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Albion 4spd box

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Albion 4spd box
Started at 11:38am on the 9th October, 2017 by scotty
scotty Subject: Albion 4spd box
Has anyone any clues on setting gear selector plate. I can get 1st neutral then straight to 3rd and top.does the selector plate adjust the two btm gears one way and two higher gears the other way or could i have the spring loaded chisel point indent screwed in a bit too far, old one was pretty knackerd when i removed it and yes notched gear selector plate is in right way round.
Posted: 11:38am 9th October, 2017
stinkwheel Subject: Albion 4spd box
Our hosts have a fantastic guide to the workings of the Albion gearbox on theri website.

If you download it rather than open it in a web browser (so save it and open in adobe or similar) it animates itself as you scroll up and down.
Posted: 02:25pm 9th October, 2017
vince Subject: Albion 4spd box
Hi, a quick check can you select 2nd gear with the neutral finder? If the answer is yes and it stays in gear, the problem is in the selector mechanism. Vince
Posted: 04:09pm 9th October, 2017

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