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engine knocking when trying to start
Hi all. I am in need of advice with regards to a starting problem I am having with my 2013 Classic 500 (the model without the kick start). The engine ...
Jim57 2 184 Technical 07:19pm, 3rd March, 2019 02:10am 4th March, 2019 by Tim NZ
1959 trials trim 350 for sale British 350 Royal Enfield. This is 60 years old and a true classic. It is i...
Paul 2 260 Bikes For Sale 05:05pm, 26th February, 2019 12:07pm 3rd March, 2019 by Paul
Rough running at speed
Hello all, new to Enfields and the forum. I’ve got a 2000 Bullet 500, Mikarb, 4 speed, kick start. I’ve fitted majority of 50’s kit accessories....
DAKOTAstorm 22 567 Technical 12:46pm, 13th January, 2019 11:16am 3rd March, 2019 by ed.lazda
Battery Charging 1957 Bullet
Morning all. Wonder if you can advise here. I have a 1957 350 Bullet with magnito ignition so as you know no battery needed to start. Bike starts easi...
Hugh 8 214 Technical 09:39am, 1st March, 2019 01:46pm 2nd March, 2019 by Mark M
New Forum - "Thank You" From Us
Very pleased to see Graeme's post above. The current message board has served us well, but with its strict HTML regime it has not exactly been the...
Adrian 3 233 Social / Other 10:55pm, 26th February, 2019 07:10pm 28th February, 2019 by PeteF
Part required for rebuilding the forks
Hi I looking at doing some work on the front end of my 93 Bullet 500 as both forks are now leaking and the front brake is grabby. I am planning to sw...
Lord-Toady 12 512 Technical 12:08pm, 20th December, 2018 12:54pm 28th February, 2019 by Lord-Toady
Staror rotor refitment
Hi Guys in oproces of rebuild the bike after a clutch change and forgot to note which way round the rotor is fitted to the crank shaft on my 2000 350 ...
Super45 29 813 Technical 10:24am, 8th January, 2019 10:20am 26th February, 2019 by Super45
UCE vibration reduction plate
Hi has anyone here fitted the Carberry vibration reduction plate on a UCE Efi Bullet?. If anyone has, I would be interested in any comments as it loo...
sofiaspin 8 654 Technical 12:13pm, 9th September, 2018 09:29am 26th February, 2019 by Presto
Interceptor 650 and Gear Indicator
I recently bought an Interceptor 650 and it has had its first service. I told the service people I wanted to install a gear position indicator and wo...
Creaky45 4 347 Technical 10:23pm, 23rd February, 2019 08:32pm 25th February, 2019 by Tim NZ
Secondary drain plug
Did anyone ever come up with a torque setting for the rear drain plug on the uce engine?
KC1961 8 261 Technical 07:36pm, 19th February, 2019 05:07pm 25th February, 2019 by KC1961
3 bike trailer for sale
For sale - 3 bike trailer- 10 inch wheels and a spare. Looks like it was made by Dave Cooper Bike Racks. £235.00 - It's in Bristol.
mart 0 89 Bikes For Sale 08:08am, 25th February, 2019 No one has replied yet
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De Compressor
The 612 rebuild is just about complete save for fitting some slightly higher bars which I will do in the next couple of weeks or so prior to using it ...
Andy C 1 121 Technical 08:00pm, 24th February, 2019 08:45pm 24th February, 2019 by Mark M
1971 bullet big end bearings
Hi All, Just after some advice on my 1971 bullet 350. I have found the parts catalog online showing the part numbers of the big end bearings an...
nickbarber 3 205 Technical 07:51am, 18th February, 2019 08:59am 24th February, 2019 by Mark M
Hey all again my last topic was fitting a gold star silencer on to my euro4 2017 B 5 bullet got a great reply from our hosts but did not ask while l c...
Charlie bob 0 132 Technical 09:39pm, 23rd February, 2019 No one has replied yet
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Flying Flea girder suspension
I've obtained some 47 Flying Flea parts that I'm slowly cleaning and assembling. Current question to the knowledgable people here is where do...
gak 1 115 Technical 11:25am, 23rd February, 2019 01:18pm 23rd February, 2019 by Mark M
Royal Enfield leather jacket
For sale as new royal Enfield jacket size medium used twice as new with royal Enfield cover also full removable armour and inside warmer purchased fro...
dazza 5 2219 Social / Other 05:41pm, 14th May, 2017 08:08am 23rd February, 2019 by Karoll01
Just wondering any other person on the forum from North Wales Can't get hold of a List off the REOC of members
Gyrocopter 1 125 Social / Other 06:04pm, 19th February, 2019 09:02am 21st February, 2019 by AndyMc
Boyer-Bransden for 1996 535 Bullet twinplug
Hi Guys. I took my newly rebuilt 1996 535cc Enfield on a 5-day ~1500km ride last week (after 500kms trouble-free testing). The engine went well but ...
ChrisD 18 457 Technical 07:08am, 15th February, 2019 08:55pm 20th February, 2019 by Tim NZ
C5 Mapping
I have recently imported a North American (California emission) spec C5 EFI. I've been having trouble with it running and maintaining power since ...
Rossrr4 1 152 Technical 04:46pm, 20th February, 2019 08:35pm 20th February, 2019 by Tim NZ
Super Meteor charging issues
Dear All, I'm back again with continued charging problems... I have installed a new Lucas Single phase 12V 120W 2 wire stator and rotor, Lucas ...
Zelda 38 1713 Technical 08:15pm, 27th December, 2018 05:15pm 19th February, 2019 by Zelda

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