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Trip to Kerala

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Trip to Kerala
Started at 09:39pm on the 5th October, 2017 by rustygman
rustygman Subject: Trip to Kerala
In January I am planning a trip to Kerala in India and hope to hire an enfield for a 4 week trip. I want to do this solo as the arranged group rides are pretty pricey and I prefer to travel on my own. I will be flying in to Kochin. Has anyone any tips or info for this particularly a hire place they can recommend. No advice regarding my sanity of riding a bike out there is required and I am an enfield owner with around 300,000 miles under my belt (not all on the enfield).
Posted: 09:39pm 5th October, 2017
Leon Novello Subject: Trip to Kerala
An interesting ride whilst waiting for a reply.
Posted: 12:23am 6th October, 2017
Tim NZ Subject: Trip to Kerala
Plenty of bike hire places to choose from, but do your research and be VERY careful, as there are lots of sad stories. Many operators will want to hold onto your passport, and they will want a huge US$ cash deposit. (Dont expect to get it all back...)
A friend has been running regular Bullet tours in Northern and Southern India for over 20 years (Indianmotorcycleadventures) and some of the stories that he can tell are not pleasant...
Posted: 04:10am 6th October, 2017
Beezabryan Subject: Trip to Kerala
I might suggest buying a bike & dumping it at the end of the ride, or selling it
Posted: 04:49am 6th October, 2017
Tim NZ Subject: Trip to Kerala
I'd second that suggestion...
Posted: 06:28am 6th October, 2017
Andy M Subject: Trip to Kerala
How would you feel if some Indian fly tipped a mini metro in your garden at the end of his holiday? Why do you think you can do it in India? Get on Horizons Unlimited-HUBB, there are plenty of reviews of hire companies and people who can reccomend one. Andy
Posted: 07:11am 6th October, 2017
Beezabryan Subject: Trip to Kerala
Hi Andy, If someone left me a Mini Metro I would say thanks. There are a few things that I would do with it that would make me some money :)
Posted: 08:55am 6th October, 2017
papasmurf Subject: Trip to Kerala
Posted: 10:38am 6th October, 2017
Mark B Subject: Trip to Kerala
I rode around Kerala on a Bullet for two fabulous weeks with Blazing Trails tours. It cost about the same as renting a holiday villa in France for two weeks. The bikes are provided, with a riding mechanic and back-up van; they have all the local knowledge and we went to amazing places we'd never have found on our own, they speak Hindi and if there are any scrapes with the law they know how to get you out of the problem, you know there'll be a clean and comfortable hotel waiting at the end of a day's ride etc etc etc. I could have tried to arrange it all myself to save some money, but how many mistakes might I have made on the way?... And riding with a small group of like-minded people is much more fun. But good luck, I can't recommend Kerala highly enough, and Cochin's a great place to spend some time in.
Posted: 11:33am 6th October, 2017
mustaphapint Subject: Trip to Kerala
Plus One for Blazing Trails. I've done the Goa based tour as well as the Kerala one. I'd love to go back and join one of the Himalaya tours.
Posted: 04:08pm 6th October, 2017
Alan R Subject: Trip to Kerala
Hi Guys------- is there an age limit on these trips ??
Posted: 09:40pm 6th October, 2017
rustygman Subject: Trip to Kerala
I did go through quite a few bike rental companies websites and I did notice the high deposits and handing over of a passport which led me to posting my initial question looking for advice. I have sent an email off to one of the arranged tours and I take the point this may be a more stress free way of doing a tour but I am on a tight budget but I will certainly sort something out. Alan, as long as you can throw your leg over a bike you can do a tour. My concern was that as there are no guarantees about how i will be when I retire (ha) I decided to jack my job in, do the trip now and worry about my career on my return.
Posted: 09:58pm 6th October, 2017
mustaphapint Subject: Trip to Kerala
The trips I was on included guys (and girls) between 20s and mid 70s
Posted: 10:57pm 6th October, 2017
Leon Novello Subject: Trip to Kerala
It pays to take pictures of anything you hire when you collect it; Then they can`t say," Oi! you bent that, we`re keeping your deposit."
Posted: 12:40am 7th October, 2017
ed.lazda Subject: Trip to Kerala
+1 for Blazing Trails. Did one of their Himalayan tours in 2010. Their organisation and local knowledge meant we were free to enjoy the adventure. Utterly awesome.
Posted: 09:12am 7th October, 2017
Daytonadean Subject: Trip to Kerala
Same plan ! I fly out on the 9th January 2018 I think buying a bike is the way to go, renting is very expensive
Posted: 11:38pm 8th October, 2017
Mark B Subject: Trip to Kerala
As a postscript, I'm reading Captain and the Starter Monkey by Chris Reese, a humorous but perceptive story of when he flew out to India, bought a Bullet and toured the country with a mate riding pillion. They're in Cochin in Kerala at the point where I've got to and describe exactly my experience of beer being served in china teapots to get round the state's no alcohol law. The book makes me want to go out there again...
Posted: 12:57pm 5th December, 2017

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