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California, man ??

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California, man ??
Started at 02:09pm on the 7th November, 2017 by Alan R
Alan R Subject: California, man ??
Hi guys----------I've posted this on here for no other reason that it's pouring with rain outside, I'm broke, can't take the bike out for a run, and I needed a bit of a BOOOOST and some Californian Sunshine !!

See if you can spot our good riding buddy Lone Wolf in this video ??...................GET STOMPIN !!!

Posted: 02:09pm 7th November, 2017
Leon Novello Subject: California, man ??
Who told that bloke he could sing? I can do better in the shower. He should stick to his day job.
Posted: 12:38am 9th November, 2017
Mark M Subject: California, man ??
Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne? Only two of the most successful Brits in pop music, I bet poor Alan R wishes he had their dosh!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 10:54am 9th November, 2017
Alan R Subject: California, man ??
Tut-tut Leon..what did you rock to back in the day then ?? Apart from the music I like this song 'cause I rode a Guzzi Californian 1100 for many a long time ---

MARK M}-- Hi matey !!-- Well, maybe just 10%--- don't want to be greedy !!--------------- Our man Roy Wood is still up and 'at-em !!----Here's his website}----- --- as is Jeff Lynne}---- ---------
Posted: 03:57pm 9th November, 2017
Lone Wolf Subject: California, man ??

The drugs must have been good back then - I don't even remember being in the video ;-)
Posted: 07:03pm 9th November, 2017
Leon Novello Subject: California, man ??
AlanR: The Beatles, Elvis, Ann Murray and others, but I really don`t remember the 60`s as I was riding my BSA Golden Flash, a machine which only broke down once with a broken dynamo chain on a trip from Brisbane to Adelaide and back, a truly trouble-free machine.
Posted: 08:48pm 9th November, 2017
Alan R Subject: California, man ??
Hi Guys---Hi LONE WOLF---I must say you looked quite well on it at our recent meet at the Malvern Show !!LoL.--I'd never have known---- Well there you go LEON, we're on flip sides of the same coin I guess....Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Jethro Tull and of course Steppen Wolf's "Born to be Wild" starting off the all-time cult classic film}--- Easy Rider..Just like this}---------------

Posted: 02:29am 10th November, 2017
binary Subject: California, man ??
Posted: 07:22am 11th November, 2017
Alan R Subject: California, man ??
Good taste there Binary----probably one of the all-time cult pop songs from those turbulent times ?....Now just to show my more "Cultured" side have a listen to this}--------
Posted: 02:34pm 11th November, 2017
binary Subject: California, man ??
Good song Allan R the snow cold and filthy streets of New York for the warmth sunshine and cleanness of California, no contest, the woman had the right idea. It is our summer in Australia now. The weather here is fine and beautifully warm just the right riding weather and I am sitting home with my Royal Enfield in pieces in my garage due to a cam spindle rattling its self out. I really have had just about enough of this motorcycle. When I have finished it I will be putting it up for sale and going back to a Japanese motorcycle. New York = Royal Enfield... California = Yamaha Honda Kawasaki Suzuki.
Posted: 08:56pm 11th November, 2017
Alan R Subject: California, man ??
Hi BINARY-----yeah, I know where you're coming from...Been there, done that, sold the bike !!......But then, after a while I missed that every-ride challenge of Bullet ownership, those jokes from the recovery man, the bulging tool kit, being first away from the Cafe' and last to arrive at the next !! I bought this current Bullet '65 which seems to be ok so far... Back in the Summer of 1966 I bought a Honda CB160 and never looked back !!..........Over in "Bikes for Sale" is my Honda XBR500 which you're welcome to buy-----just a small matter of Logistics separating us by half a world...Ah well, no matter....

I was about to say}---"As one door closes, another will open" which put me in mind of The Doors and an Enfield related song entitled---"Riders on the Storm" so put your spanners down for 5 mins...put your stereo on MAX and enjoy a classic of its' time}-------------------
Posted: 11:56pm 11th November, 2017
binary Subject: California, man ??
Just watched "The Wild One" again with all those great old motorcycles in it, and after I decided to give my old 1964 Royal Enfield another try. I have now ditched the old original motor with its rattled out cam spindle and it sits forlorn in a corner of my garage. I have been building up a year 2000 iron barrel motor from Hitchcock's and as soon as the crank comes back from the engineers I will be fitting that and hoping my troubles will all be over. I will then have a 1964 RE with a 2000 motor and a 2003 5 speed gearbox. I do not think that there is a nicer looking motorcycle than the early model Royal Enfield's with the plus that I still get the cheaper "special interest", registration here on a motorcycle that is over 30 years old but now has a modern motor and gearbox fitted.
Posted: 09:40pm 13th November, 2017
Alan R Subject: California, man ??
I'm hoping this reply is going to get printed---been having trouble on another thread or two..This is just to check...
Posted: 09:48pm 13th November, 2017
Alan R Subject: California, man ??
Hi BINARY----- 1) select your youTube video....2) Clik on where it says "Share"....3) Clik onto "Embed".....4) Look for a batch of code that starts and ends in}---