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Clutch movement

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Clutch movement
Started at 12:51pm on the 10th July, 2018 by John R
John R Subject: Clutch movement
In my quest for freedom from clutch drag, I have fitted the the little strengthened supplied by our hosts. However, having removed the primary case, I have noticed that the entire clutch, including the basket and sprocket, moves noticeably outwards when the clutch lever is pulled. Obviously this loses some travel and probably does not do the chain much good! Any suggestions, oh wise ones?
Posted: 12:51pm 10th July, 2018
John R Subject: Clutch movement
350 1989 Bullit I should have said.
Posted: 12:52pm 10th July, 2018
vince Subject: Clutch movement
Hi, Check the nut on the mainshaft at the clutch release end. It is a lefthand thread and can come loose. Also the bearing at that end can become worn and have lateral play. Vince
Posted: 04:34pm 10th July, 2018
Rusky Subject: Clutch movement
John, did the alterations remove the clutch drag?. My 2005 Electra is a real pain in traffic from the drag. Thanks Russ
Posted: 10:56pm 16th July, 2018
Super45 Subject: Clutch movement
Im currenly having a similar issue on my 2000 350 noticed that there was a crack in the outter primary as if something had bashed it from the inside, then noticed an oil leak from the rear primary which I thought was just the seal failing only to find that cracked also! on removing the outer primary I discovered the clutch basket wobbled in all directions but no play outwards when pulled and on closer inspection found the outer 3 bolts were loose and these had gouged a grove in the outer casing ( the cause of the crack ) but the clutch looked to be working fine when the 3 bolts were tighted down so it looks to be the same issue yo0u have so I will have to remove the front plate lock the clutch and tighten the main bolt in the rear of the basket to see if that cured it and if not replace the bearing. on a seperate point I seem to have lost 1st and second gears but can select 3rd and 4th, are you having the same issue JohnR?
Posted: 09:33am 17th July, 2018

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