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*New Forum
This Message Board has been in use in its current form since 2006, with just a few minor tweaks during the intervening 13 years. However, the time has...
Graeme @ Hitchcocks 0 482 12:31pm, 26th February, 2019 No one has replied yet
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To start a foghorn
Someone may be interested. How The Lizard Cornwall Foghorn used to be started up. Now it is just a "squeaker."
papasmurf 3 96 03:26pm, 17th March, 2019 11:40pm 18th March, 2019 by Adrian
Johnny Brittain Has passed away
For those who may not know Johnny who won the ISDT along with many other trials for RE has passed away after a short Illness on 7th March according t...
Super45 3 168 01:19pm, 14th March, 2019 10:08am 15th March, 2019 by enfield_trials
Open Face Helmet
I had an occasion to use the complimentary open face helmet that came with my Pegasus C5 the other day, the first time I've worn an open face sinc...
RoSy 7 273 06:54pm, 11th March, 2019 04:18pm 12th March, 2019 by Jamesy
Interceptor 650
Hi All, For those who are interested in the new twins, I have had my Interceptor for some 3 weeks now and have covered 300 miles and my early impressi...
Wayne 22 1061 05:13pm, 21st February, 2019 08:30pm 11th March, 2019 by papasmurf
Brought to the South Lancs REOC meeting last night was this mystery tool, found amongst a lot of other tools in a job lot. Much discussion about it b...
Chris [Stockport] 8 334 11:25am, 6th March, 2019 09:41pm 7th March, 2019 by Wheaters
Coffee Pot old bike day. Advance warning!
At last, we have a date for this fun event. Just a low-key gathering of bike enthusiasts, powered or pedalled (as there are usually some interesting c...
Mark M 1 140 09:46am, 5th March, 2019 10:35am 5th March, 2019 by Sticksy
Hi all, New forum member here. Whist looking back over old posts I came across one from a few years ago from a guy by the name of Geffro, don't ...
Only Me 0 126 09:48pm, 4th March, 2019 No one has replied yet
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New Forum - "Thank You" From Us
Very pleased to see Graeme's post above. The current message board has served us well, but with its strict HTML regime it has not exactly been the...
Adrian 3 233 10:55pm, 26th February, 2019 07:10pm 28th February, 2019 by PeteF
Royal Enfield leather jacket
For sale as new royal Enfield jacket size medium used twice as new with royal Enfield cover also full removable armour and inside warmer purchased fro...
dazza 5 2219 05:41pm, 14th May, 2017 08:08am 23rd February, 2019 by Karoll01
Just wondering any other person on the forum from North Wales Can't get hold of a List off the REOC of members
Gyrocopter 1 125 06:04pm, 19th February, 2019 09:02am 21st February, 2019 by AndyMc
BMW and Triumph
Recent surveys on 4 year old bikes say that BMW with 40% failure and Triumph with 29% are the most unreliable bikes to buy. Google it for more info....
Jamesy 10 356 01:28pm, 17th February, 2019 06:57pm 18th February, 2019 by Beezabryan
Been looking at these bikes from a distance for a while now. Just wondering why the only ones on E-Bay seem to be from dealers - is this because th...
Andy C 29 1795 08:46pm, 26th January, 2019 10:15am 15th February, 2019 by papasmurf
Drain plug
Where is the engine oil drain plug on 2017 b5 euro 4?
jenks 5 185 10:11am, 10th February, 2019 09:23am 11th February, 2019 by jenks
First Meeting 2019
South Lancashire REOC: First meeting of 2019: Birch Hotel 365 Manchester Rd, Heywood OL10 2QD M60 junction 19, and also M62 junction 19. Secure bi...
Chris [Stockport] 1 122 11:03am, 3rd February, 2019 02:41pm 3rd February, 2019 by Yorkie Sheila
I don't often look at the REOC website so I've just had a look and it is abysmal, it's still in 2018, there is nothing on that site that m...
RoSy 8 473 08:32pm, 24th January, 2019 05:08pm 26th January, 2019 by Davedup
J2 Cams
Hello to all. I am in the middle of 1951 J2 restoration, My inlet cam is in bad shape and our hosts or other vendors don't have on available. Does...
Jassie 10 391 12:57pm, 22nd January, 2019 08:47pm 25th January, 2019 by Adrian
Bullet 70th Anniversary
Hello to all Bullet owners, Next year is the 70th birthday of the first production Bullet and this is to be the focal point of the Founders day r...
Wayne 50 2666 09:10pm, 12th November, 2018 01:01pm 25th January, 2019 by JonHill
Hitchcock Motorcycles
Hey Guys, got any 'Hitchcock Motorcycles' patches?
skidmarks 2 273 09:54pm, 10th January, 2019 04:26pm 11th January, 2019 by Wayne
Facebook prize thanks.
Used my voucher to day I won on Facebook, bought oil filters for my B5 and my 03 500 bullet. Many thanks and Happy New year and look forward to a good...
JBN 0 122 11:50am, 11th January, 2019 No one has replied yet
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