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2007 events
Please inform me of events in UK coming summer! There is a lot of interest from Finnish and Swedish members in celebrating Bullets and the planning h...
Sten Brakenhielm 1 10172 Social / Other 02:18pm, 11th October, 2007 No one has replied yet
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1955 700 meteor
Me again folks - can any one tell me, if you are looking at the bike from the kickstart side, which HT lead should go to that side cylinder? Is it the...
big john 2 9412 Technical 07:32pm, 10th October, 2007 01:11pm 11th October, 2007 by big john
Sixty-5 needs kicking
It would seem that all my fiddling has not remedied the starting,ie she is not starting first kick- so today I have recleaned the carb and reset the ...
Stephen 5 15611 Technical 06:14pm, 9th October, 2007 07:26am 11th October, 2007 by Chris Davies
Hydraulic clutch control
Hi! My Bullet has a very hard to work clutch control which put my left hand on hard pressure, especially at enduro tracks where gear changing is legio...
Tord Pantzar 1 10520 Technical 07:09pm, 10th October, 2007 No one has replied yet
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Megaphone Exhaust
Has anyone fitted the Megaphone exhaust as supplied be our host? Is it loud? Does it increase performance? Any advice gratefully recieved. Dave.
Dave 4 10528 Technical 09:32pm, 9th October, 2007 10:44am 10th October, 2007 by jonathan h
backfire out of the carb
Hello. This is my first post on the Hitchcock site. I purchased a 1999 bullet deluxe early this summer and have been slowly fixing all the problems t...
Jordanmix 2 13631 Technical 10:43pm, 9th October, 2007 11:00pm 9th October, 2007 by glenn
Bullet Electra EFI: article on line
Hello all, Particularly for those of you able to read French (but many pics are included too for the others), the October issue of "Timeless M...
François P. WEILL 4 9549 Social / Other 01:20pm, 9th October, 2007 07:04pm 9th October, 2007 by Matt
Upper fork leg removal
Hello, a simple question (I hope) I have undone all I can see, but am unable to remove the upper fork leg from my Bullet. How is it removed from ...
Diesel Graham 4 10691 Technical 06:41pm, 6th October, 2007 03:35pm 9th October, 2007 by Andy Mitchell
SR magneto wiring diagram
I am restoring a 1959 Royal Enfield 350 and have all the original switches and magneto. Am looking for the wiring diagram. I have the original worksho...
Sukesh 2 13367 Technical 11:24am, 9th October, 2007 02:31pm 9th October, 2007 by Mark M
500 bullet combination
2000 500 Bullet with Watsonian GP Manx sidecar (the nice looking one!) needs a little tlc located in Norfolk. Sold as a project. Will split. £12...
Robert Wynne 5 12226 Bikes For Sale 02:59pm, 3rd October, 2007 07:47pm 8th October, 2007 by Eddy Quayle
RE Continental colour scheme
I would appreciate any email-able photos of the RE Continental (note: NOT the RE Continental GT) in the standard colour scheme (not the chrome version...
Cam 1 9558 Technical 02:33pm, 8th October, 2007 No one has replied yet
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Hi - can anyone try and describe to me what a good spark at the plugs would look like when kicking over my 1955 magdyno powered 700 meteor, with the p...
john deaville 3 11506 Technical 07:13pm, 7th October, 2007 09:21am 8th October, 2007 by Steve
fork springs
Hi,have finaly got round to fitting the progresive fork springs i asked a question about some time ago,but despite heeding the good advice given i am ...
john b 4 11007 Technical 03:52pm, 6th October, 2007 04:02pm 7th October, 2007 by john b
Crash Bar ( update)
Hi Everyone just taught i let you all know its been a week since i had my bike skid & started this thing about crash bars .I have them all stra...
Pat Downes 1 12248 Technical 02:03am, 7th October, 2007 No one has replied yet
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Amal Monobloc
I am thinking about replacing the MKI on my 612 with a Monobloc because there are some design features of the Monobloc I believe make it a better inst...
CJay 3 10917 Technical 02:47pm, 4th October, 2007 01:57am 7th October, 2007 by CJay
re: Crashbars
a follow up on the earlier discussion about crashbars.... Yes, do fit the front ones! I just slid 20 feet on my side and parked under a peugeot with...
Diesel Graham 3 9695 Social / Other 06:44pm, 6th October, 2007 12:17am 7th October, 2007 by Diesel Graham
For Sale 350 Bullet
For sale is my 1993 350 Bullet Classic it has MOT & TAX & is in v/G/ condition. It comes with rear rack & Top Box & has only done 450...
Graham 2 9220 Bikes For Sale 05:49pm, 4th October, 2007 04:44pm 6th October, 2007 by Eddy Quayle
Four kick cold starting
Hi, In the last week or so my 04 sixty-5 has become reluctant to start in the morning requiring a number of kicks where previously only one would hav...
Stephen 5 18031 Technical 09:54am, 6th October, 2007 02:58pm 6th October, 2007 by Roy Billson
right hand brake worries
my 2006 electra is fitted with a cross over r/h brake , ive never been happy with the brakes performance,now im wanting to fit rear sets and fear the ...
dean hoare 1 9996 Technical 12:49pm, 6th October, 2007 No one has replied yet
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350G dynamo
Im looking for a dynamo for a 1950 G . Ive seen several about but dont know which is the correct (best) one to fit , what do i look for regarding si...
Trev W 2 11944 Technical 07:46pm, 5th October, 2007 01:24am 6th October, 2007 by graham
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