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Long stroke crankshaft for 500/535cc EFI engine including the GT

All English crankshaft for the fuel injected 500/535cc EFi engine including GT

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2009 Bullet for sale

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2009 Bullet for sale
Started at 03:24pm on the 11th January, 2018 by Wayne
Wayne Subject: 2009 Bullet for sale
Hi Everyone, I am selling my 2009 535 Bullet - its a bit of a special based on a 2009 Classic EFI - it has had a 535 big bore kit, Amal carb conversion, Goldstar exhaust system, alloy mudguards, red panel tank, alloy top yoke, Alloy rims with Avon tyres and white piping seat. Its styled as a Fury and I think looks great. Sadly it has to go as my Himalayan delivery is getting close! I think you can view it off this link and apologise if it does not work: Currently on Sorn for the winter and I am happy to put a full MOT on it. The bike runs great. If you need more info - contact me at Hitchcocks or email on oloren1988 (AT) AOL (DOT) com I think its priced fairly at £2,500. Cheers, Wayne.
Posted: 03:24pm 11th January, 2018
Mark M Subject: 2009 Bullet for sale
That is a lovely bike Wayne. If I hadn't recently bought that Meteor Minor engine off Richard I'd be up for it!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 05:07pm 11th January, 2018
Felix Subject: 2009 Bullet for sale
Simply beautiful. FURY HOMAGE MUGSHOT
Posted: 05:36pm 11th January, 2018
Wayne Subject: 2009 Bullet for sale
Oops - picture shows it with the wrong exhaust system - it does have a Goldstar at the moment! Thanks for posting the pic Felix !
Posted: 05:40pm 11th January, 2018
Alan R Subject: 2009 Bullet for sale
Hi Wayne---------- you ought to get Mr.H to buy it from you and use it as a demonstrator-- it's a really good-looking bit 'o kit !!
Posted: 08:36am 12th January, 2018
another Allan Subject: 2009 Bullet for sale
That's a very smart bike. You should have no problem selling it!
Posted: 08:56am 12th January, 2018
Wayne Subject: 2009 Bullet for sale
Just as an addition - it has adjustable handlebar levers and a Smiths replica speedo as well.
Posted: 03:29pm 14th January, 2018
Presto Subject: 2009 Bullet for sale
Another of Wayne's WONDERS! That's about as good as they get - excellent combination of parts and accessories! Someone is going to be very fortunate to inherit that machine!!!
Posted: 12:31pm 16th January, 2018

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