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6v battery

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6v battery
Started at 08:56am on the 12th January, 2018 by dazza
dazza Subject: 6v battery
Hi guys just a quick one I'm not good at all on electrics lol I got a Yamaha fs1e fizzy 6volt and my indicators are hardly lighting up as the bike spends most of its life in garage I took the battery off to charge up and on the display it shows 3.8v I've had it on charge for 24 hours and no change still on 3.8v does this mean battery is shot thanks all
Posted: 08:56am 12th January, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: 6v battery
Yes, it's dead, you need a new one.

They are prone to the silicone diode breaking down, allowing AC power to be delivered to the battery. Even then, the charging system is exceedingly weedy at the best of times, best not to use the headlight unless you need it.

I've been over these problems with the wifes YB100 and I eventually swapped out the silicone diode for an pattern honda 6v reg/rec as fitted to some C50/C90s. You can also get an excellent (but pricey) mosfet reg/rec from electrex. This has massively improved the charging system but does take a reasonable degree of electrical knowledge to fit.

I also replaced the standard bulbs with high quality LED ones and an electronic flasher relay to make sure they flash properly. These will flash with a much reduced power input and these ones in particular are very tolerant of a "dirty" power supply with fluctuating voltages and polarity.

I used these bulbs:

I used this relay:

Posted: 09:14am 12th January, 2018
Alan R Subject: 6v battery
Hi Guys---------- do our host offer anything similar ??........My early Honda CB and CG 125 bikes were similar....the headlights would dim and brighten in alternate sync with the indicators.....
Posted: 10:57am 12th January, 2018
stinkwheel Subject: 6v battery
Our hosts only do a 12v indicator replacement.

It also appears to use resistors to ballast up the current to make the flasher relay flash which is something I think kind of defeats the object of fitting LEDs in the first place.

The relay I linked to will flash at the same rate regardless of the current load on it. The bulbs I linked to work on both positive and negative earth (Or AC!) and have sensibly placed, wide-angle surface mount LEDs on them which gives a good spread of light so the pattern isn't directional like can happen with the more conventional done type bulbs. My only complaint is they are, if anything, a bit too bright and overwhelm the tint of the flasher lens a bit.

I'm currently looking into other LED bulbs working with AC. The difficult one is getting a combined stop and tail. Apparently don't play nicely due to the common earth. Seperate bulbs designed for positive earth should be ok though. The holy grail will be an H4 LED that works on AC. I wouldn't try LED bulbs on the AC side on a fizzy though because it has no voltage regulator like you do on an enfield and can easily exceed 8V at higher revs.
Posted: 11:29am 12th January, 2018

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