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Euro4 bullet
Just to start hope everybody has a happy new year now l have a euro4 2017 bullet as l have said before in top gear at 70 mph in full throttle it flats...
Charlie bob 5 360 Technical 02:06pm, 4th January, 2019 07:59pm 9th January, 2019 by hagis
Super Meteor charging issues
Dear All, I'm back again with continued charging problems... I have installed a new Lucas Single phase 12V 120W 2 wire stator and rotor, Lucas ...
Zelda 37 1166 Technical 08:15pm, 27th December, 2018 04:27pm 9th January, 2019 by Adrian
How old is my enfield
I have inherited an ex Indian military bullet 350. The frame number is B1771968B engine number 177195. Any help to find the year of manufacture would ...
Corb 2 210 Technical 11:02am, 9th January, 2019 12:08pm 9th January, 2019 by Mark M
Wanted flying flea
Hi all I'm posting this add on behalf of a friend who's interested in getting into motorcycling and bike restoration he rode bikes when he was...
vin 0 68 Bikes For Sale 08:16pm, 8th January, 2019 No one has replied yet
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Electra X starting (not) Grrrr.
2007 Electra X. Had a load of corrosion in the tank, nicely cleaned out and tank lined with something I don’t know the name of. Carburettor super-so...
Adam 22 1238 Technical 03:20pm, 20th February, 2018 02:31pm 8th January, 2019 by Adrian
History book recommendation?
I'm keenly interested to learn about single-cylinder, four-stroke Royal Enfield bikes built from the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s. Can anyone sugges...
Gunpowder 2 121 Social / Other 09:11pm, 4th January, 2019 02:16pm 8th January, 2019 by Gunpowder
Bullet 70th Anniversary
Hello to all Bullet owners, Next year is the 70th birthday of the first production Bullet and this is to be the focal point of the Founders day r...
Wayne 47 2223 Social / Other 09:10pm, 12th November, 2018 12:04pm 8th January, 2019 by Wayne
bullet crankpins
Hello,just like to know what is the standard size is for the part of the crankpin that presses into the flywheel,I have a couple of different sizes.Th...
goldie 7 283 Technical 08:52pm, 3rd January, 2019 09:27pm 7th January, 2019 by goldie
Gear Cutting
This is a non-Royal Enfield question, so I hope no-one finds that a major issue. I'm hoping to find a recommendation for a UK company who can m...
Wheaters 3 200 Technical 04:45pm, 5th January, 2019 07:57pm 7th January, 2019 by Wheaters
free seized up forks
Hi Guys I have 1950s bullet frame with front forks seized up. the bike seems to be not have any humanly contact in decades. this is basically ba...
enfield_trials 6 218 Technical 10:40pm, 5th January, 2019 06:45pm 7th January, 2019 by gnasher
Honda XBR500 for sale---
Hi guys.......Honda XBR 500 and Triumph T140 750 Tiger single carb....Contact me for more details please...
Alan R 6 618 Bikes For Sale 12:20am, 7th October, 2018 05:29pm 7th January, 2019 by Alan R
New Years Day rideout
The West Riding REOC branch are having a New Years Day rideout. Meet at 11am at the Reindeer Inn, Flockton, near Wakefield, hopefully it won't be ...
Chris Tindal 3 95 Social / Other 09:58am, 26th December, 2018 09:24pm 6th January, 2019 by Chris Tindal
Avon AM26
Hello. I have a Continental Gt 535 and the rear Pirelli tyre it came with has worn out (in only 4000 miles!). Has anyone tried the Avon AM26 as sold ...
philipw 3 137 Technical 03:38pm, 6th January, 2019 08:56pm 6th January, 2019 by philipw
Engine vibrations
Hi Folks, I wondered if anyone knew if a Bullet had or could be fitted with anti-vibration engine mountings? Harley-Davidson Sportsters have them...
Hagrid 5 526 Technical 11:38am, 24th July, 2018 06:33pm 6th January, 2019 by Hagrid
Meteor Minor
1959 Meteor Minor FOR SALE 4K£. 07766947932. This bike has been utterly reliable, dependable and enjoyable for the four years (of my six year tenure)...
Mid-Shires.JD 3 184 Bikes For Sale 08:55am, 31st December, 2018 08:41am 6th January, 2019 by Mark M
Lithium ion battery
Hi,I'm in the process of completely rebuilding my Electra X after it has sadly been left under covers at the bottom of the garage for the past six...
Roy P 11 482 Technical 08:47am, 4th December, 2018 09:55pm 5th January, 2019 by Leon Novello
rev counter kit
Hi I want to buy the hitchcocks rev counter kit and fit it to my claasic 500 efi Has anybody fitted one ?? is it hard as I hate electrics iam a sp...
Bridgeman 1 99 Technical 03:54pm, 5th January, 2019 04:22pm 5th January, 2019 by Adrian
Piston rink clocking
Hi all. I will be replacing my piston rings soon (EFI 500) due to increased oil consumption. I have looked at several diagrams on clocking the gap b...
AndyMc 9 242 Technical 05:55pm, 3rd January, 2019 09:43am 5th January, 2019 by ric
Play on Super Meteor clutch drum
Hi folks, was chasing the usual leak in the chaincase and had a play with my clutch. Seems quite a lot of play in the drum. video here (hopefully) ...
Davedup 5 103 Technical 10:57am, 4th January, 2019 12:52pm 4th January, 2019 by Mark M
650 Warranty
Just been looking at the internet: In Cambridge, the warranty for the new 650 twins seems to be 3 years, but it's only two in Rochdale. Is a warra...
Chris [Stockport] 5 242 Social / Other 05:28pm, 2nd January, 2019 07:22pm 3rd January, 2019 by Adrian

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