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Meteor minor

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Meteor minor
Started at 05:46pm on the 4th January, 2018 by vince
vince Subject: Meteor minor
Hi,Just stripped a meteor minor engine which doesn't seem to quite match our hosts parts list. It has a large journal crank but without the breather on the end. The timing cover has the six bolt pump covers and a 1/2 inch scavenge pump.Any ideas? Vince
Posted: 05:56pm 4th January, 2018
Tim NZ Subject: Meteor minor
What year are the crank-cases?
Crank shaft is from '58 - '59, timing cover is Post '63. Check the oil ways...
If you contact me on: royalenfield AT clear DOT net DOT nz. I can send you spec breakdown listing all part numbers etc, for all the 500/700/750 bottom ends
Posted: 07:16pm 4th January, 2018
vince Subject: Meteor minor
Hi, thanks Tim, our hosts parts list show the big pump on 1961 connie but not on 1962 model. Vince
Posted: 09:19pm 4th January, 2018
ed.lazda Subject: Meteor minor
I've noticed the occasional discrepancy in the online parts books. If you're in doubt, worth checking against a paper copy for your specific model/year. If you find a problem, let Hitchcocks know -- they'll put it right very quickly.
Posted: 09:10am 5th January, 2018

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