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CGT 535

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CGT 535
Started at 11:23am on the 10th November, 2017 by malc1091
malc1091 Subject: CGT 535
Morning all. If I relocate my handle bars to under the top yoke. The top of the fork stations will stick up by about 30mm. If I push the fork legs down by this amount. Will it effect the handeling or any othet safety issues. Thank you
Posted: 11:23am 10th November, 2017
Alan R Subject: CGT 535
Hello Malc-------two questions for you}--a) WTF4 ??---b)Going to tell your insurance company ??
Posted: 11:33am 10th November, 2017
malc1091 Subject: CGT 535
Sorry its the clip on's from the hosts parts book.
Posted: 11:37am 10th November, 2017
ric Subject: CGT 535
The handling will definitely change for the worse, much worse. It will be the worsest thing you can do. It will change the stability of the bike when parked. It will be unstable, so unstable, the unstableist thing of all.
BUT it's not an irreversible thing to try but if you definitely want to keep the top of the forks flush but don't like what this does to the handling you can always rework the fork internals (at the cost of reduced travel) to reverse the changes made to the steering.
I've done the exact opposite to a Yamaha Virago (cruiser type thing) and have the maximum amount of fork legs I can gewt away with poking up through the top yoke (a lot less than 30mm) , this has made a fantastic difference to the slow ponderous heavy feel of the bike - and it now goes through bends like a dose of salts.
Posted: 11:54am 10th November, 2017
Alan R Subject: CGT 535
As per ric !!---------Was that the big 750 Virago or the smaller 500 ??
Posted: 11:59am 10th November, 2017
ric Subject: CGT 535
The Original 535 with shaft drive.
Posted: 12:08pm 10th November, 2017
papasmurf Subject: CGT 535
Never shift the fork legs more than an inch up or down, or you are liable to have an "interesting" experience on the first roundabout. (Been there done that, and needed clean underwear.)
Posted: 02:54pm 10th November, 2017
Alan R Subject: CGT 535
Hi Malc1091------ sorry, we've drifted "Off-piste" haven't we ??-------So it's clip-ons then that you are contemplating fitting between the upper and lower yokes... is that the idea ??.......If so then after doing that why not fit the stanchions ( the fork legs ) back to their original positions ??
Posted: 04:06pm 10th November, 2017
Alan R Subject: CGT 535
I've been EDITED !! Here's the whole thing}-----------Hi Malc1091------ sorry, we've drifted "Off-piste" haven't we ??-------So it's clip-ons then that you are contemplating fitting between the upper and lower yokes... is that the idea ??.......If so then after doing that why not fit the stanchions ( the fork legs ) back to their original positions ??<BR><BR<  I take it the idea is to get your chin lower down and your rear end further up ??........Hopefully the fuel tank will help take some body weight off the wrists and the small of the back.....Having done that, you could find that your footrests need to go a wee bit further back so some rear-sets would be a good idea as well....It's all good Cafe' Racer stuff and many have done it in the past but a word to the wise}---- In all seriousness do take great care with that small of the back area of yours...A bad back in later years is no laughing matter, believe me !!...............Lecture over, let's RIDE !!!!
Posted: 04:08pm 10th November, 2017
PeteF Subject: CGT 535
On a similar point. I lowered the back suspension of my wife's Honda 250 about 25mm She could then get her feet on the ground properly but the handling as horrible. I dropped the fork tubes though the yolks by the same 25mm and handling is now fine (but not the same as the original set up) So no, I wouldn't do that Malc.
Posted: 06:27pm 10th November, 2017
Leon Novello Subject: CGT 535
This sounds like another case of fixing things that aren`t broken, until they are broken.
Posted: 12:48am 11th November, 2017
Smudger Subject: CGT 535
Mac, I have done this with my 535 and the position isn't that extreme at all. The riding position is much better and the bike looks better for it. Personally I have left my fork height as they were as I didn't want to upset the handling by moving them lower in the yokes. I've had no issues in 2yrs since doing this, so my advice is go for it.
Posted: 05:22pm 12th November, 2017
stinkwheel Subject: CGT 535
To echo the above, don't extend the forks through the yokes (so making the front wheel further away) unless you want to make the bike run wide in corners and fall off its stand. Doing so will effectively increase the rake angle on the frame making steering slower with a tendancy to resist steering input then eventually "flop" into corners.

If the aim is to make the bike look more "track", having forks sticking up through the top yoke is exactly that. It's very common for racers to drop 1/2 to 1" of forks through the yokes to reduce the rake angle making the bike slightly more unstable so it will turn in more quickly and corner more tightly. There comes a pay-off in that that it is more likely to tuck the front end or have a tankslapper.

I've even heard stories from credible sources that "back in the day" some racers running bikes in production series where such modifications weren't allowed used to deliberately crash into a wall in the pits during practice to bend the forks under the bike slightly thereby making the steering faster.

I have a good 1/2" more fork sticking up through the top yoke on my VFR750 than standard because I find the standard steering sluggish.

All the above notwithstanding. Enfields are short bikes (overall length) so I'd be wary of altering anything that will alter the frame geometry too much. Leaving them in the same place as standard is probably the best idea given your level of experience. A little fork sticking up through the yoke will give the look of a bona fide racer anyway. If you want to fiddle with the suspension, spend some time setting your static and rider sag by spacing out the fork springs either with washers/coins on top, spacers cut out of blue water pipe or old valve springs (the latter works really well). This is a scutter to do on an enfied so measure twice. There are many online articles on measuring sag.
Posted: 11:16am 15th November, 2017

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