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New exhaust fitted

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New exhaust fitted
Started at 02:35pm on the 13th August, 2017 by Nettshubby
Nettshubby Subject: New exhaust fitted
 photo IMG_0774.jpg Had a bit of bother with exhaust/mudguard interface when braking and slightly turning forks to left when pulling up in fronton my garage, which burnt the paint on mudguard. I found that the forks were fitted with the softer dual rate springs so made a couple of 20mm spacers to pre load them. on a test ride the forks were too hard, so I bought a swept back exhaust from Mr H and after chopping about 6" from the back end and modifying the front bracket got it fitted with my shorter silencer. there is now more space between the pipe and mudguard, and I reckon it looks OK, even though it's not a Goldie! Oh, and I re painted the mudguard with our hosts aerosols, in Magic black and clear coat. and I try not to jam the brake on so hard when stopping!
Posted: 02:35pm 13th August, 2017
Nettshubby Subject: New exhaust fitted
Sorry about no picture, for some reason My Apple computer and Photobucket don't work like my outgoing Windows one I've used before. If I try to "Update my account" as told on the warning that came up instead of the picture, I can't find anything that relates to solving the problem! Account closed, will try to find another way.
Posted: 02:51pm 13th August, 2017
Mark M Subject: New exhaust fitted
This is a problem a lot of people are having with Photobucket. They are moving to a pay-to-host system. Search some recent threads for alternatives!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 03:47pm 13th August, 2017
Nettshubby Subject: New exhaust fitted
[url=][img][/img][/url] Testing, testing
Posted: 05:52pm 13th August, 2017
Nettshubby Subject: New exhaust fitted
No good, they don't supply an html link.
Posted: 05:53pm 13th August, 2017
Adrian Subject: New exhaust fitted
That's the only picture-viewing link this forum will accept unfortunately.


Posted: 11:57pm 13th August, 2017
another Allan Subject: New exhaust fitted
Back to the forks, have you tried an additional short piece of spring in place of a solid spacer?
Posted: 08:35am 14th August, 2017
Adrian Subject: New exhaust fitted
Sorry, please ignore Image Upload, they seem to be having problems at the moment... A.
Posted: 07:33pm 14th August, 2017
Nettshubby Subject: New exhaust fitted
Allan, I have removed the spacers, with the swept back exhaust fitted there is no contact with the mudguard. I was going to buy some standard springs but thought they would, too, be too hard. One thing I did find out about the softer springs already installed was when I measured the length as advised by H's, the standard ones are supposed to be 20.5" long new, but the dual rate ones are 21.5" long. So they are already pre loaded when fitted. So, the ride is now back to tollerable. The new pipe fits right up to the stop in the port as well, whereas the standard one only pushed in about 1/4". I had cut about 1/2" from the old pipe to bring it nearer the head, but it was still hitting the mudguard. Oh, the bike has the disc conversion fitted when I bought it, so that probably contributes to the fork dive!
Posted: 03:03pm 15th August, 2017
Nettshubby Subject: New exhaust fitted
Posted: 03:08pm 15th August, 2017
Nettshubby Subject: New exhaust fitted
Adrian, as you see it worked, and I haven't even created an account yet!
Posted: 03:09pm 15th August, 2017
Nettshubby Subject: New exhaust fitted
Well it seems the problem is in getting the confirmation email! Still waiting!
Posted: 04:33pm 15th August, 2017
Adrian Subject: New exhaust fitted
Yep, Image Upload is back up and running at least, hopefully your e-mail will be sent soon. A.
Posted: 12:22am 16th August, 2017

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