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does anyone know of a black silencer for my 2009 royal enfield classic 500 --and what decibels it chucks out to pass mot (legal level is 87bd) thanx
twosheds 6 211 Technical 04:01pm, 20th December, 2018 01:16am 23rd December, 2018 by Alan R
Stainless wheel rims
Getting ready to rebuild booth wheels on my 1960 Royal Enfield Meteor Minor with stainless steal rims Last bike I rebuilt with Devon Rim Company Rol...
Chris L 2 192 Technical 03:01pm, 22nd December, 2018 07:51pm 22nd December, 2018 by another Allan
Engine removal
Hello, pulling the engine out to be sorted. Any special tools? Any tips ?
555 14 438 Technical 05:58pm, 16th December, 2018 02:48pm 21st December, 2018 by stinkwheel
Good to see Haynes manual for Royal Enfield EFI models finally out. good introductory price as well £16.99 HAYNES REPAIR MANUAL, ROYAL ENFIELD G...
enfield_trials 34 1266 Social / Other 04:13pm, 28th November, 2018 10:58am 19th December, 2018 by Wheaters
5 Speed Stiff Kickstart
New box installed and everything connected up and filled with oil. Gears seem to change very sweetly (as expected) only issue I have is that the ki...
Andy C 11 393 Technical 09:08pm, 12th December, 2018 09:02pm 17th December, 2018 by Andy C
Cylinder Heads
In the used section on this site there are two 500 heads Item USED 2034 & item USED 2030 they are listed as having different size oil ways, the head f...
RoSy 3 210 Technical 07:42pm, 15th December, 2018 05:01pm 17th December, 2018 by RoSy
timing/boyer query
Good afternoon ,I have a 350 {trials} 2000 model year,the bike has a Amal carb (no filter ) and a Boyer mk4 ignition.Whilst the bike starts well and w...
leeky 10 320 Technical 02:42pm, 7th December, 2018 08:56pm 16th December, 2018 by leeky
new bike - 1977 RE 350
Hi, All! to everyone to helped me with with my RE500, a HUGE thanks! now i've bought this off ebay...
StogieRob 13 558 Technical 01:34am, 12th December, 2018 03:02pm 16th December, 2018 by John M
AC to DC Headlights, Boyer Powerbox on a 4 wired stator?
Hi chaps. I have bought one of those Boyer Powerboxes without realising they are really meant for a 2 or 3 wired alternator also i bought it befor...
iainw07 15 411 Technical 04:36pm, 7th December, 2018 01:53pm 16th December, 2018 by iainw07
350 on Ebay
My bike now up on EbayHave a look.
PeteF 8 480 Bikes For Sale 08:31am, 10th December, 2018 12:13pm 15th December, 2018 by fm12
Santa's new sleigh.
papasmurf 0 155 Social / Other 10:07am, 15th December, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Piston Woes.
[url=][img][/img][/url] Has anyone seen anything like this before? The circlip, or...
dave p 62 2337 Technical 06:30pm, 1st December, 2018 04:34am 14th December, 2018 by Norm
Beware! 'typical Volvo drivers DO exist!
Earlier today I was out testing a bike after rebuilding the engine and all went well until 10 minutes into the ride. You can see for yourselves in thi...
Bullet Whisperer 5 354 Social / Other 01:49pm, 13th December, 2018 07:06pm 13th December, 2018 by Exile
Hey yesterday l asked if any one with a euro 4 efi bullet had any problems with throttle mine runs fine until you open throttle to full when reaching ...
Charlie bob 3 211 Technical 02:58pm, 6th December, 2018 05:54pm 13th December, 2018 by Charlie bob
1956 500 Twin - Electrical Problem
I have been riding my 500 twin on the road at last - all pretty good but had an electrical problem today. All lights went off but being a MagDyno the ...
colinp 10 247 Technical 09:03pm, 10th December, 2018 07:09am 13th December, 2018 by colinp
misfires with warm engine
Hello, all, my Enfield has set some time misfires with warm engine. it is a very tinny noise. The exhaust pipe is tight. Does anyone have an idea whe...
Olly B. 17 437 Technical 07:27am, 3rd December, 2018 11:33pm 12th December, 2018 by Wheaters
C5 High idle
I have a 2015 classic 500 camo edition,Recently the idle speed begins to rise as the engine gets hot have checked all usual suspects the throttle valv...
towser 1 98 Technical 02:53pm, 12th December, 2018 03:47pm 12th December, 2018 by Presto
Christmas Opening Times
Merry Christmas from everyone here at Hitchcock's. To keep you running over the festive period, check out our Christmas opening times. Frida...
Graeme @ Hitchcocks 0 257 Technical 02:08pm, 12th December, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Redditch v. Indian Gearbox
I have just bought the remains of a 1962 Interceptor. The gearbox needs work (it's in bits and some parts are in need of replacement.) Is there ...
another Allan 9 257 Technical 10:06am, 11th December, 2018 08:44pm 11th December, 2018 by Mark M
meteor 700cc
I have recently acquired a 1955 RE Meteor 700cc, since only 5 meteor were shipped to the island of Cyprus the local mechanics do not have much exp...
Pat 10 373 Technical 07:33pm, 20th November, 2018 10:22pm 9th December, 2018 by Mark M

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