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What are the chances?

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What are the chances?
Started at 08:44am on the 4th October, 2017 by Bandit12
Bandit12 Subject: What are the chances?
Morning all, My big head bullet has an unusual history and actually started out life as a 1958 constellation. What are the chances of being able to get a working connie engine? Are they just as/more reliable than the bullet engine or should I leave well alone? Any advice is gratefully appreciated Bandit
Posted: 08:44am 4th October, 2017
Bullet Whisperer Subject: What are the chances?
Want to swap the Big Head engine for a 700 Meteor lump, that's the best I can offer? Regards, Paul.
Posted: 09:52am 4th October, 2017
Adrian Subject: What are the chances?
A well-sorted big head Bullet is a desirable enough machine in its own right even as a bitsa (the words "after" and "sought", not necessarily in that order, spring to mind), so I would suggest you simply enjoy it as is.

Posted: 06:06pm 4th October, 2017
Tim NZ Subject: What are the chances?
If you look through the Used Parts section you will find Connie cases, even suitable eng cases with no eng number. (Chief)
Plus there is a variety of similar SM parts, more than enough to assemble a mostly correct Constellation motor. (Dont worry about the TT carb for now) Good Scissor clutch parts may not be quite so easy to locate straight away; the std clutch works just fine.
AND you will have absolutely no trouble selling your BH Bullet motor for an premium price.
Posted: 10:41pm 4th October, 2017
Bandit12 Subject: What are the chances?
Thanks for the replies, Yes I agree about enjoying the bike just as it is and I am but I know nothing about the 700 twins hence the initial enquiry. I had considered building an engine from parts but as I do not know these engines very well I would feel happier with a complete or near complete lump. The offer of the meteor engine is interesting, whats the difference between a meteor and connie engine? Can I have some more details please like the year, condition, running? is it just the engine or complete with gearbox, carb, exhaust?
Posted: 12:27pm 8th October, 2017
Bullet Whisperer Subject: What are the chances?
My engine is the early 700 twin, from about 1953, with the old shape gearbox. The clutch is missing. It turns and has compression, but I would strip it anyway, to make sure all is well. It has the big dynamo with the distributor sticking out from the top. Pre dates Super Meteor and 'Connie'. A nice, smooth tractable engine, but not overly fast. Regards, Paul.
Posted: 12:52pm 8th October, 2017
Bandit12 Subject: What are the chances?
Hi Paul thanks for offer of the meteor engine, after some research I've decided its not what i'm looking for and i'll keep my eyes open for a constellation lump. Bandit
Posted: 09:12pm 11th October, 2017

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