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Started at 06:32pm on the 9th January, 2018 by RocketRR
RocketRR Subject: Himalayan
Ordered my nice new black Himalayan today can't wait to get it. Hope our hosts do a nice range of bits to spend my pocket money on 👍👍
Posted: 06:32pm 9th January, 2018
Leon Novello Subject: Himalayan
Sounds like Happy Days ahead.
Posted: 11:05pm 9th January, 2018
Mark M Subject: Himalayan
I believe our Hosts are planning parts for the Himalayan and they have a new Home Market example in the Workshop but it may be a while before they appear in the catalogue as the latest model has only just been released here in the UK.

REgards, Mark
Posted: 09:43am 10th January, 2018
hagis Subject: Himalayan
I have been waiting to test ride a Himalayan for ever and ever and because of the wait have given up of ever getting a test ride, I just hope the new 650 twin does not suffer from the same long term delivery probs and arrives in April as expected, but I wont be getting excited.
Posted: 10:29am 10th January, 2018
Davie Hall Subject: Himalayan
I ordered a new Himalayan at the Scottish bike show last year. I was told May delivery so sold my Electra X, May came and went as did June and July, leaving me without a bike. Eventually I got my deposit back after many many phone calls and emails. I was the lucky one because the dealer went bust leaving dozens of people out of pocket. I still want one and will get one in a couple of years when all the problems are ironed out. Till then I will keep the sixty5 my wife bought me as a wedding present. At present my nearest dealer is 90 miles away so it will be a while till I get to ride one
Posted: 12:51pm 10th January, 2018
KC1961 Subject: Himalayan
Hi Davie Hall, For the past few months I've been expecting to hear that someone else would become an RE dealer in Central Scotland / the Lothians. I'm quite surprised that it hasn't happened because I think that the previous dealer showed that there was a decent market for these bikes in this area. Hopefully something happens.
Posted: 05:31pm 10th January, 2018
Rattlebattle Subject: Himalayan
The RE rep at the NEC told me that the new 650 is scheduled to start production in April for UK deliveries in May. The Himalayan was held up because of changes in Indian emission standards. This necessitated altering the Bullet range, to which all production was switched for the much larger home market. Glad someone has taken the plunge; no pioneer bravery for me though, I'll let someone else feel Nash off the development. The 650, designed in England, should be a much better bet IMHO. Hope to ride both though, out of interest.
Posted: 07:50pm 10th January, 2018
Rattlebattle Subject: Himalayan
Who's Nash? Finish.
Posted: 07:52pm 10th January, 2018
hagis Subject: Himalayan
Had a look at the Royal Enfield UK web sight and it seems that in Scotland we are down to two dealers, one in Perth and one in Renfrewshire, does not look good for the future but this does reflect the state of the motorcycle industry in general, The shear lack of money in peoples pockets is hitting two wheeler sales.
Posted: 09:30am 11th January, 2018
Rattlebattle Subject: Himalayan
Perhaps so; then again there is a trend towards PCP deals, at least with the mainstream manufacturers. It’ll probably end in tears again; people have short memories. Can one buy a Royal Enfield on PCP? The other thing is that it is likely that many buyers of the new twin will be older than average and will therefore have less of a problem affording one and paying cash.
Posted: 12:58pm 11th January, 2018
eddie the seagull Subject: Himalayan
What is a PCP deal? Is this one of those dodgy deals where you keep on paying but never actually buy anything?
Posted: 01:08pm 11th January, 2018
ric Subject: Himalayan
Probably doesn't affect that many of us here, but a PCP is a contract (that's what the C stands for).

This will affect any future mortgage or renegotiation of one at any time throughout the PCP period as there is less money available for the multiplier calculations.
Posted: 04:52pm 11th January, 2018
Mark M Subject: Himalayan
Apparently "Personal Contract Purchase, or PCP, is a variation of a Hire Purchase agreement. The key difference is that the value of the car at the end of the contract is calculated at the start of the agreement and this value is deferred. This deferred sum is usually referred to as the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) and is based on a number of factors including how old the car will be at the end of the agreement and how many miles it is expected to have covered. The future value of the car is guaranteed by the lender so will not fluctuate. Deferring the GMFV to the end of the agreement in this way means that your regular monthly payments are lower than those on a comparable HP agreement over the same term. A PCP agreement also gives you the flexibility to decide whether you would like to own the car outright at the end of the agreement by paying the deferred value (GMFV), or returning the car to the lender and entering into a new car finance agreement." The GMFV is also called the balloon payment I believe and is not fixed at the outset, if the value of the car goes down during the contract period you pay more. A friend who knows about this says that these payments are rising at the moment because the second hand car market is weakening and I also heard that some consumer organisations reckon that PCP might be the next PPI scandal. It came from America apparently!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 05:04pm 11th January, 2018
Rattlebattle Subject: Himalayan
PCP deals are the most popular way of financing a new car these days and you only need to read a modern bike mag to realise that bikes are going the same way. Often at the end of a bike test there is a panel showing a typical PCP deal eg deposit £2000, 36 monthly payments of, say, £139 and a final payment of perhaps £3,500. There is also an agreed mileage, perhaps 5,000 miles per year. The higher this is the higher the monthly figure. At the end of the period, typically 3 or 4 years, you have the option to simply walk away (or presumably catch the bus...), to pay the agreed final sum (and the bike is yours) or to use the equity in the bike as part of the deposit on the next deal. This is how a lot of people drive cars or ride bikes that if they had to pay cash they couldn’t afford. The big risk is that neglect of the bike results in the agreed value at the end of the deal being less than the contract (and the market suddenly being swamped with three year old bikes as the early agreements come to fruition doesn’t help). Most people also just accept the deal offered by the manufacturer, whereas in fact you can do it independently. Better still just get a personal lease that way. Here the monthly payments are higher but you just lease the bike for an agreed rental and mileage, repeating it at the end of the agreement (probably the only sensible way of having an electric vehicle. Be aware also that the rate per mile above the stipulated total attracts a premium ( which is why clocking is in favour again). Ultimately we are only the keeper of a vehicle whether we own it or have exclusive use of it so if you want to have the latest v hickory and change every three or four years a personal lease arranged independently makes sense, especially if the optional maintenance agreement is added on. Caveat emptor and all that - if something sounds too good .... don’t moan when you get ripped off and expect everybody else to pay for your stupidity.
Posted: 07:07pm 11th January, 2018
Felix Subject: Himalayan
Sounds like a regular lease in the US. You make a down payment and monthly payments on a vehicle, insure the thing against everything and after a while they let you buy the vehicle. Then you can start paying installments to really buy the thing. Works great here for "business vehicle" tax deductions to avoid taxes.
Posted: 08:50pm 11th January, 2018
another Allan Subject: Himalayan
PCP is a great way for people with no/little cash to afford to drive/ride a new vehicle, so that's ok then. Unfortunately it is also the most expensive way to drive/ride a new vehicle.....There's no such thing as a free lunch! Back on topic, I'll wait for a 650 Himalayan, I think.
Posted: 08:41am 12th January, 2018
RocketRR Subject: Himalayan
The 410 will be perfect for me to wizz around the beautiful lanes, byways and the New Forest down here in sunny Hampshire. BMW'S are for boring motorways Enfield's are for enjoying the world as it plonks by at a leisurely pace 🏍💨for me anyway 😀
Posted: 09:52pm 12th January, 2018
2cvandy Subject: Himalayan
"PCP is a great way for people with no/little cash to afford to drive/ride a new vehicle, so that's ok then. Unfortunately it is also the most expensive way to drive/ride a new vehicle.....There's no such thing as a free lunch!" - So true! - Which is why my 2009 Enfield is the newest vehicle I own,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sat in the garage with a 2004 Sportster, a 2002 Citroen C5, a 1989 2CV, a 1987 600 Transalp, and a 1978 CX500. Most of which have thankfully stopped depreciating too,,,,,,,,,,,,,, PCP ? - Paying Credit Permanently !
Posted: 02:38pm 13th January, 2018
Sid Subject: Himalayan
Got mine before christmas, quit impressed
Posted: 11:27pm 13th January, 2018
another Allan Subject: Himalayan
"PCP ? - Paying Credit Permanently !" I love it!!
Posted: 09:51am 14th January, 2018

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