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Electrics / Start

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Electrics / Start
Started at 12:46pm on the 10th January, 2018 by Artistav8r
Artistav8r Subject: Electrics / Start
Just tried to start up the 2015 Classic EFI and the following happens: 1. The Fuel pump comes on as normal for several seconds and the light goes out as it should. 2. When the start button is depressed there is an arcing, buzzing noise which seems to come from somewhere aft of the starter itself. The starter does not activate. 3. All lights dim when the above is happening, which would indicate to me that the problem is somewhere in the electrics / starting circuit, though that may not be the case. 4. When not trying to start, all lights and horn etc. seem to work completely normally. When this occurred, I had just gotten in from a ride, which included a stop in town, where all electrics worked normally. I was just starting it to get it up the grade into the Garage. (lucky me that I was in my own driveway) As I have never explored the mysteries of the EFI's electrics, I am wondering if there is anyone out there who could offer some advice, as I don't want to end up with a pile of parts on the garage floor and find out it's only a loose connector.
Posted: 12:46pm 10th January, 2018
Davie Hall Subject: Electrics / Start
Check the battery terminals are all tight including the ones one the starter and solenoid. If its still the same try charging the battery and if it starts check the charge rate. I have had a battery fail during a ride before and everything worked but it wouldn't turn the starter
Posted: 12:57pm 10th January, 2018
Alan R Subject: Electrics / Start
Hi Guys--------- That's the classic noise of a solenoid not working properly......Make sure that the LT terminal / terminals are tight and sound ??( These are usually spade connectors and have a habit of coming loose sometimes )----How is the Battery Voltage and are the connectors clean and tight ??....................An easy, quick test is a substitute battery that is known to be fully charged...... If you can start the engine by kick starter then do a charging rate test ( see our hosts Technical Notes )....Finally, try fitting a substitute solenoid....
Posted: 11:45pm 10th January, 2018
Alan R Subject: Electrics / Start
DOH !!!--------- have just seen there's another same thread from the same person....
Posted: 11:47pm 10th January, 2018

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