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Fancy a quick re-spray ??

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Fancy a quick re-spray ??
Started at 06:59am on the 12th November, 2017 by Alan R
Alan R Subject: Fancy a quick re-spray ??
Maybe these guys can give you a helping hand ??-----------

Posted: 06:59am 12th November, 2017
Leon Novello Subject: Fancy a quick re-spray ??
I reckon they will need a day off after that.
Posted: 12:04pm 12th November, 2017
binary Subject: Fancy a quick re-spray ??
Hi Alan R amazing video. Looked like a lot of tiny human ants going all over the aircraft. I never thought about having to paint an aeroplane before. It cost me 300 dollars just to get a petrol tank painted so what would be the cost of having a whole huge aeroplane painted. I am wondering how you get the YouTube video's to play on this forum. Thank you from binary.
Posted: 09:13pm 13th November, 2017
Alan R Subject: Fancy a quick re-spray ??
Hi BINARY----- 1) select your youTube video....2) Clik on where it says "Share"....3) Clik onto "Embed".....4) Look for a batch of code that starts and ends in}---