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Tyres (again...)

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Tyres (again...)
Started at 07:22am on the 11th October, 2017 by MickB
MickB Subject: Tyres (again...)
It's time to buy Doris some new shoes. I'm currently running on Avon AM26 Roadriders but find them a bit skittish in the wet on white lines and manhole covers. I am looking at the Heidenau K34 Classic as I have seen some good reports about them. Has anyone out there had any experience of these tyres? Mick.
Posted: 07:22am 11th October, 2017
ed.lazda Subject: Tyres (again...)
Ye canna change the laws of physics, Jim

Any tyres will be skittish over wet road paint and manhole covers.
Posted: 09:37am 11th October, 2017
Alan R Subject: Tyres (again...)
Hi Guys---Here's their site}--- ---- I have to agree with Ed though, wet roads will always have problems unique to their circumstances....
Posted: 10:28am 11th October, 2017
Jojje Subject: Tyres (again...)
Heidenau K34 is my current favourite on my Electra X. Price is right and tires perform well. Currently 2nd front and 3rd back tire. I'm going to but Heidenau on my beemer as well, next spring, maybe.
Posted: 07:43pm 11th October, 2017
binary Subject: Tyres (again...)
I run Dunlop K70 tyres on the front and back of my 1964 350 Bullet. They hold the road well and have that vintage look that really sets my wheels off.
Posted: 07:29am 12th October, 2017
Edward Subject: Tyres (again...)
Plus one here for Dunlop K70s.
Posted: 03:28pm 13th October, 2017

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