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starting problems
Hi all I could do with some technical help here, have been restoring a 1963 crusader 250 sport, all was going well until it was time to fire it up, it...
kram 33 1382 Technical 09:53pm, 3rd February, 2019 01:05pm 19th February, 2019 by Presto
1937 Bullet
Hi, I have acquired 1937 350 Bullet. Does anyone have an info on this model, a workshop manual/parts manual that could be copied?
Rupert 3 163 Technical 11:03pm, 18th February, 2019 10:37am 19th February, 2019 by Rupert
6" Double sided front brake
Hi All, Has anyone got some advice/tips on the way to set up the 6" double sls front brake for best braking efficiency.
Myname 14 400 Technical 09:08am, 11th February, 2019 09:15pm 18th February, 2019 by Marko
BMW and Triumph
Recent surveys on 4 year old bikes say that BMW with 40% failure and Triumph with 29% are the most unreliable bikes to buy. Google it for more info....
Jamesy 10 356 Social / Other 01:28pm, 17th February, 2019 06:57pm 18th February, 2019 by Beezabryan
When An Electra-X Big-End Gives Up
It has been nearly 4 years since my poor old Electra-X had its mechanical fit @ 17k-and-a-bit miles. Original plans to repair it were cancelled when I...
Adrian 85 2899 Technical 12:57pm, 15th January, 2019 09:00am 18th February, 2019 by DickC
Hitchcocks Breather kit operation?
Hi guys I have a Hitchcocks breather kit fitted to my 2004 iron barrel bullet, with the traditional crank case vent under the left hand side of the...
David 4 186 Technical 01:27pm, 16th February, 2019 02:08pm 17th February, 2019 by stinkwheel
B5 silences
Hy all just been thinking to get a bit more speed and sound l am thinking of fitting our hosts gold star silencer any body fitted one on euro4 2017 b5...
Charlie bob 2 169 Technical 04:50pm, 16th February, 2019 10:57am 17th February, 2019 by macg4
Euro 4 Max Payload
Sorry if this seems a bit sad but I've just looked at the owners manual for the Euro 4 Classic. This gives a max payload of 95kg whereas my Euro ...
AndyMc 1 120 Technical 01:38am, 17th February, 2019 07:50am 17th February, 2019 by AndyMc
500efi Power Commander
After refurbing front brake (new seals, pistons and pads) and fitting a braided hose I thought it was at last safe to add a Power Commander to the fre...
Trev 2 190 Technical 09:51pm, 14th February, 2019 07:20pm 16th February, 2019 by Trev
Model C / exchange
Hey Anyone interested in the below bike/parts? it looks like a model C, i have no papers. Preferably i would consider an exchange with a complete 1...
Pat 2 175 Bikes For Sale 02:59pm, 15th February, 2019 09:43am 16th February, 2019 by Pat
612 Piston Clearance
Does anyone have the radial clearance figures for an accralite piston when used in an iron cylinder and an alloy cylnder? I gather that for an all...
Andy C 2 140 Technical 07:15pm, 15th February, 2019 08:31am 16th February, 2019 by Andy C
Been looking at these bikes from a distance for a while now. Just wondering why the only ones on E-Bay seem to be from dealers - is this because th...
Andy C 29 1795 Social / Other 08:46pm, 26th January, 2019 10:15am 15th February, 2019 by papasmurf
Model Identification
I have recently acquired a set of crankcases. I need to identify the model number and year if possible. I have photos but unable to post to this forum...
Impailer 2 108 Technical 09:47pm, 14th February, 2019 10:39pm 14th February, 2019 by Adrian
4 Valve Head Progress?
I suspect many of you will have received a "how to get your bike out of hibernation" e-mail from out hosts, with a picture of a prototype 4 valve head...
Adrian 0 168 Technical 05:44pm, 14th February, 2019 No one has replied yet
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battle green paint code
just to let anyone else who wants it .. 2009 g5 battle green code is OLIVE GREEN TSA MATT (769-262) RAL 6007 BATTLE GREEN. thanks to Michael...
twosheds 0 85 Technical 08:45pm, 13th February, 2019 No one has replied yet
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pilot lights
another new to bullet question.. should the pilot lights come on when the front brake is pressed ? are dark forces at work?
twosheds 9 321 Technical 11:13pm, 11th February, 2019 06:27pm 13th February, 2019 by twosheds
Electra X For Sale
Electra X, 2007 Watsonian Squire Highwayman Model. Stunning in black and chrome. Dellorto carburettor and more subtle exhaust. 4,500 miles. Brand new ...
JonHill 1 276 Bikes For Sale 02:35pm, 8th February, 2019 01:57pm 13th February, 2019 by JonHill
4 speed gearbox-15t gears.
I wondered if the 15t gears in a 1961 500 Bullet gearbox have been mixed up? The gear at the end of the mainshaft-HG9/15- has the teeth on one side q...
Sticksy 5 211 Technical 08:21pm, 9th February, 2019 06:53pm 12th February, 2019 by Sticksy
Magdyno base plate
Hi all,i am a new member and posting for the first time. Restoring/building a 1954 500 twin.Planning on using a srm goldie mag converted to electro...
Dunc 4 244 Technical 10:27pm, 5th February, 2019 11:55am 12th February, 2019 by Dunc
head stud washers
Hi, I have a 1951 G2 Bullet, when replacing the head I noticed that the head stud washers are bigger than the holes in the head to place on the studs...
Stump 6 168 Technical 07:17pm, 11th February, 2019 11:44am 12th February, 2019 by Mark M

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