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meteor 700cc
I have recently acquired a 1955 RE Meteor 700cc, since only 5 meteor were shipped to the island of Cyprus the local mechanics do not have much exp...
Pat 7 69 Technical 07:33pm, 20th November, 2018 10:22pm 20th November, 2018 by Mark M
Lucas SR magnetos
Hello, I have recently learned that coil and body of the SR1, 2 and 4 models are interchangeable. Is that also true for the rotor (permanent magnet)...
tippi 4 97 Technical 10:11pm, 19th November, 2018 07:34pm 20th November, 2018 by Adrian
JAWA Lanuch
browsing youtube found the link. few years ago i had chance to see the JAWA factory JAWA lanuched in indian market in 2-3 days back. not sure if wil...
enfield_trials 16 324 Social / Other 10:44pm, 18th November, 2018 06:59pm 20th November, 2018 by enfield_trials
Improving Albion Gearbox's
My old 612 which I recently bought back is fitted with a 4 speed albion box, the only improvements it had had is the close ratio gear set, sealed bear...
Andy C 25 919 Technical 08:48pm, 8th November, 2018 11:39am 20th November, 2018 by Andy C
2002 bullet 500 Oil Leak
Hello, I have an oil leak from the bottom rear portion of the oil filter housing on the timing gear cover. There appears to be a flat spot machined on...
Fasteddie 10 154 Technical 06:36pm, 19th November, 2018 07:02am 20th November, 2018 by Leon Novello
Choke on a Mk1 Amal Concentric
Does the choke on these carbs do anything whatsoever?
John R 12 298 Technical 05:20pm, 16th November, 2018 06:41pm 19th November, 2018 by stinkwheel
C5 starting
My C5 had been off the road and needed a new sprag and battery so got it back at the weekend. However, I went to start it yesterday and it and nothing...
Danny 3 107 Technical 08:09am, 19th November, 2018 05:36pm 19th November, 2018 by Wheaters
Amal Monobloc 376 is rich
Hi Friends, i have an Amal 376/29 Monobloc carb with following specs Needle jet 106, Pilot 30, Main jet 180, Slide #4 and Needle type C. I have instal...
Hercules 12 313 Technical 11:54am, 7th November, 2018 05:07pm 19th November, 2018 by Hercules
Bullet 70th Anniversary
Hello to all Bullet owners, Next year is the 70th birthday of the first production Bullet and this is to be the focal point of the Founders day r...
Wayne 26 804 Social / Other 09:10pm, 12th November, 2018 09:24am 19th November, 2018 by Wayne
What would happen if you overspeed a speedo?
I've got quite a nice 80mph smiths-style speedo I got on a bitsa bike I bought -it may even be an original one, there was a mix of Indian bullet a...
stinkwheel 7 277 Technical 02:14pm, 14th November, 2018 10:16pm 18th November, 2018 by Adrian
Formerly Free Picture Hosting Websites
Hi, I have in the past recommended Image Upload as a free picture hosting web site for forum use. Sadly they have withdrawn their free service and ...
Adrian 27 399 Social / Other 02:41pm, 13th November, 2018 08:26pm 18th November, 2018 by Adrian
Sunday afternoon ride in the Peak District?
Hi, I live in Sheffield, near Hathersage. Does anyone fancy a potter around the Peak District, perhaps a coffee/beer on a Sunday afternoon, either tom...
25Tom 4 119 Social / Other 07:54pm, 10th November, 2018 02:15pm 18th November, 2018 by 25Tom
Removing damaged screws
I have a couple of screws with damaged heads which i need to remove. They are the two little screws which hold on the top of the brake fluid reservoir...
John R 6 253 Technical 02:52pm, 4th November, 2018 05:23pm 16th November, 2018 by John R
Crusader Bullet trials bike project
Crusader / Bullet trials bike project- Mid 60’s Crusader frame bought from MrH (no V5)- Continental GT swing arm- allows for fitment if 4.00 rear...
mart 5 154 Bikes For Sale 11:08am, 16th November, 2018 02:32pm 16th November, 2018 by mart
Magneto Clearance?
Greetings all, would the owner of a 1957-59 **500** Bullet be so kind as to tell me how much clearance there should be between the fins at the rear...
Adrian 2 132 Technical 07:06pm, 14th November, 2018 02:12am 15th November, 2018 by Adrian
Royal Enfield KX 1140 Concept Bike
Here is Royal Enfield KX 1140 Concept bike . i really like it.. good to see old bikes come back ..
enfield_trials 39 1171 Social / Other 06:06pm, 7th November, 2018 05:57pm 13th November, 2018 by enfield_trials
Sunday afternoon ride in the Peak District?
Hi, I live in Sheffield, near Hathersage. Does anyone fancy a potter around the Peak District, perhaps a coffee/beer on a Sunday afternoon, either tom...
25Tom 7 162 Social / Other 08:01pm, 10th November, 2018 10:33pm 12th November, 2018 by AndyMc
How to stop the carb leaking
Dear Bullet tinkerers, Can anyone help me stop my carb leaking? This is on an iron barrelled 350 from 2001. I can see drips forming on the bottom o...
daveh 29 915 Technical 08:47pm, 30th September, 2018 10:03pm 12th November, 2018 by Beezabryan
Amal 376 sticking
I have the Amal 376 on my 500 twin.I had it cleaned with an ultra sound cleaner and it worked well for the first few hundred miles. I now find wheneve...
Rodders 17 435 Technical 07:28pm, 1st November, 2018 06:53pm 12th November, 2018 by Rodders
MIL light on - fueling error?
Hi, just started what was meant to be 3 days pootling around the Cotswolds on Euro IV C5. After ~100 miles driving down, the bike began running rough....
25Tom 11 529 Social / Other 10:14pm, 9th July, 2018 03:31am 11th November, 2018 by scotty

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