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RE Model H31
Dear All, I am struggling with the above model. Specifications: year of maunfacturing: 1931 engine: 570cc sidevalve (sloper) Be interested in a...
Olaf 3 166 Technical 10:40am, 2nd November, 2018 08:46am 8th November, 2018 by Mark M
2016 efi ignition timing
Anybody know if the ign timing can be adjusted on efi models or is it the same system as on the avl electras, getting bad pinking at 85kph on uphill r...
scotty 7 182 Technical 05:17am, 7th November, 2018 09:05pm 7th November, 2018 by scotty
Fork leg saga continues. What's this one?
Back story is, I'm fitting a disc brake to a classic engine bullet project. After advice on here and studying of part numbers, I opted to fit a se...
stinkwheel 8 314 Technical 12:39pm, 3rd November, 2018 10:37am 7th November, 2018 by Adrian
New 650s New bikes, incl price near the end.
Chris [Stockport] 2 183 Social / Other 11:09pm, 6th November, 2018 09:12am 7th November, 2018 by papasmurf
2016 efi ignition timing
Anybody know if the ign timing can be adjusted on efi models or is it the same system as on the avl electras, getting bad pinking at 85kph on uphill r...
scotty 0 33 Technical 05:16am, 7th November, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Albion Gearbox.
i little while back I asked for advice regarding my gearbox jumping out of first gear. I've finally got around to stripping the box and the only t...
dave p 18 345 Technical 09:31pm, 4th November, 2018 09:29pm 6th November, 2018 by dave p
Airflow fairing
Hi - I'm about to start restoration of my Airflow Super Meteor Minor Delux. When I got the bike it had no fairing and the front mudguard was damag...
David S. 3 138 Technical 11:38pm, 4th November, 2018 07:40pm 6th November, 2018 by Scalyback
Dielectric grease
A while ago (forgot when) the suggestion was made to pull every connector apart and apply a thin layer of dielectric grease to shut out moisture and p...
Clement 8 268 Technical 07:39am, 2nd November, 2018 10:49am 5th November, 2018 by mart
Rev limiter
I recently fitted a Mikuni conversion to my stock B5 EFI but despite having a larger gearbox sprocket I find I am hitting the rev limiter upright alon...
ric 7 220 Technical 05:13pm, 3rd November, 2018 10:05am 5th November, 2018 by ric
Clutch related matters
I'm looking to try to do some sorting-out of my clutch in the near future. It's very heavy at the moment and I think that the plates and baske...
John R 3 195 Technical 04:06pm, 28th October, 2018 05:24pm 4th November, 2018 by PO51UHD
Hi chaps How much should a 2000mile service on a euro 4 bullit cost? Cheers
jenks 5 219 Social / Other 02:23pm, 2nd November, 2018 10:13am 4th November, 2018 by Wheaters
worm nut seal con rod floating bush failure
Hello, con rod floating bush on my bullet sixty-5 is damaged. After we took motorcycle apart we saw that bonded seal in worm nut is damaged (it is waa...
Perorec 5 294 Technical 12:07pm, 31st October, 2018 09:22am 2nd November, 2018 by ric
Now that I have it, how do I install it?
Bought this head light switch. The idea is to install it in place of the ignition key in the casquette and to hide the ignition key somewhere else on...
StogieRob 13 428 Technical 06:04pm, 17th October, 2018 11:20pm 1st November, 2018 by StogieRob
"F" prefix registration. Advertised earlier at £1500, now £900 ono. Advertising it on behalf of an old friend. He bought it as a project with th...
Caboose 2 338 Bikes For Sale 09:42pm, 3rd October, 2018 11:09pm 31st October, 2018 by Caboose
Honda XBR500 for sale---
Hi guys.......Honda XBR 500 and Triumph T140 750 Tiger single carb....Contact me for more details please...
Alan R 4 380 Bikes For Sale 12:20am, 7th October, 2018 09:00pm 31st October, 2018 by Alan R
I've been thinking.
I know! Dangerous practice!I'm just about to lay up one of my bikes (the precious one) for the winter.If I leave the tank empty it might rust (it ...
PeteF 13 380 Technical 03:42pm, 28th October, 2018 12:06pm 30th October, 2018 by fm12
Burning and leaking oil
To me this suggests knackered rings / bore. I bought my ild 612 back earlier this year - before parting with my cash the vendor started it and it s...
Andy C 6 303 Technical 09:24pm, 28th October, 2018 08:02pm 29th October, 2018 by Andy C
Ideas Factory... (or HELP!!!!)
Greetings, All! I've finally received all of my miscellaneous parts for the light switch in the casquette, the new lockset, and the new clutch/br...
StogieRob 5 158 Technical 08:40pm, 28th October, 2018 06:38pm 29th October, 2018 by stinkwheel
intercepter series 2 wanted
good afternoon folks , i am looking for a series 2 intercepter to buy please preferably restored or ? , i can collect (uk) many thanks for your re...
p11andy 5 382 Bikes For Sale 02:12pm, 20th September, 2018 06:32pm 29th October, 2018 by Marti
Someone educate me about resistor and non resistor spark plug caps
My set up is Pazon Ign, silicon HT lead, plain rubber plug cap, NGK Iridium plug on my 03 Iron barrel. Ive just read a load of info but the only down ...
RoSy 4 229 Technical 06:12pm, 28th October, 2018 11:53am 29th October, 2018 by Adrian

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