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Started at 11:48am on the 11th November, 2017 by spence
spence Subject: Matchless
Hi Just picked up a little matchless G2 from a guy who had it in the back of his workshop for years.he got it from a mate who had fully restored it then didn't register it for the road or use it.The condition of the machine suggests that the guy knew what he was doing ie lots of stainless bolts used and all carefully greased on reassembly.All the signs point to a good job done. Now my plans for the bike are not to dismantle it but to get it running as is. My question is after standing for so long the oil maybe a bit sludgy in the oil ways etc and I'm not going to try and start it without flushing the engine first and changing filter.Ive had all sorts of suggestions down at the local bike meet including fill engine with diesel sounds at bit drastic to me . Ok so any suggestions advice hints and tips even opinions all welcome. Thanks Chris
Posted: 11:48am 11th November, 2017
Bullet Whisperer Subject: Matchless
Hi Chris, if there is oil showing on the dipstick - like R.E.'s these engines have their oil tanks integral with the crankcases - and it looks clean, I would start it, run the engine slowly and check for oil returning. If it has wet sumped and is smoking, at least you will know the moving parts are being lubricated. If new oil was put in a long time ago and the engine not run, it will not have turned to a sludge and should be safe for an engine warm up at the very least before draining and filling with fresh oil. A Tiger Cub I have stood idle for nearly 20 years, with clean oil inside after a rebuild, it has been back on the road in the last couple of years and still has that same oil in it and no problems. Regards, Paul.
Posted: 12:25pm 11th November, 2017
Leon Novello Subject: Matchless
Matchless engines were very mechanically-quiet, if it rattles like a Royal Enfield it was not restored properly. The only other suggestion I can make is to look inside the petrol tank to check for rust, or maybe if you`re lucky, it was stored full of petrol. The oilways might be clear if it was stored with synthetic oil, but I doubt it if the engine had to be run-in. Good luck with it.
Posted: 12:26pm 11th November, 2017
Mark M Subject: Matchless
Do check the gearbox oil as well, these engines appear to be unit construction but the gearbox is actually a separate unit under the outer covers so needs it's own lubrication. And by the way, stainless fasteners and grease don't necessarily mean a quality rebuild, go careful for the first few miles!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 01:24pm 11th November, 2017
spence Subject: Matchless
Thank you all for your replies. Just thought filling the engine with diesel was a bit extreme ! and unnecessary .First got to check and clean carb oil cables check fork oil check gearbox oil check for spark it's been rewired so fingers crossed. Also check points which I'm going to renew as old ones have got rusty as the bike was left standing with points cover loose bit of moisture probably got in there. I already have one of these which is in really nice condition but leaks like a sieve ! I've had a lot of fun on it though. Often leave the Enfield sulking in the corner and take the matchless because it seems so light in comparison and my shed is not the easiest to access. If this runs ok I will probably take the other one of the road and try and address the oil leaks. Looking forward to a nice day fiddling and fettling and cleaning tomorrow.let you know how it goes. Regards Chris
Posted: 02:39pm 11th November, 2017
Bullet Whisperer Subject: Matchless
Bit of useless info, the Mtchless G2 / AJS 14 both have the same bore and stroke as the R.E. 250 Crusader and I happen to know that piston rings are interchangeable between them ...
Posted: 03:03pm 11th November, 2017
spence Subject: Matchless
Hi bullet whisperer there is no such thing as useless information part of the rich tapestry of life and that might come in handy one day anyway will be stored in what's left of my brain. Cheers Chris the
Posted: 04:19pm 11th November, 2017
bogie Subject: Matchless
Hi Spence, For what it is worth make sure the gearbox oil is up to the opening as the gears are located in top of the box. I had one of these for a few years but preferred the Bullet so let it go. Regards Ray.
Posted: 05:16pm 11th November, 2017
Rattlebattle Subject: Matchles
The Achilles heel of the G2 is that the gear shafts sit high in the gearbox and therefore it is important that lthe oil level is maintained at a sufficient level. The minimum oil level was raised by AMC after early failures. If I were you I would obtain the relevant servicing literature and join the Matchless Owners Club (which by all accounts is excellent). The G2 wasn't a big seller; it was a bit staid and heavy and by the time it came out the Japs had arrived. Not relevant now of course as no doubt it'll not get thrashed trying to keep up with anything.
Posted: 07:15pm 11th November, 2017
vince Subject: Matchless
Hi, the oiltank has no dipstick, the correct level is 1 inch below oil return hole visible through filler cap. Gearbox holds about 3 pints the level is the bottom edge of filler cap. Early models have cast iron flywheels. Q. Is it a G2 or CS/CSR? Vince.
Posted: 08:14pm 11th November, 2017
Bullet Whisperer Subject: Matchless
Maybe my memory is playing tricks, but I could have sworn there was a length of thin steel rod dangling from the underside of the oil filler cap on the CSR model I worked on, but it was back in 2009, so maybe not.
Posted: 08:51pm 11th November, 2017
spence Subject: Matchless
Thank you all for the excellent information and just confirms that this forum is one of the best with so many people willing to help and part up with there hard won knowledge so freely. As I said I already have one of these bikes but couldn't resist this particular one. By the way it is a g2. I often think that AMC missed a real trick here because if the engine had been of unit construction and as powerful as the CSR model they would have had a winner on their hands as the bike is not unattractive to look at. I guess there is not a lot of difference in performance from the Enfield but I suppose that's not really important at this level or I should say not important to me. Still enjoy riding and fettling both bikes.
Posted: 11:47pm 11th November, 2017
Gordon Subject: Matchless
A little story on Matchless G2 from way back if I may. Soon after arrival in London as a greenhorn colonial in 1965, had a job as a dispatch rider with the BBC at Portland place. Seem to recall they had ten black Matchless G2s badly maintained, insomuch my machine drank a pint of too thin SAE 30 oil for every gas tank. BBC was very lenient, and allowed weekend use of the 'bike, so one weekend ventured down the motorway to nearby Slough. Recall heart beating like a sparrow's from the feeble power band. Did however visit the Matchless factory on Plumstead Road, although not on the BBC machine. Still it was all a memorable time, and soon knew Central London like a taxi driver. Soon after lived close to ES Motors in Chiswick, the side walk cluttered with Crusaders which seemed to have more panache for the young. Does anyone recall the Matchless 350 unit that died on the limb also after great fanfare too?
Posted: 02:25am 12th November, 2017
vince Subject: Matchless
Hi, do I remember the 350 unit,I used one in motocross. It went very well, and still have it in my collection. Vince
Posted: 10:41am 12th November, 2017

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