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Royal Enfield EFI 58 plate for sale

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Royal Enfield EFI 58 plate for sale
Started at 08:23pm on the 23rd October, 2017 by Michael
Michael Subject: Royal Enfield EFI 58 plate for sale
Hi all... I think I want/should sell my old hack... I used to post a lot here but I no longer use my bike (will be fully explained to any interested parties) and I don't want it rotting away to nothing in my garage. Plus, I need to fund a bit of work on said garage! It's a 58 plate, red Electra EFI that used to be my daily ride. I used it pretty much every day until around 6 months after my son was born (he has just turned 3). Since then it spent a few months being used occasionally but then has since been parked up in my garage. I couldn't get it running well after changing the exhaust for a shorter model (lots of popping and a jumpy ride). It has no MOT. And will need a skilled hand to recomission it. It needs a battery for sure, and a eye cast on the jumpy/poppy ride. The brakes are seized at the mo so will need stripped. Wiring is in need of attention too. I used to love doing these jobs (individually they don't take long!) but have no time anymore. It's a non-runner at the mo, but would be a runner with time and care and a few parts. It has 25k ish miles on the clock. Loads of wee extras too. Has a long set of stories and history which will all be revealed if interested. I don't want to rip anyone off, and am not sure of the value of the bike. But a tentative 'offers' at 1500GBP would cover my garage costs so if interested then get in touch with Located near Glasgow. Would need trailered.
Posted: 08:23pm 23rd October, 2017
sofiaspin Subject: Royal Enfield EFI 58 plate for sale
Hi Michael, hope you are well - it will not get that ££ here - suggest you post on ebay as a project. Sorry just being realistic! I still run the 08 classic - hope you get back on an Enfield err long, regards, Sofiaspin
Posted: 10:28pm 23rd October, 2017
Michael Subject: Royal Enfield EFI 58 plate for sale
No problem Sofia :) Open to offers btw. I'll explore eBay after a week or two on here to give the old girl a chance of a good home.
Posted: 10:33pm 23rd October, 2017
Michael Subject: Royal Enfield EFI 58 plate for sale
Hi all Same bike. Same available information for interested parties. Offers in the region of 'garage repairs' i.e. In the region of £1000 welcomed! Lower offers expected!! I really want a good home for my bike. Hence persevering on this forum. I would also happily accept cash plus building materials... or road cycling stuff.
Posted: 10:38pm 31st October, 2017
Pathfinder856 Subject: Royal Enfield EFI 58 plate for sale
Do you have photos
Posted: 01:56pm 3rd November, 2017
Michael Subject: Royal Enfield EFI 58 plate for sale
Hi Pathfinder, Send me your email address and I'll send some photos :)
Posted: 02:48pm 11th November, 2017
Alan R Subject: Royal Enfield EFI 58 plate for sale
WARNING !!-------- Please put your E-Mail address in some sort of code as Spammers use search engines on a 24 / 7 basis just looking for them...
Posted: 11:13pm 11th November, 2017

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