. If you can ever afford it buy the 5 speed gearbox and you will have a nice changing gearbox that is always in the right gear ratio. About the time taken to fit the 5 speed gearbox once you have it only took me one day. It is just time it is not hard to do.
Posted: 11:10pm 12th August, 2017

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