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Carburettor with pilot jet system


Fig. 2.


Your carburetter may be vertical, inclined or horizontal, but diagrammatically this view applies to all models, the variation being in the attachment to the engine and of the float chamber.


Fig.2 is the sectioned view of the standard Amal carburetter as shown on sheet 1 , figure 1. This is the standard design where the primary air to the main jet and the pilot jet system comes in jointly through the main air intake, see figure 3, sheet 3 . The type numbers are 274, 275, 276 and 289.
An alternative design is made where the primary air to the main jet comes in through four visible ports around the base of the mixing chamber, and where also the air supply to the pilot jet system is separate. The type numbers of these carburetters are 74, 75, 76 and 89.

These tuning instructions apply to both the above designs.

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