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Exhaust heatshield

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Exhaust heatshield
Started at 05:01pm on the 4th October, 2017 by Rich
Rich Subject: Exhaust heatshield
I have a Hitchcocks silencer on my EFI - which is great, but without the heatshield of the old one I have melted my overtrousers! Has anyone fitted the Hitchcocks heatshield? Would it solve my problem or are there other solutions (other than not wearing overtrousers)? Thanks, Rich
Posted: 05:01pm 4th October, 2017
stinkwheel Subject: Exhaust heatshield
Gore-tex overtrousers won't melt on an exhaust. Same stuff as on your non-stick frying pan.

Army surplus ones are cheap as chips. If you don't like the cammo pattern, the RAF issue blue ones.
Posted: 07:28pm 4th October, 2017
Alan R Subject: Exhaust heatshield
SCALY might know of a spare pair for you ???
Posted: 08:49pm 4th October, 2017
ric Subject: Exhaust heatshield
One of the few occasions where pipe wrap actually comes in handy. My other half kept burning her over-trousers on her Virago rear down pipe. After being wrapped copiously in the stuff the offending down pipe now only gets is warm to the touch.
Posted: 10:52pm 4th October, 2017
MickB Subject: Exhaust heatshield
I have the heat shield fitted, mainly to cover the joint when I changed the silencer. It still gets hot enough to melt your trousers. I have stuck a patch of Gortex to all my over trousers where they are likely to catch the exhaust, works a treat!
Posted: 07:06am 5th October, 2017
Rich Subject: Exhaust heatshield
As always thanks for all the advice - and for helping me believe its not just me that has these things happen!
Posted: 10:03am 5th October, 2017
dean6553 Subject: Exhaust heatshield
Hi Rich, I fitted the Hitchcocks silencer on my C5 together with the heatshield. It does the trick and would recommend. Regards Dean
Posted: 08:27pm 9th October, 2017

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