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New Years Day rideout
The West Riding REOC branch are having a New Years Day rideout. Meet at 11am at the Reindeer Inn, Flockton, near Wakefield, hopefully it won't be ...
Chris Tindal 3 98 Social / Other 09:58am, 26th December, 2018 09:24pm 6th January, 2019 by Chris Tindal
Avon AM26
Hello. I have a Continental Gt 535 and the rear Pirelli tyre it came with has worn out (in only 4000 miles!). Has anyone tried the Avon AM26 as sold ...
philipw 3 143 Technical 03:38pm, 6th January, 2019 08:56pm 6th January, 2019 by philipw
Engine vibrations
Hi Folks, I wondered if anyone knew if a Bullet had or could be fitted with anti-vibration engine mountings? Harley-Davidson Sportsters have them...
Hagrid 5 534 Technical 11:38am, 24th July, 2018 06:33pm 6th January, 2019 by Hagrid
Meteor Minor
1959 Meteor Minor FOR SALE 4K£. 07766947932. This bike has been utterly reliable, dependable and enjoyable for the four years (of my six year tenure)...
Mid-Shires.JD 3 196 Bikes For Sale 08:55am, 31st December, 2018 08:41am 6th January, 2019 by Mark M
Lithium ion battery
Hi,I'm in the process of completely rebuilding my Electra X after it has sadly been left under covers at the bottom of the garage for the past six...
Roy P 11 488 Technical 08:47am, 4th December, 2018 09:55pm 5th January, 2019 by Leon Novello
Piston rink clocking
Hi all. I will be replacing my piston rings soon (EFI 500) due to increased oil consumption. I have looked at several diagrams on clocking the gap b...
AndyMc 9 247 Technical 05:55pm, 3rd January, 2019 09:43am 5th January, 2019 by ric
Play on Super Meteor clutch drum
Hi folks, was chasing the usual leak in the chaincase and had a play with my clutch. Seems quite a lot of play in the drum. video here (hopefully) ...
Davedup 5 112 Technical 10:57am, 4th January, 2019 12:52pm 4th January, 2019 by Mark M
650 Warranty
Just been looking at the internet: In Cambridge, the warranty for the new 650 twins seems to be 3 years, but it's only two in Rochdale. Is a warra...
Chris [Stockport] 5 248 Social / Other 05:28pm, 2nd January, 2019 07:22pm 3rd January, 2019 by Adrian
Hi everyone, my ammeter is showing charge reading at slow speed, at high speed needle going past 8 amps and off the gauge. Not causing any issues as o...
calv 5 208 Technical 05:23pm, 1st January, 2019 10:01am 2nd January, 2019 by ed.lazda
Sprag Clutch
Ken 4 3842 Technical 03:44pm, 13th May, 2011 03:43pm 1st January, 2019 by trials bullet
Electra Footrests
I have a 2007 Electra X, which is a splendid machine. However due to hip issues I find that the footrest position is too far forward. Has anyone fabri...
JonHill 1 112 Technical 04:54pm, 31st December, 2018 08:18pm 31st December, 2018 by Adrian
Brake drum issues
Hi I have noticed the brakes on my 91 Bullet 500 are not quite right although they do work. When I bought the bike the rear brake was set up so it wa...
Lord-Toady 41 1683 Technical 08:58am, 17th September, 2018 02:16pm 31st December, 2018 by Lord-Toady
Himalayan 5000 mile review
Royal Enfield Himalayan Owners Review 5000 miles I thought some of you may be interested in the experience of an owner now I have ...
Jack the Lad 17 870 Social / Other 12:19am, 9th October, 2018 12:47pm 31st December, 2018 by Presto
More carburettion questions. Inlet length.
So, having dumped my hopelessly worn Amal, I can now start my late model, classic engine, 350 bullet first kick again. I have been experimenting with ...
stinkwheel 5 202 Technical 03:45pm, 30th December, 2018 11:49am 31st December, 2018 by Presto
New Year's Day event
It's Vintage Stony on the 1st of January, motorcycles get pride of place in Market Square, Stony Stratford, MK11 1BE. No pre-book for bikes, no e...
Mark M 5 150 Social / Other 12:25pm, 24th December, 2018 10:06am 31st December, 2018 by Mark M
Turbo Twin 1964
1964 Turbo Twin For Sale. £4K no offers. 07766947932. This numbers correct example of the highly sought after model has benefited from an engine rebu...
Mid-Shires.JD 1 211 Bikes For Sale 05:20pm, 26th December, 2018 09:47am 31st December, 2018 by Wayne
Support bracket for carb when used with no airbox?
I'm going to try fitting a VM28 carb to my 350 bullet (tuned head). Thanks to people on here, I've tracked down a mikuni manifold with the cor...
stinkwheel 9 327 Technical 01:44pm, 1st December, 2018 05:53pm 30th December, 2018 by stinkwheel
Removing the stem lock nut
Can I remove the stem lock nut without removing or loosening anything else? there’s rust I want to clean up in that area. Thanks!
StogieRob 6 357 Technical 01:40pm, 26th December, 2018 09:42pm 29th December, 2018 by StogieRob
has any body any imformation on airflow fearing and front mudguard on my super meteor not sure what fittings should be on any photos or paper work wou...
nico0079 1 80 Technical 07:01pm, 29th December, 2018 09:36pm 29th December, 2018 by Mark M
Electra X special
Hi, can anybody help as regards the history of my bike and who originally built it and why. The bike is an Electra X engine in what I believe to be a...
Roy P 5 318 Social / Other 04:36pm, 21st December, 2018 01:33pm 28th December, 2018 by Roy P

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